Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 15

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 15

I jerked forward in my seat, nearly slamming into the dash. Damien’s hand snaked out just before my head connected with it, shoving me backwards into my seat. The air being knocked out of me.

“What the f**k is wrong with you, you got what you want. I’m in the car now, leave me alone” I was going to say more, yet the look on his face would have made the grim reaper fear him. I squirmed in my seat under his intense gaze. He unclicked my seatbelt. Panic set in as he ripped me from my seat and onto his lap awkwardly. I had nowhere to go, his arms wrapped so tightly around my waist, I could feel his fingers bruising my soft skin.

I placed my hands awkwardly on his chest, feeling his body shaking underneath mine. His breathing came fast. I could feel my shirt riding up, his grip loosening. One of his hands ran up the inside of my shirt, making my breath hitch when his skin came in contact with mine. His other hand moving up my back and curling around my hair ripping my head back. I hissed at the pain and felt Layla stir to life coming forward almost purring.

His hand on my b****t, squeezing so hard it was almost painful. If it wasn’t for the sparks from his skin touching mine. I am sure I would have screamed in pain. Feeling his breath on my neck made me shiver before his lips moved to my neck, his teeth grazing the sight where a mark would lay. Hearing his low possessive growl made fear consume me, as his lips hungrily devoured my skin. My mind was screaming at me, that he was about to mark me, yet my body liked the way he manhandled me.

When I felt his grip on my hair tighten, I moaned involuntarily, and could feel my panties dampen. His canines protruding pressing against my skin bring me back the fear of being marked. My words blurted out in panic.

“I’m sorry please don’t” I felt tears p***k at my eyes. I didn’t want to be bound forever to this man, mate or not. I was my own person and I felt like this should be a choice not something forced upon me.

I felt him freeze like he realised what he was actually about to do, knowing I didn’t want this. I felt him chuckle slightly, his grip on my hair lessening as he untangled his hand from it. Looking at him. I watch as his eyes go back to normal. His eyes studied my face carefully, before he spoke.

“You’re not sorry, you just don’t want me to mark you” He growled seeing past my lie. I wasn’t sorry and he was right. The only thing I was sorry for was involving Brent. I didn’t want this. I stepped down from the Alpha position, I never wanted to be someone’s Luna. Never wanted to be someone’s mate. So, I wasn’t sorry, and he knew this. Reading me like I was an open book.

His hand moving to my hips, his grip stinging as I felt his fingers dig into my hips. Layla watched with eager eyes, yet I could feel she wanted me to accept him on my own terms. I thought it weird, considering we were always at war with each other. I had no doubt of her feelings toward him, yet I could feel she didn’t want to force me. I wondered what had changed. She never cared for what I wanted.

“You better think of something quick if you don’t want him to mark you yet Lily”

“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?” I felt her sigh.

“It is, but I know if he does, you won’t forgive him. So, do something or don’t whinge when he does”

I thought for a second, she was right if he marked me. Without my consent, I don’t think I would ever forgive him and would blame anything I did feel after, on that bond. His grip on my hips pulling me toward him made me act. The only thing I could think of in this situation with panic setting in as I felt him move closer to my neck. I placed my hands on his chest, shoving him back before crashing my lips to his. He froze for a second, shocked that I actually kissed him. I heard him growl before I felt his body relax against mine and he kissed me back. The tension in my body left as his tongue ran across my bottom lip.

My lips parted before he plunged his tongue into my mouth, playing with mine, fighting for dominance. I let him have it, not resisting in fear of angering him. His grip on my hips loosened as his hands moved to my face holding me there as he continued the assault on my mouth. I moaned into his mouth not realising my own reaction to him. It shocked me as I pressed myself closer to him. Then Layla’s voice zapping me to reality as I found myself lost, in giving him the control he craved.

“Like I’m all for this but can we not lose our virginity in this cramped car” Her voice was like an electric shock. I pulled back. Damien’s breathing was hard, his eyes searching mine which made me blush knowing what I knew he would find in them. Lust, I didn’t know if it was me or the bond, but it was definitely there and clearly on display for him. He smirked as my face heated under his gaze.

“We better get moving,” He said, tapping my leg and allowing me to hop off his lap. I scrambled back into my seat. Thankful for once for Layla.

The Alpha started the car putting it in gear before taking off.

“Thank you, Layla,” I whispered.

“What did you say, fairly sure I heard wrong. Mind repeating that” I rolled my eyes at her. Layla felt relaxed for the first time. My anxiety about her was settling.

“How far away is your Pack?” I asked, turning toward Damien slightly. He glanced at me before looking back at the road.

