Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 47

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 47

  Lily POV

  Hours ticked by slowly and I lost all sense of time, I gave up any hope of ever getting out of this room. Damien didn’t allow anyone in the room after that night. Damien would come in and try to get me to eat, but I would refuse. I could feel his sadness through the bond, which only angered me more.

  He put me in this situation and he can take me out of it, yet he hasn’t and probably won’t. Natalia has kept me company, even Callie talking to me through the mind-link. I never really paid much attention, too lost in my thoughts about how everything turned horribly wrong.

  How he could accuse us of doing something Layla had no memory of. She didn’t even know what his mother looked like. I could feel her thoughts plaguing her as well, as she tried to remember anything, tried to recall every little detail of that night in question, but she only remembers seeing Ryker and hearing a noise outside. Nothing other than that.

  Hearing the door locks turning, I look to the door expecting to find Damien entering. My face not even hiding my shock when I see Tabitha rush in with Natalia.

  “We have to be quick before he gets back” Tabitha says, rushing to my side and undoing the restraints while Natalia does the same on her side.

  My muscles aching from barely being used as I stand up. Tabitha wraps an arm around my waist pulling me against her and I feel Natalia pulling jeans over my b**e legs before she undoes the ties that hold the hospital gown together. Pulling it down my arms and I am standing topless in front of them. Tabitha helps her lift the shirt over my head while letting me lean on her.

  “Quick, we need to hurry” Natalia says, going over and opening the door and I suddenly feel the mind-Link open up. Callie’s voice running through my head.

  “I’m on my way” I hear her say before Tabitha tell’s her to hurry. Getting to the stairs, I looked down at them, worried about how they were going to help me walk down them, without all of us falling down.

  “Why are you helping me?” I ask, looking at Tabitha.

  “Because you’re my Luna and I owe you for saving my daughter’s life and my mates. And I won’t let Damien ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him. Especially for that c**t he calls a mother” She says and I wonder what she knows of Damien’s past that would cause the anger I could hear in her voice. Tabitha and Natalia help me step down the first three steps. Suddenly the door opens and we all freeze, our eyes snapping to the door and I feel my heart rate spike. Max and Callie walk in and I feel relief flood me.

  Max rushes up the steps toward us, “Sorry Luna, but we need to be quick” He says scooping me up and walking down the stairs with me before placing me down on the ground. Natalia races up, closing my prison door, while Callie and Tabitha help me walk towards the door.

  Max opens it wide so we can step outside. The sun is blasting my face and I can smell fresh air for the first time in days. I squint at the bright light heating my skin.

  “Where are we going?” I ask.

  “We haven’t quite thought that far ahead yet, it was the first time Damien left the pack house. We saw an opportunity, so we took it” Tabitha explains.

  “Head to my place” She says looking over at Callie. We make our way down the driveway towards the park when I hear the familiar sound of Damien’s car driving up the street. He clearly wasn’t expecting to find me escaping as the car skids to a stop, barely missing us.

  The look of pure anger on his face makes Callie whimper beside me, but Tabitha has a look of pure determination on her face and so does Natalia. Max places himself between Callie and I as Damien steps out of the car. His fists clenched tightly by his sides and I see the muscles in his jaw clench. A look I realised meant he was furious. He slams his car door before stalking toward us. Max puts himself between us and I see him flinch, waiting for Damien to do something.

  “Move Max” He warns him. Max shakes his head and I see Tatum running over from the park toward us. Tatum rushes over, positioning himself next to Max blocking Damien from getting closer.

  “I will only warn you once more, Move “ He screams using his Alpha voice. Max and Tatum fight against him, sweat beading on both of them, and their facial expressions look pained as his command rolls over them and it forces them to step aside.

  Tabitha then steps forward, letting me go, and I grip onto Callie for dear life as I feel my legs wobble underneath me.

  Tabitha jabs Damien in the chest with her finger. “You dare lock our Luna up and chain her to a bed like a f*****g dog. Every time your mother comes here, you roll over for her, every f*****g time Damien. Why do you seek her approval, huh? What the f**k has she done to earn it beside nearly have her son f*****g k****d”

  Damien grabs her wrist, shoving her away and reaching for me, when I suddenly hear bones snapping. Tabitha shifting in pure rage as she bows her head, her teeth b***d.

  “Stand down, Tabitha” He growls at her, Tabitha’s voice booming through the mindlink and I cringe at how loud her voice is.

