Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 6

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 6

“Whoever touches me is none of your business” I said, shaking his hand from my wrist. His skin felt warm and my skin tingled. I rubbed my wrist trying to get rid of the feeling that was slowly spreading its way up my arm. It unsettled me; I wasn’t sure why but the fact that Layla liked him touching me, made me nervous. I was really starting to wonder what was going on with her, she has never acted like this and around Alpha Damien she almost seems calm, I didn’t like it. Reminded me of the calm before the storm, like at any moment all h**l was about to break loose.

Putting my hands on his knees, I stood up and walked off leaving the Alpha and heading towards the esky’s looking for a drink. Brent walked over knowing what I was looking for, he opened up the esky furthest from me.

“Lil catch” He said, before tossing the bottle of liquor towards me. I caught it mid-air. Exactly what I was looking for. My favourite Vodka. Brent walked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulders tugging me toward where everyone was sitting. As soon as we sat down everyone glanced and shifted away from me like I had the plague.

The only ones remaining were Brent, Shaun, and Amber. I ignored them and cracked the bottle’s lid. Brent’s arm lazily draped over my shoulder. Yet I somehow knew the Alpha was still watching and for some reason felt uncomfortable with Brent touching me or at least Layla was uncomfortable. I Liked Brent. He was a nice guy and not bad to look at either.

I leaned into him and swigged from the bottle. Before passing it to Amber who took a mouthful and coughed before handing it back.

“What’s with him?” Asked Brent. I knew who he was talking about, the Alpha.

“Aria said he either came with us or we weren’t going” I shrugged. Brent didn’t look happy, but I knew he wouldn’t dare pick a fight with an Alpha, let alone Alpha Damien who had quite the reputation. His reputation was impressive, and I must admit I was a little curious about him. I knew Layla definitely was. I felt drawn to him like a magnet, no matter how drunk I got, my eyes would always go back to him, finding him no matter where we moved.

His face expressionless but alert as he watched me. When the night was nearly over, I stumbled back over to my bag which was sitting under the tree still. I bent down to grab it when a hand snatched my bag from my grip nearly making me stumble into the tree.

I hadn’t seen him come up behind me. But he was suddenly there, towering over me making me feel small. I tried to grab my bag to retrieve my keys. When he pulled his hand back and rummaged through my bag.

“You’re not driving in that state” He growled. I rolled my eyes.

“Give me my bag back”

“No, we are leaving”

“No, I am going to Brent’s now, give me my keys” I heard him growl, his skin rippling as his beast fought for control. I took a step back coming in contact with the tree. He stepped forward, trapping me between him and the tree. I could feel the warmth of his skin pressing into me. I swallowed my mouth suddenly feeling extremely dry under his gaze. I put my hand on his chest, and could feel the hard muscles as they rippled under his skin. His beast so close to the surface, his eyes flickering.

I intended to push him back when he suddenly relaxed under my touch, his breathing slowing as he leant in closer. So, close I could feel his breath on my neck. I shivered and my stomach tightened. Layla, who had been anxious all night suddenly calmed again at his closeness. Urging me to move closer, like that was actually possible.

Only when Amber cleared her throat, was the little bubble we were currently stuck in burst. I suddenly realised, I was touching the Alpha and not just any Alpha but the notorious Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. He stepped back, only to grab my hand, lacing his fingers through mine like we’re best buddies. He started tugging me toward the path leading to the cars. When we reached the bottom. Amber paused with Shaun.

“Since I am going to be grounded, I am going to stay with Shaun for the night, you okay to get home Lil” I nodded before they both shifted. I placed their clothes in my bag and handed it to them, taking it from Alpha Damien, Shaun grabbed it with his mouth. They both took off into the night, leaving me with Mr grouchy.

“Can I have my keys please?” I asked. Damien growled lowly and I glanced at him.

“I’m driving, I won’t let you drive like that, now get in” He growled. I looked at my blue Audi my dad brought me, maybe he was right my poor car had suffered enough with me driving home drunk. I opened the passenger door before slumping in the seat. I heard him start the car before pulling out onto the road.

“You always drink like that?” He asked. I rolled my head to the side looking at him.

“What’s it to you?” I asked.

“I don’t want you drinking and hanging with unmated werewolves” I rolled my eyes. That was what my father said earlier. “My body, I will do what I want with it” I answered my words slightly slurred. He muttered something too low for me to hear in my state.

“You need to stay awake, I haven’t been to your Pack house before” He said, pulling me out of sluggishness.

“Just take me back to my sisters, my wolf won’t hurt anyone when I’m drunk” I muttered before drifting off. I vaguely remember being lifted from the car, remembering the Alpha’s scent hitting my nose as he carried me. I nestled into his warmth and felt his lips kiss the top of my head before drifting off into the darkness of sleep.