Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 19

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 19

Lily POV

“What are you doing Damien” I ask as I feel his hands adventure over my hips to the front, before slowly running over my abdomen, and dipping between my legs.

“Touching what’s mine” He whispers before I feel him s**k on the skin of my neck, his fingers caressing my slit as I feel him pull me closer. His warm breath on my neck, his other hand moving to my b****t as he rolled my n****e between his fingers, making me lean back into him, my head falling backwards on his shoulder.

Layla purring loudly in my head, as his fingers move lower before slipping inside me, making me m**n out. I was so lost in the feel of him touching me, that I didn’t hear the doorbell ring the first time. His hands continuing their slow torture when I hear him growl, snapping me back to reality. Damien’s hands are gone from my body as he stalks out of the bathroom, grabbing a towel off the shelf on his way out.

The doorbell rings again, making Layla growl loudly, annoyed at Damien being distracted. I can hear a feminine voice and Damien yelling. I quickly washed myself, wanting to go investigate what was happening downstairs. Grabbing my towel, I quickly grab the first thing my hands land on, which is a pair of tights and a blue t-shirt.

Drying myself and throwing my clothes on. I make my way downstairs; listening. Damien has the door angled so I can’t see the woman who is standing outside but by the tone of her voice I can tell she is pissed off. Damien doesn’t hear me walking down and I sit on the bottom step, listening to their heated conversation. Layla growls loudly, not liking the woman. The next words coming out of her mouth made me enraged.

“How could you do this to me, I am f*****g pregnant with your child” She screams loudly. My blood runs cold. He impregnated another wolf.

“Tabitha, you need to calm down, you’re making a scene. Stop this now. Show me proof this child is even mine, then we will speak until then stay away from the pack house” He growls warningly to her. Getting up from my position on the step. I can’t listen anymore, Layla growling loudly, and my entire body is trembling. I grab the door, throwing it open, stepping out the door in front of her. Damien tries grabbing my arm, pulling me away from her and toward him.

Looking at the woman, she is around his age. With Black hair and blue eyes, she takes a step back. A conniving smile playing on her lips.

“Who is she, to you?” I ask Damien, shaking his grip from my arm.

“I’m his girlfriend and I am pregnant with his baby” Her voice irritated me with its nasally sound. She crosses her arms across her chest challengingly, a taunting smile playing on her lips. I glare at her before looking down at her non-existent belly. Turning my head, I listen and can hear her calm heartbeat and another faster fluttering heartbeat. Confirming her words. My stomach drops, and I glare at Damien.

“Enough Tabitha, time to leave. Lily get inside.” Damien’s voice coming out strong as he threw his Alpha voice behind it. Tabitha growls, annoyed that she has been dismissed and turns on her heel, walking off down the steps to her car before speeding off, leaving dirt spraying everywhere.

Damien tries grabbing my arm to pull me back inside. My entire body was trembling in anger. How could he get another wolf pregnant then force his mate to come home with him? Was I expected to be okay with him having a child with someone else?

“Don’t touch me” I snap, shoving him. I turn my back on him before walking off. I hear him growl loudly following after me, his feet loud on the gravel driveway. The Alpha grabbing me again makes Layla lose it, she forces her way forward and I can feel my eyes blazing making the Alpha step back. She feels betrayed and so do I. Unfortunately, when Layla feels upset, she instantly turns to anger. I didn’t even fight her for control, I know I probably should have but I was too pissed off to care if she hurt him.

Damien hearing my bones snapping growled trying to command her to stop. His voice only angered her more than I felt the shift take over. My bones snapping and realigning within seconds, like she flipped a switch as my clothes ripped to shreds and my body transformed into my wolfs. Layla didn’t shove me out though, which I was expecting instead, letting me remain with her. She lunged at the Alpha; he reacted quickly, sidestepping out of her way just before she sank her canines into him. Layla whined before turning and advancing on him again. She tackled him. I expected him to shift, yet he didn’t instead just copping her attacks. She hated hurting him, yet she was so angry and hurt by him, she couldn’t stop.