  “I will not watch you treat her like this, how are you so blinded to see what your mother is doing. Layla doesn’t even know your mother. What would she possibly have against her, Damien. Think! You are going to ruin your chances at having a mate. Layla has had every chance to attack the pack, and she hasn’t. You really believe she would just randomly k**l three of our men?”

  “I know what I saw” Damien growls, ripping me out of Callie’s arms and tugging me against him. I feel Layla trying to take over and shift, but the amount of tranquilizers in our system made it impossible.

  “We didn’t do it” I tell him pleading with him, I see his eyes soften as he gazes down at me before I feel him harden his resolve, pushing any feelings he has for me aside. Damien tries to drag me back to the car when suddenly Tabitha lunges at him and I am tossed to the ground. Her voice echoing loudly through everyone’s head as she pins him down. I watch as Damien’s entire body shakes and I know he wants to shift.

  “Darian won’t let them shift,” Layla says happily when she realises he is trying to help. Damien growls low before tossing her off. Tatum and Max shifting, their clothes ripping to shreds as they block him from getting to me.

  Tabitha suddenly shifts back, standing in all her n***d glory, and I see Callie peel her shirt off, leaving her standing in just a bra and pants. Tabitha pulls the shirt on and I find I am not even jealous of her standing in front of him n***d.

  “We won’t let you do this, You have always looked after your Pack Damien. Always been a great Alpha to us, protected us. But every time that poisonous woman walks in here you fold, what are you clinging onto. She was willing to let her Mate sell Natalia, forcing her to watch as your father k****d her mate for trying to save you, the woman who raised you. Watched you be beaten within an inch of your life. Don’t feel guilty for her, for what she endured at his hands. She could have stopped it. Goddess knows I would lay my life down in a heartbeat for my daughter, she should have done that for you. No matter what she has done, you still love her, still willing to throw your happiness away for her, and for what? She will not be the mother you wanted and I won’t stand by and watch you throw away the best thing that has walked into your life”

  Damien chuckled before stepping forward threateningly. “Coming from the woman who hated her own Luna, where was your love for her when she first showed up here? Huh Tabitha. Don’t pretend to give a s**t about Lily now”

  “That’s because I was selfish Damien, I couldn’t see past my own jealousy, I won’t make that mistake again and none of us will let you ruin this pack for the sake of that b***h you think is your mother” Tabitha spat at him.

  “And how are you going to stop me?” He says, stepping forward. Growls came from everywhere and I didn’t even see anyone coming over, too busy watching what was happening directly in front of me. Wolves suddenly appeared from everywhere as they circled around us.

  “Like I said Damien, we won’t watch you treat her like this, won’t let you throw her away. So you either let her come with me until you can see f*****g clearly and pray she forgives you. Or” She waves around to all the wolves and they all growl at him. Damien looks at them, yet I don’t see an ounce of fear in him. He knows he could take them all on and still come out just fine, yet I can feel he doesn’t want to hurt his own pack. And I doubt Darian would even let him shift as I feel his agreement with Tabitha’s words.

  “So what is it going to be Alpha” Tabitha says, stepping closer.

  “Don’t make the same mistakes your parents did, don’t let this pack fall for Estella. You know she couldn’t have done this, you’re just to blind to see it. Lily Loves you, even if she won’t admit, we can all see it. Just like we can see you love her. Now move aside”

  “I can command you,” He says, looking at all of them.

  “But you won’t, you know we are right Damien” Natalia says, stepping forward and touching his arm. He looks down at her hand.

  “You’re better than this, son. Better than them, don’t make the same mistakes your father did. Your mother was never yours to protect Damien, she was meant to protect you. She is just stirring trouble like she always does. Why would this time be any different” Damien looks at her and I can see the hurt in his eyes and feel that he doesn’t like being referred to as his father.

  Damien steps past her, and I thought at first he was going to grab me again. Instead, he walks over before bending down and brushing my hair out of my face, his eyes watching my face. I feel his longing through the bond and also his own churning anguish over his mother. He kisses my head before standing and walking off heading behind the pack house and I know he is going to shift and try to run his thoughts off. Tabitha and Natalia let out the breath they were both holding.

  “Come on, let’s take her to my place,” Tabitha says, pulling me up. Tatum suddenly shifts before walking over and picking me up. Taking me from her. We walk toward Tabitha’s house and I can hear the entire pack’s voices in my head asking if I am okay and for the first time I can feel, they truly think of me as one of them, as their Luna or they wouldn’t have just risked their lives for me.

  And to think I thought I had daddy issues, but at least my father changed to be a better man. Clearly though, Damien had his own issues, one’s he needed to work out before I would ever stand by his side.