Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 23

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 23

Lily POV

Waking up the next morning, I find my entire body aching like I just ran a marathon. My muscles ached, my skin burning where my skin was slowly healing. Damien’s warm skin pressing into my back, spreading delightful tingles everywhere his skin touched. Rolling over, I try to get up, his arm that’s draped over me pulls me closer, rolling me over to face him.

“Where are you going?” His husky voice in the crook of my neck as he inhaled deeply. I could feel his stubble tickling my neck and shoulder and cringed at the feeling, making him deliberately rub his face in the crook of my neck.

“Stop, Damien” I cringe from the feel of his stubble irritating my skin and his warm breath on my neck causing goosebumps to rise on my skin. Placing my hand on his cheek and trying to pry it away from neck. He chuckles at my attempt, at trying to push him away, before I feel his weight above me as he leans over me. A seductive smile on his lips as he looks down at me, my stomach clenches under his intense gaze.

He kisses my lips softly, his knee going between my legs pushing them apart and I realise the only thing I am wearing is his shirt as he moves between my legs. I can feel his e******n pressing against my t***h.

My breathing becomes heavier as he n**s at my skin. “Someones in a good mood this morning” I comment as his lips move lower to my shoulder. “Hmmm” he mumbles against my neck.

Grabbing his face, I pull on him and bring his lips back to mine as they hungrily devour mine, his tongue fighting against mine as it moves against my own. I m**n into his mouth and I feel his c**k twitch against my leg.

Gripping the hem of the shirt he lifts it up, pulling it over my head before I hear him growl , his lips moving to my b****t before he bites down on my n****e. I cry out at the sudden pain before I feel his tongue trace over it, soothing the sting. His lips moving south as he moves lower, kissing my belly before I feel him n*p at my hip. I m**n at the feel of his fiery tongue s*****g on my skin, before I hear the door downstairs open, hitting into the wall. I jump at the unexpected noise and I feel Damien stiffen before he growls.

Then I hear her nagging, irritating voice sing out and I feel like ripping her b****y head off. “Alpha?” She calls out from the bottom of the stairs.

“I will get rid of her,” Damien tells me, getting up and walking into the walk-in. Sitting up, all arousal now gone, I have to get up. Damien walks out and huffs annoyed when he realises I won’t be remaining in the bed. I walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on. The hot water soothing my tense muscles as it rains down over me. Layla growls low in my head.

“What?” I ask her when her growl becomes menacing.

“Nothing but I am two seconds away from dropping that b***h on her face” She growls out.

“Why?” I ask, wondering what she knows that I don’t. “

“She wants Damien to take her as his mate since she is carrying his child” She says. Making anger surge through me. As much as I want to be angry with Damien, my possessiveness of him outweighs that feeling. Yesterday I wanted to leave, but now I just want my mate. I never thought I would want a mate, but now that I feel closer with my wolf, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.

If Damien can accept us the way we are, isn’t that enough? We can work out the rest later, but I know it will be too painful to walk away now, my attachment to him becoming more than I expected. Or maybe it was because Layla finally met his wolf? I wasn’t sure everything just feels different since waking up.

“What does Darian think of everything?” I ask her, knowing that’s how she is getting information about what is going on downstairs.

“He hates her, but she is refusing to leave until Damien marks her” Layla growls out. My blood runs cold at the thought and I quickly grab a towel, wrapping it around myself before walking back into the bedroom.

Grabbing some clothes, I quickly put on some tights and shirt before walking out the door. As soon as I stepped out the door, I could smell the potent smell of bleach. Looking down at the floor, I notice the blood trail that leads to the bedroom is gone. I crinkle my nose at the strong fumes coming from the bleach that has been used. Walking to the stairs, I can hear Tabitha arguing with Damien. Walking down the stairs, I noticed the mess caused from yesterday is now completely gone, the house back in immaculate order.

