Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 12

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 12

Damien’s POV

I waited for her to be completely asleep before moving, I couldn’t risk waking her. Getting up slowly, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. Reaching over her, I grabbed a pillow and jammed it behind her back, so she would still think I was laying behind her.

Darian snorted in my head. “Yeah, because that will work, fool” He hissed. He was right if she did wake, she would intuitively know, I wasn’t there. Our body temps ran a lot hotter not to mention my scent wouldn’t be as strong.

“Well let’s hope she doesn’t wake up then” I called back at him. I quickly slipped out of the room making sure to lock the door behind me, not that it would do much but at least it would give us warning if she broke down the door. I walked down the corridor and to the conference room towards the back of the house. Opening the door, I could see Alpha David and Aria in a heated discussion, already arguing over tomorrow. Alpha Reid looked tired as he sat in his chair at the head of the table.

I sat next to him and he glanced in my direction. “Good luck getting a word in with them two” He mumbled, obviously this was a regular occurrence. Alpha’s always fought among themselves, but this was different. I could tell what ever happened in the past between the pair, had them at each other’s throats not willing to bend for the other. The tension in the room was so thick. I could almost taste the bitter taste, on the tip of my tongue.

“What started it?” I asked curious. It was hard to understand what they were talking about when one minute they were talking the next glaring at each other and mind linking. I think it is pretty neat that Aria can mind link anyone she wants because of her Lycan blood.

“David doesn’t agree with you forcibly taking his daughter tomorrow, even if she doesn’t recognise you” He said, obviously tired with this conversation already. It was late, I myself was tired especially after a week of trying to keep up with Lily and her night adventures. I sat back in my chair placing my hands behind my head. It was clear, until they finished no one was getting a word in.

“Want a beer?” Reid whispered. I looked at him with a smile on my face. “Why not,” I told him.

Reid got up and walked over to the bar in the corner before bending down and reaching into the fridge, he pulled out two beers before walking over and handing me one. I popped the cap before taking a sip.

“Is it always like this between those two?”

“Usually, it is worse because Lily is here arguing her side too” He chuckled. We were gonna be stuck here all night, I could tell. Reid and I were onto our fourth beer when Aria pulled off her slipper and lobbed it at him, Reid chuckled, nearly spitting his beer when the Alpha was suddenly hit with a kitty slipper on his head. Alpha David growled annoyed.

“Okay that’s enough, as entertaining as this is to watch, how about you speak so I know what the h**l it is, you are throwing shoes at him for” I demanded.

Aria sighed. Before sitting down. Alpha David picked up her slipper and placed it on the table, Aria snatched it before putting it back on and finally looking at Reid and me. She snatched his beer out of his hand and took a swig.

“I don’t agree, she thinks I should let you take Lily even if she doesn’t feel the mate bond” He answered.

“Why is that? She is my mate”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know that, does she?” He said, running a hand over his face.

“I won’t leave without her David; my wolf wouldn’t even entertain the idea” I told him honestly.

“You will do this David. For years you have spent the time trying to be her friend, letting her get away with b****y m****r, now is the time to step up and be her father” Aria growled out.

I didn’t understand why she just didn’t demand it; she is an Alpha of Alpha’s. But I had a feeling she didn’t like forcing someone against their will, it wasn’t in her nature.

“I am her father, that’s my little girl Aria, she would never forgive me” He argued back.

“This is the best thing for her, you saw how her wolf reacted to him, he calms her. Let him try and help. I’m not asking you to disown her. I am asking you to stand by me on this and don’t give in to her when she puts on the waterworks. Lily has you wrapped around her finger, you give her everything she wants and asks for just so you don’t upset her”

“I’m her father Aria I don’t want to upset her”

“You are but that’s not why you do it, so don’t pretend. You feel guilty for the past and she knows that and plays on it, you’re just too blind to see it”

Alpha David looked away guiltily. Not meeting her gaze.

“If you can’t do it for her, do it because I asked you too, if it makes you feel better, put the blame on me. Tell her I commanded you. You want to fix the past; I will forgive you for everything. Every goddamn thing if you do this. You owe me this much David. I was the one that raised her. Me. I kept her alive, I copped the beatings. I did that for her, so you can do this for me now. He is the best chance we got. This is it. If this doesn’t work, we may lose her David, I won’t lose my sister. So please don’t make me force your hand, if she knows you’re against this, she won’t go. She needs this, whether she sees it or not. She needs him as much as he needs her”

Reid growled low at the mention of Aria’s past and I could tell Ryder was just below the surface lingering and listening in. I don’t know the full extent of what went on back then, but I knew Alpha David was a cruel man long before he changed for his daughters. Aria may not be his, but he was still technically her stepfather. Aria wiped tears that had fallen. It was clear that Aria may have moved on from her past, but she clearly hadn’t forgotten, I recognised the look on her face, she remembers everything, and I could tell in some ways it still haunts her.

I would recognise that haunted expression anywhere, my own past haunts me, I too moved past it but it’s always there lingering waiting for something to trigger it back to the forefront of my mind. I watched as her mate pulled her on his lap. He pressed a kiss on her cheek, both Reid and Aria instantly relaxing in each other’s embrace.

David hadn’t spoken and I could tell he was at war with his heart and mind. David nodded before looking at Aria.

“Fine I will do it, you’re right. I let her get out of control. I allowed this behaviour which I know made things worse, I will make it right Aria you have my word. I will do it for both of you” He said, hanging his head in shame before getting up and walking out.

I sat back relaxing in my seat. Everything was falling into place, tomorrow I would be taking my mate home with me, whether she liked it or not.

I wasn’t stupid enough, to believe that even if she did recognise me, she would come willingly. But at least I didn’t have to fight her father and Reid when I dragged her away with me. If they agree and she understands she doesn’t have a choice, maybe she won’t be as difficult.

After saying good night to Alpha Reid and Luna, I quickly made my way back into the bedroom, I removed my shirt before climbing in my bed, laying behind her. Lily instantly rolled over to face me. Her hand landed on my chest as she snuggled closer in her sleep. I gently picked up her hand, bringing it to my lips and kissing her fingers softly. She shivered and I knew she could feel the sparks I was feeling. She moved closer, her head moving on to my chest before she relaxed completely.