Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Lily POV

We drove to the forest edge and I could feel Layla pressing under my skin excitedly, eager to be let free to roam around and feel the wind in her fur, her paws digging deep into the soil and running with her mate. Damien pulled the car over, hopping out and wasted no time before stripping his shirt off. I watched his hardened muscles move under his skin with each movement he made.

I couldn’t help but wonder how he was covered in scars, though. Tattoo’s cover most of his skin at the front hiding them, yet his back was riddled with long gashes. The only thing I figured out was they had to have been done before he had his wolf because they would have healed without leaving the scars behind.

“Am I the only one getting n***d” He asked, turning to face me, catching me gawking like a creep. I felt my face heat as his eyes looked at me, a smirk on his lips, making me turn away. I pulled my shirt off before dumping it on the bonnet of the car.

“You first” I said, pointing to his pants. He proudly dropped his pants, placing his hands on his hips, showing his manhood off proudly. I raised an eyebrow at his pose.

“Well, someone is not shy at all” I tell him.

“What’s there to be shy about, Love. You are mine and I am yours now lose the pants” He said walking over before tugging on my belt and undoing it.

After a few seconds we were both standing awkwardly n***d out in the open. Well, I was standing awkwardly while he seemed quite content in the nude.

“Can you turn around?” I ask, not wanting him to see me shift.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before” He says before putting his hand up in surrender and turning around.

I crouch on the ground digging my fingers into the soil, my claws coming out leaving marks in the soft earth. I feel my bones rearrange and shift into my wolf. Layla pushing forward and taking control. She shakes out her fur before stretching. Damien turns back around to face us.

“Layla” He says before stepping closer and running his fingers through her fur. Layla rubs her body against his hip and legs, loving the feel of him touching her fur.

“Geez Layla, what are you a cat, stop rubbing yourself on him. God, you’re embarrassing sometimes”

“One more comment Lily and I will start purring”

“Yuck now stop that, focus you’re here to run not dry hump him” I tell her, and she steps back away from him. Though Damien didn’t seem to mind, in fact by the look on his face, he found it amusing.

Layla grabbed his hand with her muzzle, wanting him to shift. He stepped back.

“Want to race to the river, think you could find it?” He asked, staring down at us. Layla nodded her head before taking off, not even waiting for him to shift. I heard him say something about her cheating, but Layla was fast moving at blinding speed as she zipped in and out of the trees.

I heard Damien catching up behind us, hearing his paws hitting the dirt with a soft thud.

“Faster Layla, don’t let them beat us” I tell her, and she pushed herself harder, leaving them both behind. After a few minutes, she slowed to a jog. Sniffing the earth, finding her way to the river. After about twenty minutes of running, we finally found it. Layla went over and had a drink before laying on the bank.

“Goddess, they’re slow” She whined. I agreed they were taking their sweet a*s time. After about ten minutes, though, Layla got up looking around. A sense of unease rolling over us, I felt like we were being watched, Layla feeling the same unsettling feeling.

She sniffed the air, trying to pick up a scent, yet nothing smelt off. Heading back to the tree line, we went to search for Damien. Just before we got there, we were suddenly tackled from behind. Layla growled loudly, going into attack mode before realising it was Darian. I felt her relax before pouncing on him.

“You gave me a heart attack?” She tells him. Before jumping on him and tackling him to the ground. They wrestle for a bit before Darian lays down. Hearing his voice in her head was weird. His voice was a lot deeper, but it was like trying to listen to someone speak underwater. I wondered if this is what Layla hears when in human form. Layla rests her head on her paws before Darian places his head on hers.

Layla seems very calm with him beside her, and we almost feel like the same person in a weird way, more connected. Darian gets up and has a drink, Layla following when he is finished, she pounces on him wanting to play. They play for a bit before I suddenly start getting nervous.

“Layla settle down please stop licking him you’re making me feel sick” I tell her, she ignores me licking his face knocking him over.

“Layla, you are not doing this with me present. I don’t want to lose my virginity in wolf form and I certainly don’t want to lose my virginity virtually. Get off him” I scream to her before trying to plead with Darian, who seemed to sense my discomfort. Darian suddenly shifted underneath her. Damien sat up while she l****d his face.

“Layla, give me back control” I demand, and she whines loudly.

“Layla, please you promised not to take over” She whines again. This is so embarrassing. I mentally facepalm myself.

“Layla, Lily wants control back” Damien tells her, grabbing her face and before I knew it, she shifted back angry and I found myself sitting on top of Damien straddling him, my face now in his hands.

I went to get off of him, feeling a little embarrassed by her behaviour. Damien’s hands moving to my hips, forcing me to remain on his lap.

“I am so sorry” I mutter averting my eyes.

“It’s fine Lily, she just wants to mate because we haven’t, she will settle down once I mark you” He says.

I look at him, mark me? I don’t want to be marked.

“I don’t want to be marked Damien” I whisper, and I feel Layla growl angrily in my head. Damien grips my face, making me look at him.

“Why? Is it because of Tabitha?” He asks. To be honest, she was part of my reasoning, but my old beliefs were the main one. I wasn’t mate material. I don’t want the pressures of being a pack leader or Luna.

“No, not entirely. I just can’t be your Luna Damien” I tell him honestly.

“Why you’re a natural at it, you could have got back at Tabitha and let me k**l her mate, yet you didn’t. You also could have hurt her when you found out she is carrying my child, yet you didn’t even though you hate her, you still put her wellbeing above your own wants. That to me is a Luna Lily”

“No, Damien, that’s just being a decent person. I don’t want any harm to come to anyone, definitely not an innocent baby”

“How about you mark me then and later, I can mark you once you decide?”

“No, if I reject you Damien you will forever be tied to me if I mark you” I tell him before trying to get up only to be pulled back down on top of him again.

“I only want you Lily,” He says, kissing me. His tongue brushing my bottom lip, looking for entry. I part my lips and feel his tongue playing with mine before I kiss him back. He g****s before rolling so he is now on top of me between my legs.

I m**n into his mouth when I feel his hard length pressing against my c**t. His lips leave mine before going to my neck, then to my b****t as he s***s my n****e into his mouth. My back arches as he bites down on it before soothing it with his tongue. His hands leaving goosebumps on my skin as I become engulfed in tingles from the mate bond.

When he suddenly stops and g****s, annoyed.

“What?” I ask as I watch his eyes go to the tree’s.

“S**t come on, the border patrol are on their way out here” He says standing up and holding his hand out. I grab his hand and let him pull me up.

“You need to shift. I don’t want my men looking at you n***d” He says.

“Race you home?” I ask.

“I have to get my car,” He says.

“Well then looks like we are going to find out what’s faster, Layla or your pretty car” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“It’s manly, not pretty. You seriously think you can beat me home on foot?” He asks, a devious smile on his lips.

“Why are you worried?”

“No, fine then. I win, I get to mark you” He says, holding out his hand. I look at his hand before I feel Layla get excited over the bet.

“And If I win?” I ask.

“What do you want?” He asks. “I can think of a few things he can do” Layla purrs and I chuckle at her.

“Layla has some ideas” I chuckle.

“I may like Layla’s ideas though, what makes you think I won’t let you win then”

“I have a funny feeling you don’t like being beaten” I tell him, grabbing his hand.

“Deal then, you can’t go back on your word though. I win you let me mark you” I hesitate for a second and Layla perks up.

“I got this Lily, trust me. I can outrun his mustang; besides we can take short cuts he can’t” I smile, that’s my girl.

“Deal” We both shift and take off. We ran together for a bit before splitting off in different directions.