Damien’s shoulder was torn open and blood was running down his body every time her teeth ripped into his flesh. He didn’t even make a sound as she tore into the muscle of his leg, like he was unaffected by her ripping him apart.

“Layla stop, you’re going to k**l him” She growled loudly as Damien threw her off. She skidded along the rocks, landing on her side.

“Layla enough” He growled warningly.

She hackled up, but stopped. When my voice rang clearly to her.

“You promised Layla, not to shove me out. Listen to him. Stop you’re scaring the kids” Layla’s head snapped towards the park, making Alpha Damien sidestep, blocking her view of the children that looked on at the scene playing out horrified.

Alpha Damien was drenched in his own blood, making her really look at him, before she howled sadly.  She then turned around, running behind the pack house and up the street. People jumping out of her way as she tore up the street. The street came to a d**d end at the forest edge.

“I hate him” She growled.

“She could be lying, it may not be his” I tell her as I feel her start to slow down to a slow jog.

“And if it is?” She replied.

“We will deal with it when we know for sure,” I tell her, trying to keep her calm. It was a fresh feeling being able to be completely present while in this form, I like the feel of the cool breeze ruffling her fur, the sounds her paws made on the dirt. She seemed calm in this form, like it was home to her.

“So what do you want to do now?” She asked, shocking me further.

“I don’t know Layla, we can go back” I suggested. I know it won’t be long before the Alpha sends out people looking for us.

“I don’t want to go back” She murmurs.

We walked through the forest eventually coming to a stream, Layla sipped thirstily before laying down next to it. I don’t know how long we stayed there, but when the sky turned shades of pink and orange, we heard the howls of wolves shifting and coming into the forest. Layla’s ears perked up, and she growled, annoyed that they had interrupted her peace. I was actually shocked, he hadn’t sent people out sooner. The entire day seemed to pass by quickly. When the howls got louder, Layla took off. Running along the water’s edge. She stopped and sniffed the earth a few times, picking up a familiar scent. I couldn’t remember where I smelt it before.

“What is it?” I asked, curious if she knew who’s scent it was.

“I think it is that girl we met yesterday” She stated following the scent. We eventually emerged from the treeline at the back of a house.

“You mean Callie?”

“Yeah, I think it’s hers” She said before following the scent all the way to the door. Her scent was stronger here, very strong, and there was also a masculine scent showing a male wolf lived here.

“Now what?” I asked her, wondering what it was she wanted with Callie.

Layla whined loudly before shifting back. I screeched when I was suddenly standing n***d on her front porch.

“S**t Layla, some warning would be nice next time, I have no clothes” I tell her, trying my best to cover myself with my hands. Suddenly I hear movement inside, before the door is thrown open and Max’s eyes go wide before he looks away. “S**t, sorry Luna hang on”

“Callie, bring a towel” He calls out up the stairs, keeping his back to me.

I can hear Callie running around before she runs down the stairs, a look of surprise on her face.

“I am so sorry my wolf just shifted back leaving me like this” I tell her worried it might upset her with me standing n***d in front of her mate. She smiled before handing me a towel.

“It’s fine, you haven’t got anything he hasn’t seen before” She smirked before opening the door wider. I stepped inside.

“I’m so sorry” I tell Max.

“All good, nudity isn’t that big around here, at least you weren’t the old duck next door” He cringed and I laughed.

“Seen her n***d one-to-many times, seriously don’t understand how she can shift at her age. The woman is like eighty” He said before shuddering again. He obviously isn’t too keen on remembering her n***d.

“Leave Marge alone, she is lovely, and can probably still kick your a*s” Callie called out from upstairs. She soon came out with a pair of jeans and a shirt, handing them to me.

“These should fit, we are around the same size, besides up top” She smirked looking at my ample cleavage. Callie had b***s but weren’t even near the size of mine. I pulled the towel tighter, feeling a little uncomfortable. She showed me to the bathroom, and I quickly chucked the clothes on.

