Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son by Jessica hall Chapter 111

I kiss him back before remembering his ring in my hand and pulling away when he growls, gripping the back of my neck; his lips cover mine again as he kisses me deeply, his tongue dominating my mouth.

Oh, well, I guess I’ll give it to him later. I thought as he pushed me against the entryway hall stand.

My a*s hit it, making everything on the top rattle, and my handbag fell off with a thud. I put the ring box in the small bowl that rocks precariously on the edge when he grips my t****s, making me shriek as he sits me on top of it.

He chuckles, his lips moving to my neck, but I grip the collar of his shirt, yanking him toward me. I bit down on his lip with a growl and kissed him as he pushed himself between my legs, my fingers working down his button, trying to undo them as lust b****d through me, searing my veins and making my skin warm. My fingers trailed down the hard ridges of his chest and abs before I tugged on his belt.

Valen’s tongue tangled with mine in a fight for control that I was on the verge of losing when I pushed him back, trying to undo his d**n belt. His fingers wrapped around my wrists, prying my hands away before his arm went around my waist.

The other to my t***h before he hoisted me higher and nearly stumbled into the dining room table as I wrapped my legs around his waist when he growled about to press me against the dining room table when I pulled away and shrieked.

“Candles, Candles!” I tell him as he nearly lifted and cooked my a*s on a heap. “Whoops,” he laughs, turning and heading for the bedroom.

“No! Put them out first,” I gasp, and he g****s before moving toward the table and blowing them out quickly before he turns toward the hall leading toward our room.

What about the rest? Now I had pointed out the candles. I kept thinking of the fire hazard in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Valen did not seem to care as his lips left mine and n****d at my chin and neck before his teeth grazed over my mark, making me grip his hair to tug his head back. His hE7|(X|D<s squeeze my a*s, and I m**n into his mouth. But the candles!!

“Valen the candles,” I murmur around his lips that assaulted mine as he pushed me against the bed and pressed himself between my legs. His weight kept off me with his arm beside my head as he rocked his hips against me, making me m**n softly.

“Valen the candles. Candles!” I shrieked, and he groaned. Pulling away and looking down at me.

“They’re fine,” he growls, n*****g at my lips, but I shake my head. “Everly, I will smell them if they set anything on fire,” he says and I purse my lips.

“Geez woman, you’re a pain in my a*s,” he purrs before pushing off me and walking out, muttering about having to blow out the candles. I heard him groan and I laugh as he blew them out.

“F**k! Whose stupid idea was this?!” I hear him curse, and I laugh as I move toward the edge of the bed and remove my shirt and bra when he walks back in, tugging his belt from his black slacks. I reach for him the moment he is close enough, gripping the waistband of his pants and ripping him toward me.

I unzip his pants before yanking them down his legs, making him laugh as he steps out of them when I grab his hard c**k in my hand, wrapping my lips around the end, licking up the pre-c*m and he g****s.

Valen’s hips j**k, and he sighs. His fingers ran through my hair. I ran my tongue up the side of his shaft, s*****g on the tip. I move my hands between his legs, cupping his b***s before tugging down on them. He g****s as I take him in my mouth, s*****g every inch of his aroused flesh, bobbing my head as I find my rhythm, while enjoying the noises he made. I knew it was hard for him not to thrust into my mouth as he wanted, his legs shaking when I grip his hips, pulling him onto the bed.

“I’m not sure how I feel about you manhandling me,” he laughs as I shove him backward on his back and move to kneel between his legs. My fingers wrap around his shaft, and I stroke his hard length before dipping my head and wrapping my lips around him again.

“F**k!” he curses, his hand fisting my hair as his c**k glides over my tongue. Lifting my eyes, I watch his reactions as I s**k harder, enjoying the way his hand trembled in my hair as he tried but then failed to not force me down on him. I gagged and growled, and he lifted his hands in mock surrender, placing them behind his head.

“I won’t touch, promise,” he smirked. I returned my lips to his c**k, swirling my tongue around the tip.

“But I am glad I was right,” he chuckles, and I looked at him, taking more of him in my mouth and his lips part. “Right about what?” I mind linked since my mouth was full of his girth.

“That you would be eating my sausage,” he laughed, and I graze my teeth up his c**k and raise an eyebrow at him.

“I’ll be quiet, just keep s*****g, I’ll be quiet,” he says, winking at me and l cover my teeth with my lips and continue s*****g his c**k while running my tongue along his length.

“Just eat your sausage,” he chuckles, and my lips leave his c**k with an audible pop, and I was about to go off at him when he sat up, gripping my arms and yanking me on top of him before rolling, so our positions were reversed.

He kisses me softly, cutting off the profanities I was going to spit at him. His hips roll against mine, and I gasp before he sits back on his knees and grips my tights, pulling them down my legs. Valen tosses them aside before gripping my knees, pushing them apart before running his hands up my t****s, exposing me to him. His gaze making me hot. I never felt self- conscious with him, the complete opposite, so I didn’t feel the need to cover up or close my legs as his eyes trailed over my n***d body.

