Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

Lily POV

I went home and freshened up, taking a shower before finding some clothes to wear to the party. I quickly did my hair and make-up before rushing out of the pack house. Only to stop when I ran out of the Pack house and straight into my father. He turned around an amused expression on his face.

“Where are you going kiddo?”

“To hang out with Amber,” I told him, giving him my best innocent smile. He looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a tartan mini skirt and a black singlet. I thought I looked fine, apparently not.

“Not like that you’re not” What? Since when did he care what I wore? I went to walk past him, but his hand grabbed my arm.

“Go put something else on, I won’t have you looking like a tramp around the Alpha” Excuse me, he did not just call me a tramp.

“Let me at him” I heard Layla pop her head up, aggression being her favourite emotion. “Shut up Layla, this is my dad” I told her.

“Lily I mean it. Go change now” He can’t be serious, and which b****y Alpha? Reid doesn’t give a rats a**e what I wear. “Which Alpha?” I asked him.

“Alpha Damien Lily, now go change; he won’t like seeing you walking around with unmated wolves wearing that”

“I thought he left and what’s it to him what I wear? I will wear what I want. I don’t have to impress some Alpha Dad, that’s why I stepped down remember”

I heard him growl, annoyed at the attitude I was giving him. Usually, my father was a piece of cake to work around now, he was acting all different. I wonder what got under his skin.

“Either change or you’re not going, Alpha Damien is staying until after your Eighteenth birthday. I don’t want you embarrassing me” Embarrassing him, and since when did he start liking Alpha Damien? His father and mine were constantly at each other’s throats when I was kid, so why the sudden worry of what he will think?

“Is that what he wanted to speak to you about?” I asked curious as to why he suddenly wanted to stay and not go back to his own territory.

“Yes, among other things. Now get changed or get inside, choose” I pouted annoyed before stomping back into the house. I quickly changed my skirt to a pair of jeans before running out once again, grabbing my car keys off the hall stand. Seeing my father still lingering on the front porch, I walked up to him.

“Better? Can I go now?”

“Yes, but b****y behave and no driving drunk” S**t he knew me too well, he knew I wasn’t going to hang with Amber, well technically I was just not at her place. But at least he is still letting me go. I wonder why my father was suddenly trying to impress Alpha Damien.

I drove to Aria’s Packhouse. I honked the horn twice, and Amber ran out, unfortunately so did Aria no doubt to give me a scolding and tell me what a bad influence I was being and yadda yadda. Amber had her black curly hair in a high ponytail and was wearing jeans and a blouse. What the f**k? Why is she wearing a blouse? I have never seen her dressed like this for a party. The look on her face showed she wasn’t impressed over her attire. She hopped in the car looking just as irritated as me about having to change.

“Let me guess your father pitched a fit too”

“No, actually your sister did” She said, folding her arms over her chest and pouting. I went to put the car into gear when suddenly Aria was at my window. Reaching in, she pulled my keys out of the ignition. For real this can’t be happening, what is it with everybody today.

“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it. So, what do you want Aria?”

“Don’t use that tone with me Lily, you’re in enough trouble, I told you no more partying” I looked at Amber and she had a guilty look on her face. I knew she gave us away.

“Can I have my keys back?” I said, holding my hand out expectantly.

“Not so fast, if you’re going out, you can take Alpha Damien with you” She said leaning in and looking at me.

“Excuse me I stood down, remember , and what’s he going to do at a party full of teenagers, he’s like forty years old. I am not babysitting no Alpha”

“A Very f*****g hot forty” Layla said her voice echoing in my head before she started purring. “You are not purring right now Layla, what is wrong with you?”

“He isn’t forty he is twenty- five, and this isn’t an option, either he goes with you or you both stay here” she said looking between Amber and me

“I stood down Aria, so I didn’t have to deal with Alpha’s. I sure as h**l don’t want to hang with one” I yelled, my voice getting louder than I expected. Suddenly the back door of my car opened. And in hopped Alpha Damien. He no longer wore a suit but just jeans and a blue shirt, his muscles bulging showing off his tattoos.

“Well choose Lily I haven’t got all day; you want to stand down as Alpha, I won’t agree unless I see for myself why” He said leaning forward and waiting for my answer.

“That’s why you want to hang out with a bunch of teenagers” I didn’t mean to yell my emotions heightened by Layla acting like she was about to swoon at the sight of him, which only angered me. Why is she acting like that?

“Fine, but you annoy me once and I will leave your a*s behind”

Aria handed my keys back. I snatched them from her hand and put them in the ignition and started my car. I started driving towards Brent’s place when Amber nudged me with her elbow. I glanced in the rear-view mirror. Alpha Damien was watching me, a smirk on his face. I quickly looked back to the road.

