Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 55

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 55

  Lily POV

  Who would have thought that this morning everything was fine and now everything had turned to s**t. Damien never said anything about the possibility of Kade being his father. It was like he didn’t know how to process that information. We quickly changed and went back out to help the rest of the Pack with the clean up before dragging ourselves back inside just on dark.

  My phone vibrates in my back pocket. Looking at the screen Damien growled when he saw who was calling before taking it from me and rejecting the call.

  “Seriously it could have been urgent” I tell him, taking my phone from him.

  “If it was urgent Aria would ring you” Damien says before storming off up the stairs. My phone starts ringing again and Brent’s name appears on my screen, I turn it off. I didn’t feel like arguing with my mate and if it was anything important, Aria has Damien’s phone number to ring.

  Tossing my phone in the bowl on the hallway stand, I walk upstairs looking for Damien. Finding him in the bathroom, I watch as he strips off his clothes before hopping under the water. I strip mine off before stepping in under the water and wrapping my arms around his waist from behind. He tenses for a few seconds before relaxing.

  “Sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you, just been one hellish day” He says before placing his head under the stream and resting his hands on the wall. I kiss his back before moving in front of him. I could feel his mixed emotions through the bond, he felt sad that his mother was d**d even though she was horrid, then confused about Kade and worried for his pack and lastly worried about me.

  Reaching up, I wrap my arms around his neck wanting to make him feel better. I kiss him and he doesn’t react. I kiss him harder and he g****s, gripping my hip pulling me flush against him, reaching between us I grab his b***s tugging on them and he stops kissing me leaning back instead and looking down at me and I could feel his annoyance through the bond making me wonder what he was thinking.

  “Don’t play with me Lily, it isn’t funny” He growls annoyed before stepping away from me.

  “Who said I was playing, but if you don’t want to that’s fine, geez” I tell him, going to turn away from him when I suddenly feel myself slammed into the shower wall, his hands gripping my waist and I wrap my legs around him. His lips moving to my neck as he hungrily devours my flesh. Gripping his hair, I pull his head back before kissing him, I was not losing my virginity against a shower wall.

  Damien’s hands moved to my b*****s and he groaned into my mouth, his tongue brushing mine as he fought for dominance. I chuckle slightly at his eagerness. His hands grabbing anything and everything. Layla purring in my head loudly at our mate’s closeness. Wriggling my hips against him, he g****s and I can feel his hard length rubbing against my slit, arousal flooding into me and I m**n at the friction and my stomach tightens, my core pulsating in anticipation when the water starts to go cold. Damien g****s before placing me back on my feet and I huff annoyed.

  “We have all night, let’s finish showering first, before the hot water runs out and you have blood all through your hair” He says kissing my head.

  Damien helps me wash and I can feel his c**k against my back, I push my a*s against him and he growls before stepping out and walking in the room. I finally finished washing the rest of the mud and blood from my hair just as the water turns cold. Stepping out, I wrap my towel around myself and walk into the room, Damien was out cold and d**d to the world.

  “Is he for real, the one time you are willing and he passes out on us, and he told you not to tease him?” Layla growls in my head.

  “Stop whining, I am the one now left all hot and bothered” I tell her. Grabbing my clothes, I slip them on and climb in next to him. Layla growling angrily in my head.

  “You’re not the only one, Lily, ”

  “Well, nothing I can do about it” I growled back at her. Layla perks up and I feel her devious mind putting d***y images in my head.

  “Layla, what are you doing?”

  “Nothing” she says when I suddenly feel her take control slightly and she forces my hand in my pants.

  “Ew Layla no, I am not doing that with you in my head” I tell her as I fight for control to remove my goddamn hand from my body.

  “Come on Lily, I reckon I could do quite a good Damien voice impersonation, I can whisper sweet nothings in your head using his husky voice,” She says trying to make her voice sound manly, which to me sounds demonic.

  “Goodnight, Layla,” I tell her.

  “Humph you’re no fun” She says and I feel her stalking off to the back of my mind.


  The next morning I wake to hands roaming over my body, sparks spreading across everywhere his hands touch. My eyes fluttering open and I m**n at the feel of his hand gliding over my hip, Damien tugs me against him and I can feel his e******n pressing against me. His lips go to my neck and I lean into him before gripping his hip. I feel him chuckle before he rolls me onto my back before pushing his knee between my legs, forcing them apart and climbing between them.

  He sits on his knees before tugging my pyjama shorts down, peeling them off before settling himself between my legs. He kisses my lips down to my chin, to my neck, s*****g and nibbling on my skin. I feel Layla jumping in my head and coming forward.

  “What I miss” She says and I know Damien must be able to feel her so close to the surface.

  “Morning Layla” He chuckles against my neck. I shove her back, laughing to myself. Damien continues his slow torture and I wrap my legs around his waist trying to tug him to me, only making him go slower as he devours my skin. I m**n when he bites down on my n****e before s*****g it into his mouth, Damien’s lips travelling down my sides before I feel him kiss and s**k on the inside of my t***h. Damien growls and I know he can smell how turned on I am.