His gaze between my legs, his hand moving down my t***h to the apex of my legs so he could brush his thumb against my c**t, his fingers splayed across my lower abdomen as he rubbed his thumb over it, making me m**n softly as he teased me. I rock my hips against him, but his other hand pushes on my t***h harder, holding me still.

His hand moves, and he runs his fingertips over my lower lips before twisting his hand and slipping his index finger inside me, making me gasp as he slides it out, watching as he corkscrewed back in.

He added a second finger, and I threw my head back, lifting my hips for him. He f****d me with his fingers, sliding them in out, watching my reactions as he forced them in deeper and his thumb pressed against my c**t. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt my o****m building and getting nearer as he built up friction.

The bed dipped, and he s****d on my n****e before tugging on it with his teeth. He sits back, watching his fingers plunge inside me, before placing his other hand on my chest and squeezing my b****t. Moving his fingers harder and faster while squeezing my b****t with the other and rolling my n****e between his fingers, watching me squirm. The entire room smelled of lust and my arousal.

Valen leans down and kisses me. There was an urgency and heat to the kiss as our tongue tangled. His tongue was hot as it dominated my mouth. He pushed my leg higher, trapping one between his arm and body as he positioned himself at my entrance before sinking his hard c**k into my depths and our bodies came together, his hips flush against mine.

Valen held himself up before dragging his c**k out and sliding it around my opening and farther up towards my c**t and coating himself in my arousal. Valen groaned before he pushed the head of his c**k inside again.

He pushed in slowly, inch by inch until he was sheathed deep inside me. His lips move to my neck and up my jaw before kissing me. He pumped into me slowly. His c**k brushed all the right places and drove me wild with the slow pace. I rock my hips against him, wanting him to move faster.

When he squeezed my t***h harder before he grabbed my hips and began pounding into me. My muscles squeeze around him whenever he thrusts into me. My skin heated, and my breath turned to pants as I rolled my hips against him, trying to take more of him. Enjoying the friction he was building up, my skin warmed, and I felt my walls grip his c**k as my o****m rolled over me, making me cry out. His lips cover mine, s********g my m***s as he slows, letting me ride the o****m out while I trembled beneath him. Valen pulls out abruptly.

And I sat up on my elbows and watched him climb off the bed, knowing he hadn’t finished. He wanders into the closet before returning with a bottle of lube, and something else tucked in the palm of his hand. He kneeled on the bed, watching me as he dropped the bottle on the blanket beside him, but not whatever was in his hand.

Instead, he gripped my ankles and ripped me toward him, making my head hit the mattress. His hands gripped my hips, wondering what he was doing when he flipped me over and tugged my hips up in the air. I groaned when his c**k pushed inside me with one thrust before he dragged it out slowly.

His hand pulling my cheeks apart so he could watch himself slip in and out of me when I felt his hand move over my a*s, his thumb pressing against my back entrance. I squirm when he probes it with his thumb and I pull away slightly, only for him to pull me back, slamming me back on his c**k. I groaned, relenting, and he pumps himself into me a few times before slowing, his thumb still pressing against my back entrance.

“Valen, you are not sticking anything in my a*s,”‘ I growl at him, and he chuckles.

“Really?” he purrs, pressing his thumb down harder and making me squirm.

“I won’t hurt you, and I will stop if you don’t like it,” he says and I roll my eyes as he thrusts into me slower. Not hurt? Yeah, right! Has he seen the size of his c**k? It wasn’t going anywhere near my a*s.

“Nope! Not happening!” I tell him.

“It’s happening. I’m locking in the hubs and going up the mud track,” he says.

“Don’t be crude! And no, we are not!” I screech.

“We’re going to brown town!”‘ he states with a laugh.

“F**k, you s**k at the d***y talk,” I snarled, but also couldn’t help but laugh at his vulgar words.

“I’m f*****g that a*s,” he purrs before slapping my butt and making me hiss. He rubs it, and I jump when I feel the cold sensation of the lube as it trickles between my cheeks. Valen thrusts into me, his thumb returning to my a*s, and I growl but figured I would entertain his silly little obsession with my butt.

Valen g****s as his hips slap against my a*s, and I push back against him, meeting his thrusts when his hand on my hip moves, his rhythm remaining steady, and I m**n as his c**k hits my cervix. This position was deeper and so much more thrilling when he grips my shoulder, shoving it down to the mattress.

Valen pushed the top half of me entirely on the bed before he picked up his pace, pounding into me and making me scream as my walls grip him, fluttering around him, when I feel his thumb slide into me. It wasn’t painful, just an odd sensation, an odd but good sensation making me push back against him.

“See?” he murmurs, drawing his c**k out slower and slamming back into me. His hand fisted on my hip suddenly started vibrating as he reached around, pressing something small against my c**t. The sensation makes me gasp as it sent shock waves through me.

It took everything not to sink into the bed at the feeling. Valen leaves his fingertips there, and I move my hips against them when he moves them away, making me growl at the loss of his fingers and the vibration. He leans forward, gripping my wrist and tugging it behind me, and dropping the bullet-shaped thing in my hand.