“Five hours” I slumped back in my seat. This was going to be a long drive.

“Sleep if you want, I will wake you when we hit the border” As much as I tried to stay awake the trip was boring, and I found myself dozing off. Only to be woken by his hand squeezing my t***h.

“Lily wake up. We are here” I yawned before stretching. My neck ached from the position I fell asleep in. Looking out the window, I was shocked at what I saw. We approached a huge fence. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t a gated community. Damien stopped at the gates. A heavily tattooed man walking over and tapping the window. Damien rolled down the window.

“Alpha, so glad you’re back” Damien gave him a nod. The man looked toward me. A smile lit up his face. He looked intimidating walking up to the car with his dark eyes and imposing body, yet when he smiled, he looked carefree and younger, not at all like the man that was standing guard looking like he was ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

“You must be Luna Lily,” He said, giving me a wink. I nodded, not bothering to correct the title. It was useless, no point saying I’m not his Luna when I am his Alpha’s mate.

“Lily, this is Beckett, you will probably run into him often, he helps guard the perimeter” Alpha Damien told me. I waved to the man. I was actually shocked that he didn’t look away nervously. Most people would look at me, notice my strange eyes and look away or just flat out not meet my gaze. Yet he didn’t seem to notice.

“Hi Beckett” I said nervously. He smiled before standing upright. I heard him whistle before the gates opened. Damien wound up the window before driving through the gates.

“How many people guard the perimeter?” I asked.

“Around thirty at a time, most of my pack members eventually get assigned to the perimeter at one stage. I like to make sure everyone is trained in every aspect of being in a pack. Beckett is in charge of the front fence for the most part. That’s why I introduced you” He said driving along the path.

I expected to see houses beyond the gate but was actually shocked to find an entire town. We drove for over ten minutes passing shops, houses and buildings. The place was exceptionally clean. No rubbish. Everyone’s lawns were done, their gardens all nice, no litter on the streets. It was vastly different from the City in which I grew up in. But what was most shocking, was the amount of kids and people chasing and following the car. Damien pulled up out the front of what I assumed was the packhouse as it was the biggest and in the d**d centre of town. When the car stopped, the Alpha stepped out. I hesitated, not used to having so many people surrounding me.

The Alpha stepped out and everyone parted for him as he made his way to my door. He opened it and I hesitated before grabbing his hand. It seemed everyone had arrived to welcome their Alpha which surprised me. His reputation was always that he was cruel and merciless yet, I could tell his people loved him. As soon as I stepped out of the car, everyone went quiet. The men and women staring, the kids all stepped back watching me.

Silence fell upon everyone present, making me nervous. Before a little boy with curly dark hair walked over. He was probably about four years old, his big blue eyes peering up at me. As he tugged on my shirt. I cocked my head watching him, I could feel Layla staring through my eyes at him.

“I like your eyes’ ‘ came his melodious little voice. Something swelled in my heart. I touched his cheek softly. He kind of reminded me of Ryker in a weird way when he was younger, always blurting the first thing that came to mind. I ran my thumb across his cheek.

“I like yours better,” I told him. I could feel the Alpha’s gaze on me watching me, I could feel he was a little nervous of my reaction to him. The little boy wrapped his arms around my legs, and I picked him up when suddenly I was charged by all the kids, making my heart rate spike as they all crowded around trying to hug or touch me.

I could hear the adults talking amongst themselves, but I was shocked to find, they didn’t tell their kids to run away, they didn’t say anything bad at all. They genuinely seemed happy I was here. When it all started to get too much, I looked to the Alpha, he nodded his head before silence fell across everyone. I wondered what he said through the mind link because everyone stepped back, silence falling over everyone. They all turned their necks in submission. I actually felt bad not knowing what to think of the kind of respect they instantly showed.

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge before you get to know him, you hate the rumours made up of us, yet you believe the rumours of him” Layla chimed in.

“Yes, but for the most part the rumours about us are true” I chuckled to her. I heard her laugh before she shook her head and retreated.

A few of the adults stuck around while the kids all ran to the park across the road. A man around my age walked over to the Alpha’s boot, opening it. He went to grab my bags and I stopped him.

“It’s fine, I can get them” He shook his head before smiling at me.

“No Luna, I don’t mind,” He said, grabbing a suitcase out. I grabbed the other one before Alpha Damien pulled it from my grasp.

“It’s okay Max, I can take them in. Can you put my car away, keys should be in it” The Alpha told him, grabbing the other bag from him? The man Max nodded his head before walking over and getting in the car. I watched Max drive off, before I heard Alpha’s voice.

“Lily come, now” His voice was strong and full of authority, making me scramble after him.