Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 36

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 36

Lily POV

“I am going to do more than growl at you in a minute”

My eyes snap open going to his, and I can see the glint in his eye. He redresses my wound and I have become startling sober all of a sudden. Layla pushed beneath my skin and her anger b****d into me. Making my hair stand on end.

“What does he mean?” I ask her and she growls in my head angrily.

“He is going to mark us, Darian is fuming and so is he” She spits out. My blood runs cold at her words and adrenaline pumps through my veins. Rolling onto my back, he sits back before pulling the towel out from under me. His demeanour is calmly cold as he dumps the towel on the bed and rolls up the gauze and soiled bandages in the towel before dumping it on the floor beside him.

His warm hands run up my t****s and I shiver from the tingles spreading up my legs from his touch, his hands moving up hips before he grips them. And I know she is right. His fingers dug painfully into my skin. When I see him move closer, his eyes turn to pitch black orbs, the eyes of his beast and he looks more like a predator about to devour its prey.

My reaction time was a little sluggish but effective as I brought my foot up kicking him in the face. His head snapping back as the force throws him off the bed. His hands clutching his face and he shakes his head before a menacing growl rumbles through his chest.

Rolling off the bed, I run for the door. Damien’s hand snaking out just as I grip the door handle, his hand wrapping around my ankle and I am ripped onto the floor, the impact knocking the air from lungs with an oomph as I grunt at the sudden impact.

Damien rips me toward him before pressing his weight onto me, and effectively trapping me before pushing between my legs and holding my wrists above my head, pressing them into the soft carpet. His tight grip cutting off the circulation in my hands as I struggle to get them free.

His face moving closer before I felt his breath against my lips. “Struggle all you want, I warned you not to provoke me” He says, his lips so close I could feel them moving against my own. Panic seizing me so I do the only thing I hope will work, distraction.

Closing the distance I kiss him, he doesn’t react at first and I feel him smile against my lips before he kisses me back hungrily, his tongue plunging into my mouth warm and forceful as he tasted every inch of my mouth, making me m**n into his as he pressed himself into me. Getting lost in the feel of his body pressed against mine, yet his grip never waivers. Damien suddenly smiles against my lips before pulling back and looking down at me, his eyes still the black of his beast and I know it didn’t work.

“Nice try” He says before dropping his face into the crook of my neck, his canines extending and puncturing my skin. His teeth sink into my flesh deeply and I scream at the sudden pain before I feel lightheaded, drowsiness washing over me then I feel my surroundings getting duller as darkness pulls me under into the depths of unconsciousness.

Damien’s Pov

Lily lay unconscious on the floor, my mark etched into her skin. Running my tongue over it I seal it and she shivers in her sleep. Darian feels content as the mate bond settles over us and I feel the buzz as our souls entwine and I feel her emotions rush into me forging a teether between us. She was completely out cold and the only thing I could feel on her end was exhaustion.

Marking takes a toll on any she-wolf but an Alpha’s mark is stronger, knocking them out until they start to heal. Lily’s scar on her face heals instantly as my strength bleeds into her through the bond and her wolf starts healing her now having the strength to do so.

“She won’t be able to hide from us any more” Darian says proudly admiring our mark through my eyes that is red and angry on her pale skin.

“You say that now, but she will wake up and she is going to be furious”

“She will forgive us, Layla wanted this. She just wanted Lily to before we marked her”

“Well too late now, she is officially ours” I tell him, scooping Lily’s slumped body into my arms and placing her on the bed. Stripping my clothes off, I hop in the shower before climbing in bed beside her. Just as my head hits the pillow, my phone rings loudly. Grabbing it off the nightstand, I unlock it and read the message David sent.

David : All good on my end and ready to go. Did you mark her?

Me: Marked and see you tomorrow with reinforcements. I reply a few seconds later, my phone dings again with his reply.

David: Good! Hate to be you in the morning, good luck with that.

I chuckle before turning my phone on silent. David and I had spoken earlier in the day, and he insisted with Kade being on the loose that I needed to mark her whether or not she wanted me to. Darian also agreed, but I feared her wrath in the morning.

“We should probably bail first thing in the morning before she wakes,” Darian said.

“Why are you scared of her” I chuckle at my wolf now wimping out.

“Not Lily, but Layla is a force to be reckoned with”

“We will be fine, what’s the worst she can do?” I tell him, though I feel his unease through the bond. Deciding to set my alarm just in case. Maybe it is better she wakes up and I am not here. She might calm down before I have to deal with her.

Laying on my side I pull Lily against me, feeling the tingles of the bond rush over me as her skin comes in contact with mine. Relishing the contact because I know when she wakes up she won’t be letting me near her for a while.