“Touch yourself with it. Just don’t press the button until I tell you too.” he says, drawing my hand back toward my hip. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I wasn’t a prude and spent a reasonable amount of time searching adult toy stores with the girls.

My hand moves between my legs, and I m**n as I run the device between my swollen p***y lips while Valen rammed into me, his thumb still inside my back entrance. He pulls out of me, and I miss the fullness of him stretching me when I feel him grip my hips and drag me to the edge of the bed. I squealed as he set me back on my knees, then shoving my top half down when I went to sit up.

He kneels at the end of the bed before I feel his hand lock around my wrist, placing my hand back between my t****s. I m**n at the vibration of the small toy when I feel his hot breath sweep over my p***y.

His hands on the back of my t****s pushes my legs open more before he forces his tongue inside me, licking up my arousal as it spilled from me, and teasing more out of me. His tongue moving between my folds and back to my entrance, hungrily tasting every part of me, when his hand on my a*s moves between my cheeks, and I feel him shove his lubricated finger inside my back entrance.

I m**n at the sensation when he slides his finger out, adding another, stretching me while I play with the toy in my hand. His fingers pushing in deeper and harder, and my walls clench. There was something thrilling and very sordid about it, but e****c, too. Valen s***s on my swollen lower lips, dipping his tongue inside before standing and lining himself up with my back passage.

He presses the tip against my back entrance, and I tense. “Press the button on the top of it,” Valen purrs, and I do. The vibration grew stronger, and I moaned, my body relaxing as he rubbed my a*s before pressing further inside me.

I choke, my hand clutching the sheets as I hold my breath, and he stills, pulling my hand back between my legs, “Don’t move your hand,” he says, kissing my shoulder and pressing the button on top again. The thing felt like it would vibrate apart in my hand as the vibration intensified. And I quickly place my hand back between my legs. Valen remains still, and I feel him coat himself in more lube, working his c**k into me slowly.

“That’s it,” He whispers, leaning down and kissing the side of my ribs, his stubble making me shiver as it brushed my sensitive skin. I moaned as the small device vibrated against my c**t, and Valen increased his speed before I felt his hips slap mine, and he g****s. Valen stills for a second when I rock back against him. He let me move against him for a few minutes until I was m*****g mess and slowed my pace. He gripped my hips, slamming into me; I was so close and was pushing back against him, taking what he gave me.

Valen’s grip tightened on me, and he pumped into me harder. I cried out as my skin tingles when he gripped my shoulder and ripped me back against him, his chest pressed against my back as he thrust into me. His hand flat on my stomach moved to my hand between legs, and he took the device holding in place, sliding it between my soaking wet folds and rubbing it against my c**t, his lips travel down my neck as he s****d on my mark, his other hand squeezing my b****t.

“C*m for me,” he purrs, licking my mark before grazing his teeth over my mark. I come apart with a scream, his arms the only thing holding me upright as my legs trembled, wanting to give out from under me as he sank his teeth into my neck, remarking me and extending my o****m. Valen g****s against my neck, and I feel him still inside me. He clutched me tighter, and he pulls his teeth from my neck before trailing his tongue up my neck and s*****g on my ear.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you too,” I tell him out of breath when he pulls out of me.

“I’ll run you a bath,” he chuckles behind me before kissing my shoulder. I nodded breathlessly and collapsed on the bed when he spoke again.

“And I should probably reheat dinner, even though you just had a feed of sausage,” He laughs, and I reach for my pillow before lobbing it at him. He ducks and laughs while walking into the bathroom.


It was the incessant noise of my phone ringing that woke me the next morning, and had me untangling myself from Valen. He growls, trying to tug me back to him while I lean over him reaching for my phone. The screen lit up, and it was still dark outside so it must have been early. Valen’s hands trail up my sides before he purrs, his lips locking around my n****e as I snatch my phone from the bedside table as I lean over him.

Peering at the screen, I see Macey’s picture pop up on the screen. I sit up and Valen tries tugging me back to him and successfully pulling me on top of him. I push off his chest, straddling his waist as I answer it. Valen’s hand rubs my t****s as he mutters under his breath.

“Macey?” I ask, answering the call and holding it to my ear. “Macey?” I say again when I hear a choked whimper.

“I didn’t know who else to call. I can’t go home. My brother moved back in with my mother when I moved out. Zoe’s place is too small, and you know we clash when living with each other,” she says before sobbing.

“Mace, what’s wrong?”

“Can Taylor and I come stay the night? I knowit’s terrible timing, but I told him, Evie. I told him and he stormed out. I don’t want to be here when he gets back,” Macey cries.

“Of course, come over. I will set up the spare room,” I tell her and she quickly says goodbye. Valen stares up at me, his amber eyes glowing in the dark as he peered up at me.

“What’s going on?” he says.

“I think Tatum just broke up with Macey,” I murmur and he sits up.

“What?” Valen says, shocked, but I didn’t want to say anything because I wasn’t sure what was going on myself. I climb off him and retrieve some clothes.

“I need to set up the spare room,” I tell him and he gets up, grabbing some shorts.

“I’ll help,” he says and I nod and Valen pulls his pants on.