“Alpha has sent people out looking for you,” Callie stated. Talking to me through the door.

“Yeah, we had a bit of an argument,” I told her.

“Yeah, the entire town has been talking about it, said your wolf gave him a bit of a touch up” She snickered. I chuckled softly at her words. Before opening the door.

“Hungry? We just brought pizza’s” At the mention of food, my stomach instantly growled loudly.

“I take that as a yes,” she laughed.

I followed her into the lounge room. Her house differed vastly from the pack house. Their house had pictures on the walls, some paintings, the place was quite cosy and had personality. I sat on the rug in front of the fire, next to the coffee table. Callie and Max came out a few minutes later with three boxes of Pizza and beers.

Opening the boxes, we dig in. I was starving, having not eaten since yesterday.

“So what was your fight about?” Asked Max.

I downed half my beer quickly. “Tabitha, some girl he knocked up” I tell them. They both avert their eyes back to their food. Max passes me another beer.

Grabbing another slice of pizza, Callie speaks up. “Can’t stand that woman, I don’t know how he put up with her for all them years always whining and acting like she was our Luna”

“Callie” Max growled quickly, nudging her with his elbow. “What it’s true” Callie said looking at him annoyed.

“It’s fine, really. What’s done is done,” I tell them. We end up watching movies and drinking for half the night. By the time the end credit comes on. I am pretty drunk when I see Callie’s and Max’s eyes glaze over. I can tell they are mind linking someone. Callie looks at me nervously.

“The Alpha is on his way over” She tells me and I groan. “Great, just f*****g great.” I heard Layla growl in my head, not wanting to be around him. She was content with staying here for the night.

“I’m sorry, he made us tell him where you were. He isn’t happy. We were supposed to tell him if we saw you” She mumbled guiltily.

I nod, feeling bad, and hoping they don’t get in too much trouble because of me. I try to stand but having been sitting all night and drinking, all the alcohol seemed to go to my feet and I wobbled slightly before sitting back down. I giggle at the feeling when I suddenly hear a loud banging on the door, before it is suddenly kicked in. Making both Callie and Max freeze wide eyed toward the lounge room door. The Alpha steps in and growls.

“You were both f*****g told to notify me if you seen her” He spoke harshly. They both flinched, and I giggled like an idiot. I found his anger funny. Which made his eyes dart to me. He sniffed the air slightly before stepping into the room.

“She is f*****g drunk?” he asked. Glaring at both of them. They both nodded quickly before looking at the ground.

“Leave them be, I wouldn’t be drunk if you didn’t go around sticking your d**k in other she-wolves” I laughed. My words were slurred slightly, and I heard Layla huff in my head angrily at him.

Damien growled before marching toward me. He grabbed my arm, hauling me to my feet. I fell into him, my hand going to his chest as I steadied myself.

“How much has she drunk?” He asked, looking at them. Callie’s eyes darted to the empty carton boxes in the corner. I hadn’t even noticed the amount, but for the entire night I have had a beer in my hand, so I knew I consumed a fair amount.

“I will deal with you both at training tomorrow” He growled, pulling me toward the door.

“Leave them alone” I said, trying to pull my arm from his grip. He tugged me towards him before scooping me up and walking outside.

“Put me down I can walk” I yelled annoyed.

“Be quiet Lily, I have had every pack warrior out looking for you for hours”

“They mustn’t be very good, I have been here for hours” I muttered, leaning my head heavily on his shoulder.

“No. Your wolf is very good at masking her scent” He growled out annoyed. He walked for what felt like ages, before I heard him fiddle with some keys unlocking the pack house door.

He placed me on my feet, forcing me to wake up completely from my slumber. I looked around and groaned. I walked toward the lounge room.

“Where are you going?” He asked, grabbing my hand.

“To sleep on the couch, I don’t want you anywhere near me and neither does Layla”

“Not happening, get upstairs now” I rolled my eyes at his domineering behaviour. He grabbed my face with both his hands.

“Get upstairs now” He commanded.