  I feel his breath on my core before I feel his tongue l**k my slit, his hands gripping my hips, forcing my legs further apart. His tongue swirling around my c**t before he s***s on it. My hips buck against his face and his grip tightens holding me still as I m**n loudly, my stomach tightening as arousal floods me. Damien slides a finger inside me and I feel him growl which vibrates against me and my walls clench down on his finger, he slides it in and out before adding another, his mouth devouring me and I feel my skin heat and my stomach tighten. I am so close, so close.

  “Come for me, Lily. I want to taste you on my tongue” Damien says before s*****g my c**t into his mouth and I shatter. My entire body goes tense and my p***y clenches his fingers, my hips moving as my body convulses, m*****g loudly as my o****m washes over me in waves. Damien slows down, letting me ride out my o****m before he kisses the inside of my t***h.

  Wrapping my legs around his waist, I tug him forward, his lips smashing into mine and I can taste myself on his tongue. His c**k rubbing between my wet folds and he growls before rolling his hips against me, making me m**n into his mouth.

  Damien positions himself at my entrance before his fingers move to my c**t rubbing it in circles and I move my hips against him wanting him to sink his hard length into my heat. When suddenly we hear car doors slamming loudly and a man and a woman arguing. Making us both freeze.

  “Aria?” I say, looking at the clock on the nightstand. It’s barely 7 a.m. Damien growls annoyed before climbing off me and I quickly get up, running into the walk in and grabbing the first things my hands land on. I can hear Aria and Reid arguing loudly out the front. Damien walks in before chucking on a pair of pants. Looking over at him, he is trying to adjust himself.

  “What the f**k am I going to do with this” He says looking down annoyed at being c**k blocked. I shrug before walking out of the room and heading down the stairs. One of the kids rings the doorbell constantly, the noise ringing loudly through the house.

  “I’m coming hang on a sec” I tell them, racing to the door and throwing it open. Alana, Ariel and Ryker throwing themselves in my arms and hugging me. I kiss each of their heads, smothering them in kisses. I can still hear Aria and Reid yelling at each other outside.

  “What’s up with them?” I ask Ryker.

  “Dad and mum have done nothing but argue the entire way, I don’t know what over. Mum made us put headphones in” Ryker says. Damien walks down the stairs as the girls look up at him.

  “Aunty, there is a big man in the house,” Ariel Tells me. I chuckle before Ryker answers.

  “That’s Uncle Damien, Aunties mate duh” He tells her sarcastically.

  Damien waves to them and they wave back shyly,

  “I’m starving,” Ryker says.

  “Take the girls and make some cereal” Damien tells Ryker, who nods. Damien looked out the door at the yelling. Ryker and the girls take off, Damien moving towards me.

  “What’s going on with them?” He asks, making me look out. I can see Ryder Reid’s wolf has taken over, so whatever they are arguing about must be bad for Ryder to yell at Aria. Walking out, both of them look at us.

  “Maybe your sister can make you see sense” Ryder yells at her.

  “See sense?” I ask, confused.

  “It’s nothing Lily, stay out of it”

  Ryder walks over to Aria grabbing her arm tugging her towards the car.

  “No, you need to go home now” He tells her, but Aria shakes her head.

  “No, Ryder, bring Reid back now” She screams using her Alpha voice. I watch as it forces him to step back, Reid’s eyes going to his silver grey instead of the black onyx of his wolf.

  Reid still doesn’t let her pass him. And I can see Aria getting angrier and angrier, and I know any second she is about to let him have it. Not wanting to see Aria beat up her mate, I step forward. Damien looks confused and doesn’t know what to do. Mates hardly ever fought once they were mated and had been together for a while, and this was very out of character for Reid.

  “What the h**l is going on?” I demand. Sick of their back and forth yelling.

  “Aria is refusing to go home where she is safe,” Reid says, glaring at her.

  “Lily, everything is fine go inside with the kids” She says not wanting me to get involved.

  “Fine, nothing is fine, Aria. We are about to go to war with Kade again and I won’t have you getting f*****g hurt or our baby” Reid yells at her.

  “You’re pregnant,” Ryker says, running out. Aria pinches the bridge of her nose, frustrated before looking up.

  “Tea, I could use a tea” She says, going to turn to walk in the house. Reid grips her arm and suddenly Aria spins around, glaring at him.

  “This is over stand down Reid or I will f*****g make you” She says using her Alpha voice, only it hardly works on him being that he is her mate. Reid shakes off her command, but Aria is already walking inside.

  “This isn’t over Aria” He yells to her before heading towards the boot. Damien walks over and pats him on the back before going to help him. “Women” Damien chuckles just as Aria gets to me and hugs me.

  “F*****g Alpha’s aye” I tell her and I see both Reid and Damien glare at me, I stick my tongue out at them and Aria chuckles.

  “Have you got pickles? I am starving and need pickles, ooh and ice cream” She says.

  I laugh before nodding and taking her inside.