Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 24

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 24

I looked around, trying to find the person who let out the horrific noise only to see Tabitha had moved and was no longer beside me, moving so fast toward the scene unfolding. Just as Damien went to lunge for his throat, Tabitha threw herself between Damien and the Rogue. Knocking the Rogue out of the way. Damien’s paw coming down and hitting her shoulder with so much force it knocks her to the ground. The rogue let out a growl before slumping on the ground unconscious. Tabitha screamed and clutched her shoulder where his claws had torn through it. Her eyes blazed that of her wolf, as she crouched in front of the rogue. “MINE” She screamed at him. Making him halt.

I watched as Damien’s eyes widened and he growled at her. His wolf tried to make her step away from the rogue but even injured she didn’t back down. A low whine left her lips when Damien continued to advance on the rogue. Tabitha keeping in the way. I could see his wolf not caring that Tabitha was the rogue’s mate. Damien’s anger burning hot at his trespassing. He would not let Tabitha stop him from k*****g him.

I couldn’t watch anymore, mates are supposed to be sacred and from the moon goddess, yet he is willing to k**l Tabitha’s mate over him stepping on his territory without permission. He growled warningly at Tabitha to step aside, but she refused. As much as I hated Tabitha, I couldn’t watch her be destroyed, from watching her mate d*e in front of her.

S**t, I deny my bond, but I know it would destroy me if something were to happen to Damien. I couldn’t watch someone else go through that pain. Watching Zane and Wendy suffer for years was bad enough. Damien nodded toward two of his warriors, obviously mind linking with them. Before I watch as they both shift, stepping forward and going toward Tabitha. She lets out a panicked scream when she sees them shift, heading straight toward her. Gripping her arms and pulling her away. Damien stalks toward the rogue like a predator stalking his prey, his lips pulling back over his teeth with a snarl as a furious growl tore out of him. I move quicker than I thought possible, running off pure adrenaline.

Even Layla didn’t agree with what Damien was about to do. Just as he lunged for the rogue’s throat, I tackled him around the neck. He snarls, throwing me off and then I realise why he has such a reputation of being merciless; Damien doesn’t care if one of his own pack members is mates with someone. He will k**l them anyway, not only punishing the rogue but their mate as well.

I fall to the ground rolling across the dirt, his wolf glaring at me as a low growl leaves his lips telling me to step down and I fight the urge rolling over me to submit to him. Layla stirring, getting angrier at his command over us. I feel myself shift and for once I don’t feel any pain as my bones rearrange. I growl back, stalking towards him and stepping over the rogue. I can see Tabitha looking on with worry for her mate. But everyone else is staring terrified at me challenging their Alpha, his own mate challenging him. I know I am in some deep s**t when this is over for doing this in front of his pack, but I won’t allow him to k**l Tabitha’s mate, or a rogue for stepping on the wrong territory. I wasn’t that cruel. Even back home if a rogue stepped on our territory, we interrogated them before we sent them on their way if no harm was done.

If they were recognised as someone’s mate, we monitored them before they were deemed safe to join the pack, not s*********d. Damien’s treatment of rogues was barbaric and ancient. Packs didn’t just k**l Rogues anymore, and it was frowned upon to do so. A lot of the rogues that existed were rogue because their pack had fallen or because they were running from their mates. Unfortunately, not all mates were good, but it was rare other than those two reasons for them to be rogues anymore. Wolves had strength in numbers and enjoyed being a part of a pack, so most wouldn’t jeopardize being kicked out. Yes, there were bad rogues out there, those that had gone insane for being on their own for so long, or those that had been banished but we had jails like the humans had. Other ways now of dealing with rogues other than just slaughtering them.

Damien growled, taking a step forward. His Alpha aura was intimidating and even though it wasn’t directed at the rest of the pack but at me, they all turned their necks up in submission. I felt my legs falter, wanting to give into him. But Layla refused, fighting against him. When she couldn’t do it any more, she was forced to shift under the pressure of his Alpha aura falling over us. I gritted my teeth through the pain as I shifted back. Damien growled louder when I shifted, but I refused to move away from the fallen rogue. The rogue now looking around and realising I was the only reason he hasn’t been ripped apart, he laid still as I was crouched over him protectively. I didn’t even have time to be worried about my nudity in front of the entire pack, not caring as long as I could protect him. Layla was stirring nervously in my head. Her wolf instincts were telling her to submit but they weren’t as strong over me as I wasn’t fully connected with my wolf. I couldn’t feel the power rolling over her unless in wolf form with her.

Damien snapped his jaws at me, stepping closer, and I flinched at the viciousness

“No” My voice rings loud and clear throughout the entire park. I see Tabitha drop to her knees out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn’t pay attention to her when I was currently staring down my mate’s beast. He took a step forward, dropping his head and baring his teeth. Goosebumps rose on my skin at the pure anger radiating out of him with the menacing growl that escaped him.

“You k**l him Darian, I will reject you” I said, speaking to his wolf. He stopped, and I felt Layla whimper in my head, not agreeing with my words, but I knew she wouldn’t go against me on this. Darian must have realised because he took a step back, hurt shining in his eyes. I look around and see everyone’s eyes on us, watching the showdown. Spotting the two warriors who dragged Tabitha away, I glare at them and they drop their heads.

“Let her go” I yell to them. She was already on the ground, but they hadn’t let her go. They both looked at the Alpha worriedly at me, commanding them over him. He growled but nodded and Tabitha ran towards me. I stepped away from her mate and she dropped over him, her hands shaking as she worried over his injured form. Damien growled, stepping forward and gripping my wrist with his mouth. I pulled my hand from him before looking at the pack warriors.

“Help her get him to the infirmary now,” I order, and they run over. Tabitha looks at me with a look I had never seen on her face before. I nod to her tear-stricken face and she follows after them.

I hear Darian growl, watching as they take away the rogue. He goes to step around me, and I step in front of him. I glare at him warningly before he growls and I see him shift, Damien staring down at me angrily. I step back under his intense gaze. He grips my elbow and yanks me forward. His n***d body pressed against mine. I suddenly become self-conscious now that I am standing n***d in a park, but one growl from Damien and everyone diverts their gaze.

He yanks me toward the Pack house. Pushing the door open with so much force it smashes into the wall, the doorknob cracking through the wall. I stumble through the door nearly tripping except for Damien’s grip on my elbow, the only thing keeping me upright. I am suddenly shoved into the wall. Damien’s arms coming down beside my head as he leans his entire body into mine, towering over me. A m*******s anger painted on his face at me challenging him in front of his pack.