“Brent is going to lose it if we bring an Alpha to his house” I nodded in agreement. Brent definitely wouldn’t like that, he was such a kiss a*s around Alpha’s, but I still liked him. Not like I could be choosy with very few friends. It’s not like they were lined up wanting to be around me.

“Well, what do you want to do?” I asked looking toward her before looking at the road again.

“Shaun wants to meet at the waterfalls, we could go there”

“I hate being a third wheel” I huffed. Amber chuckled before turning her phone screen on.

“Fine, but what about him?” I said looking back in the mirror only to find his eyes still watching me carefully listening, but not giving anything away. I felt a shiver run up my spine and I didn’t know if it was Layla or the Alpha that suddenly made me anxious.

“S**t I forgot, umm I don’t know then”

“Message Brent and see if we can move the party to the waterfalls, then we won’t be at anyone’s house and no one should feel uncomfortable” Amber nodded and started making phone calls. The light was starting to go down and night rising as we pulled up at the forest edge. Amber immediately ducked behind a tree before shifting and walking back out to me with her clothes in her mouth. I grabbed them and tucked them into my bag. I could already hear people in the forest in wolf form making their way to the waterfalls.

“Want me to walk with you?” Amber mind-linked looking toward the Alpha nervously.

“Nol go ahead I will be fine” I told her. Making sure I was speaking out loud, so I wasn’t being rude in front of the Alpha.

When Alpha Damien got out of the car, he walked over to me.

“You’re not going to shift too,” He asked, looking at me. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to k**l me or kiss me. The look he was giving me was intense. I shrugged “Don’t need to, it isn’t that far” I told him.

“Don’t want to or are you too scared to?” He asked, stepping closer. I took a step back. Ignoring his question, I started hiking up the hill. His question bothered me; he was right. I couldn’t afford to let her out, though I know she longed for it. I was surprised when he fell in step with me, not even bothering to shift which would be faster. I knew he would be able to find his way by following everyone’s scent.

“You don’t have to walk with me, just go ahead”

“I know I don’t, but I want to” I glanced at him, he reached forward grabbing my bag and throwing it over his shoulder. I let him take the bag. It took us about twenty minutes to walk up the hill and through all the shrubs and rocky terrain. I loved this place. It was quiet the only sounds of the birds and the waterfall that ran into the lake. Which is where we were headed. The Alpha didn’t speak but I could feel him watching me, even caught him glancing in my direction a few times only for him to look away. When we made it to the top, the party was in full swing already which was a little surprising considering we only changed venues an hour ago.

But Brent was always ready and prepared for anything so a slight change of plans would have been easy for him.

Music was blaring and wolves were dancing or swimming in the water, some just lingering on the water’s edge watching, everyone stepped out of our way as we walked over toward my favourite tree. I was used to the stares by now and Alpha Damien didn’t seem fazed by their whispers and gawking eyes. I knew everyone was shocked to see an Alpha here, which is funny to see their shock because I am also an Alpha, yet they never looked at me like I was their superior, they looked at me like I was crazy and dangerous but not like I was their superior.

Yet a few like Brent, Shaun and Amber knew me well enough that I didn’t feel out of place. It was no secret that I was the strange one, yet everyone’s fear of my wolf kept them from being mean directly to my face or had them avert their gazes when I would catch them staring a little too long.

I sat under the tree, Alpha Damien sitting next to me, he draped his arms over his knee which made him look even more imposing and less approachable. Brent, seeing that I had arrived, walked over before taking a step back when he felt the aura of Alpha Damien, bowing his head in a sign of submission. Alpha Damien glared at him. Brent glanced at me with a what the f**k you bring him here look.

I smiled apologetically before Brent straightened. His eyes are not even daring to look in the Alpha’s direction out of fear. I didn’t get that vibe off him being Alpha myself. Yet I wasn’t blind to the way everyone was looking at him out of fear. Brent tousled his thick brown hair; he was wearing board shorts and a singlet. He looked tiny compared to the Alpha sitting beside me and scrawny even though he was pretty muscled himself.

“Hey Lil, come get a drink with me” He said, holding his hand out towards me. I grabbed it letting him pull me to my feet, only to be ripped back down again by Alpha Damien. I landed in between his legs, his arms wrapped around my shoulders holding me in place, the growl coming from him made me shiver. Brent paled before taking off. B****y chicken.

I turned to face Damien and he unwrapped his arms from around me letting me go only to grab my wrist.

“What the f**k did you do that for?” I snapped at him. He still had hold of my wrist.

“I don’t want him touching you” He said simply like it was the most logical answer.