Walking into the kitchen where I can hear them arguing, the first thing I notice is Natalia standing in the kitchen and I know she was the person who cleaned up the mess. She also appears to be used to their arguing as she doesn’t even pay attention to them at all.

I see Tabitha grab Damien’s arm possessively and it makes my blood boil. Before I realise what I am doing, I grab her hair pulling her away. Her screeching voice gets louder as I drag her to the front door by her hair. Opening the door, I push her outside.

“Wait, you can’t do that, I am pregnant” She screams.

“Grabbing your hair won’t hurt your baby b***h”

“You can’t do that, I am going to be Luna” I feel Layla hackled up wanting to take over, but I force her back. I didn’t need her attacking a pregnant woman. Even if she was trying to take our mate. I feel Damien walk up behind me, his hand resting on my shoulder.

“Tabitha, you need to stay away, unless it is about the child, don’t come here” He says, shutting the door in her face. As much as I hate her, I also feel bad for her. Falling pregnant only for the father to reject her because she isn’t his mate. Yet at the same time, I can’t stand her. She knew the risks of fooling around with someone else’s mate. That’s why it is drummed into us from a young age to save ourselves for our mate.

“I’m sorry Lily”

“Don’t, just don’t I am sick of hearing your apologies” I tell him suddenly angry that once again, I am being forced to deal with his ex because he can’t use his Alpha voice on her without causing her harm.

Walking to the kitchen, I make myself some coffee. The day was already off to a rough start.

“How was your granddaughter’s recital, Natalia?” I ask, making her look over at me.

“It was great, she dances so beautifully” She tells me excitedly . I smile, she kind of reminds me of my grandmother.

“What do you want to do today?” Damien asks, coming up behind me.

Before I have a chance to answer though, I see his eyes glaze over and I can tell he is mind-linking. He quickly comes over and pecks me on the lips before rushing out of the house.

“ I wonder what happened?” I ask Natalia.

“Nothing too serious happens around here, dear. Probably just a rogue sighting” I nod my head before walking outside. I can hear the sound of wolves howling in the distance, when suddenly Tabitha appears out of nowhere.

“I bet you feel proud don’t you, ripping a family apart?” She spits at me. Crossing my arms over my chest, I turn to face her.

“You were told to leave Tabitha,” I tell her, annoyed.

“You’re the one that should leave. Everything was going fine until you came along” She growls out. Looking her up and down, I notice the prominent baby bump. How does she manage to hide it one second and the next she looks huge? I shake my head and realise it must depend on what she is wearing. Come to think of it, her clothes look skin tight today when all the other times she has been wearing dresses that flow to her feet or oversized shirts.

She rubs her growing bump, making my eyes dart down to it. Jealousy makes me angry.

“You know when I have this baby, Damien will realise he doesn’t need to be with you” She stops speaking and sniffs the air slightly, her head whipping towards the park.

“Do you smell that?” She asks, panic on her face. Sniffing the air, I can smell something and I realise it’s blood. My head whips toward the treeline that runs up the side of the park where I can hear the howls coming from. I hear the vicious sounds of wolves fighting, ripping each other apart. My heart rate skips as adrenaline pulses through me.

The sounds grow louder until I hear the screams of children. Making my head snap to the park across the street. I notice a brown wolf running for their life. As three pack warriors chase after it.

“How did a rogue get past the borders?” I say out loud. I watch as Damien’s wolf comes tearing out of the bush and through the park, tackling the wolf to the ground, his teeth sinking into the back of the rogue’s throat before throwing him, hurling him into the play equipment. I hear a strangled scream as Damien rips into the wolf who doesn’t stand a chance, his blood spraying everywhere as Damien rips him to pieces.

I can see the children screaming and running, their parents running to grab them and take them to safety. The rogue doesn’t give up though as he keeps fighting, snapping his teeth at anything that gets close enough. I hear the sound of a feminine scream, high pitched and shrill echo through the park. The noise hurting my ears at her agonised scream, that makes everyone stop.