Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 10

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 10

Damien POV

I watched as Lily fought for control, I had never in all my life seen anything like what I was witnessing. Layla coming forth in Lily’s human form forcing the shift when Lily wouldn’t give her control. Literally ripping and clawing at her skin and tearing it off in sheets.; I could hear Lily scream in pain. My wolf went into overdrive watching his mate hurt herself. Aria froze for a second and screamed to Lily to fight it. But I knew she wasn’t going to win this battle. This is when I utterly understood what everyone meant about her wolf being unhinged.

In shock all I did was watch, horrified at what I was seeing. When she completely shifted, I was completely gobsmacked and shocked to my core. Her wolf was anything but ordinary, she was larger than any Alpha female I have seen, in fact she wasn’t much smaller than my wolf. Her fur was silver, and she had black patches on her paws that resembled socks, half her face was black the other half silver and her eyes never changed, just b****d brighter with a hunger I had never seen before. In this moment she looked truly demonic and something you would see in your worst nightmares.

I stood shocked not moving until I heard Lily’s strangled voice shock me back. “Run” She screamed to her sister. Aria took off and Layla shook out her fur before smashing straight through the wall after her. I watched as she smashed through the glass double doors raining glass all over her, slicing her to pieces as she started chasing after them, not even registering that she was injured.

Not wasting another second, I let my wolf take over. He chased after her, but man was she fast. My wolf tackled her and ripped her backwards before she could pounce, knocking her to the ground on her side. She bit into my flank, her teeth ripping a chunk off before she turned on me. I see Reid come bursting through the trees in his human form and taking a protective stance in front of his mate and kids.

I watched as Zane came barrelling around the side of the house in our direction, just as Layla turned on Reid. The ferocious growl that tore out of her making my blood run cold. It’s like she didn’t recognise any of us. Having never met my wolf, I knew to her he was just a threat. Zane came up the side as we circled around her. Her eyes darted between all of us, trying to decide who to attack first.

She went for Reid biting into his Shoulder, forcing him to shift as his clothes ripped off him, his monster of a beast taking over and flinging her off. She hit a tree, but jumped instantly back up, teeth b***d as we cornered her. She was bleeding from where my wolf bit her back and had a huge g**h running down her side from Reid throwing her but still that didn’t stop her. Reid advanced on her along with Zane and panic kicked in, as I realised, they were going to have to seriously hurt her to get her to stop.

My wolf Darian was filled with anguish as he watched them start ripping her apart. When he couldn’t handle watching, he dropped his guard giving me full control, leaving me standing b**e n***d. Her wolf was fighting to k**l. Not even thinking as Reid launched himself at her. I ran toward her blocking his advance as he went for her neck, instead his wolf tearing into my shoulder as I threw my body over the top of her wolf. I groaned in pain feeling my flesh being torn away. My wolf snarling in the back of my head.

Ryder Reid’s wolf instantly let go when he realised it was me and not Lily. Layla threw me off and shook out her fur spraying blood everywhere from the numerous bites all over her body. I quickly stood between her and Reid. She went to lunge at him when she froze.

She turned her head to the side observing me, like she was trying to remember who I was. She took a step forward and I reached out my hand. She growled as she took another step forward before sniffing my hand. I held my breath wondering if she was about to rip my hand off, only she didn’t. She pushed her nose into my hand before running her head underneath my palm, my hand brushing over her fur. I heard Aria gasp behind me, snapping Layla’s attention to her.

“Layla, look at me” I said pulling her head back to look at me. She looked up at me which wasn’t hard considering she was well over half my size. I stepped closer putting both my hands in her fur before dropping to the ground, Layla following and dropping into my lap. I wrapped my arms around Lily’s wolf’s neck, I felt her l**k my chest. Pressing her face into my chest and rubbing her snout across it to my shoulder. I heard Reid and Zane shift back behind me but not daring to move.

“Layla, I need you to give Lily back control” I whispered, kissing her furry head. She whined loudly but I felt her body tense before I felt her start to shift in my arms. I let out the breath I had been holding. As lily returned curled in my arms, her entire body cut to pieces and flesh torn off in chunks. Her hair matted with her blood. She was bruised and battered and hysterically crying.

I brushed her hair with my fingers, and she looked up like she hadn’t realised Layla had given her back control. I smiled sadly at her and she froze looking around her eyes landing on Aria and the kids. She let out a breath upon seeing she hadn’t hurt them.

That couldn’t be said for Reid or Zane though, as they were in the same shape as her, bruised and b****y. Although I am fairly sure most of the blood on Reid was actually hers.

Reid walked over and placed his hand on my shoulder making me look up at him, he gave me a nod before walking toward the house with Zane and his kids. Aria took off inside before coming out with some towels and handing them to us. Lily’s entire body trembled; I could tell she was in shock as I draped the towel over her n***d body. Just as I stood up with her in my arms, her father came running toward us.

“Is she okay, did she hurt anyone?” I shook my head, and he peered down at her small broken frame in my arms.

“I will get the first aid kit; she doesn’t heal very well” He stated before walking off. I walked back into the house and Lily started freaking out about being inside.

“I shouldn’t be here,” She said looking around nervously to see who was around. I ignored her and walked back to the guest room and into the ensuite. I sat her on the bath, I could see her shivering pulling the towel tighter around herself as I turned on the shower.