Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 57

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 57

  Lily POV

  My heart was hammering against my chest, Damien’s arousal flooding into me through the bond, and I could feel his e******n pressing against me through his pants. Damien tugs my pants down slightly his lips going to mine, and I feel his tongue plunge into my mouth tasting every inch, I kiss him back and he g****s into my mouth as I feel him hook his fingers into the waistband of my pants tugging them down further and I grip his shirt trying to pull it up.

  Sitting up on his knees I watch as he pulls his shirt off over his head and discards it on the floor.

  He grips my pants, sliding them down my legs. Sitting up, I grab the buckle of his pants, trying to undo it, only then realising how bad my hands were shaking. He grabs my hands, stopping them from trembling a worried look on his face as he looks down at me.

  “We can wait, Lily” He says, and I know he can feel how nervous I am and the fear running through me.

  “Why are you scared?” He says, I shake my head embarrassed knowing I am being irrational. Damien grips my chin, forcing me to look at him.

  “Tell me” He says, examining my face.

  “Amber told me it hurts, okay” I sigh.

  Damien stops, before letting go of my face. “Do you want to stop?” He asks and I can feel how badly he wants to through the bond but doesn’t want to pressure me.

  “No, I want to,” I tell him, running my fingers down the tight muscles of his abdomen, he kisses me before undoing his belt buckle and stepping off the bed and removing his pants. Watching as I sit up on my elbows. His e******n springs free and I gulp. I knew he was big but now looking at it, knowing what we are about to do it seems quite intimidating and I don’t know how it is possibly going to fit.

  “Lily, look at me. Don’t think about” He says as he climbs back on the bed, making my eyes snap to his and away from the weapon between his legs.

  Damien pushes my t****s apart, kneeling between them. He tugs my shirt up and over my head before reaching around and unclasping my bra with one hand. My b*****s tumbling out on display for him. Damien kisses me before pushing me back on the bed.

  He leans down kissing my lips gently at first before his lips become demanding, I feel him bite down on my bottom lip before s*****g it into his mouth, his fingers running down my neck and over my b****t to my n****e before he pinches it between his fingers making me hiss slightly, before his hand trails down my sides and brushing my stomach before moving between my legs and rubbing me through my panties.

  I m**n at the friction and can feel how damp they are as his fingers keep teasing me.

  Damien kisses my neck, n*****g and s*****g my skin, and I feel his fingers push my panties to the side before running along my wet lips separating them. I hear him groan against my neck before s*****g on my mark, my hips moving against his fingers from the sparks rushing throughout my body. I feel him work his finger inside me, stretching me as he slides his finger in and out, his lips moving down my neck to my b****t and I feel his teeth bite down on my n****e before he s***s it into his mouth, while slowly pulling his finger out of me and adding another, my hips moving against his fingers as arousal floods me and I feel myself getting wetter as pleasure washes over me.

  He continues n*****g and s*****g on my skin, moving down my body before he pushes my legs further apart and s***s on the inside of my t***h, making me gasp. I can feel his warm breath on my lips before feeling his hot tongue l**k a line from my a*s to my c**t before s*****g it in his mouth, making my hips roll against his face. My hand goes to his hair as I try to tug his face away and shut my legs. I feel his hands gripping my t****s pulling them further apart as his tongue swirls around my c**t licking and s*****g making me m**n loudly and my hips move against his face.

  My skin heating up and my stomach tightens, Damien speeds up his movements making my back arch off the bed and my toes curl as I feel my o****m reach its peak, s*****g on my c**t harder sending me over the edge and I feel my core pulsating and my skin become flushed, m*****g loudly as wave after wave c*****s over me making my legs tremble and leaving me breathless.

  I feel him kiss my t***h before moving between my legs, his arms on either side of my face and I can feel his c**k rub against my slit making me tense.

  He kisses me and I can taste myself on his tongue as he deepens the kiss, making me m**n into his mouth and move my hips against him as his c**k rubs between my wet folds. Damien’s hand pushed my leg up along his ribs and I felt him position himself at my entrance before pushing the head of his c**k inside me before slowly sliding in.

  Burning pain makes my eyes water as his c**k stretches me. I squirm underneath him, trying to adjust to the feeling and Damien stills. My body is tense and I forget how to breathe.

  “Breath Lily, it will stop once I am completely in”

  “Isn’t it already in ” My voice sounded like a pained squeak. Damien chuckles, shaking his head before kissing my lips softly. I try to move up the bed, but Damien grips my shoulder, holding me in place before using his other hand to palm my b****t, the pad of his thumb rubbing my n****e.

  “Breathe” He whispers against my lips and I take a breath in and I feel him shove his hard length in all the way, hitting my cervix before he stills again giving me time to adjust to the fullness.

  After a few seconds, my body relaxes and Damien’s lips go to mine, kissing me deeply. His tongue plays with mine before he n**s at my chin moving his lips to my mark and s*****g on it, my toes curl as tingles rush over my skin. I wiggle my hips and hear him groan before his lips go back to mine and I wrap my legs around his waist. Damien moves slowly before thrusting in harder and I grip his shoulders, moving my hips, meeting his thrusts.

  I feel my stomach tighten and my skin heat feeling my o****m building, his c**k moving faster s***k with my j****s.

  “You’re so wet” Damien g****s next to my ear before kissing the side of my mouth. Thrusting harder and I move my hips to his rhythm. Damien grips my hips tightly as he pounds into me and I feel my walls clench around his hard length. The only noises in the room come from me m*****g and our heavy breathing when I feel heat rush through me and I bite down on his mark, my teeth sinking into his neck he g****s, and I come apart.

  My walls clenching tightly around him, and I feel his movements become erratic just as I pull my teeth from his neck, my o****m rippling through me milking his c**k just as he sinks his canines into me, and I feel his hot seed spill into me coating my insides before he stills. I feel Damien l**k my mark, making me shiver beneath him. My entire body is aching, and I feel breathless. He kisses me softly, but I am too tired to kiss him back and feel my eyes fluttering as I try to stay awake. I feel his flaccid c**k slip from me before he rolls onto his back beside me, tugging me to him, and I place my head on his chest. His fingers trailing up my ribs, making me yawn.

  Damien chuckles, kissing my forehead, his fingers trailing up my body and I relax against him as I slip into sleep.