Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

  Lily POV

  We ran for hours, chasing each other around the forest. When suddenly we somehow lost them, we were faster than they were, being Alpha, but that much faster? I thought to myself when we could hear nothing but silence amongst the tree’s, nothing but the breeze ruffling through our fur and the sound of crickets. Eerily quiet. Layla stops, that’s when I feel it. Callie is hurt. I don’t know how I know, but I can feel it. She is alive, but I can feel that she is unconscious. Like a weird teether I hadn’t noticed before. In wolf form I could feel every pack member and the realisation was startling, feel their emotions, their thoughts.

  Layla starts running toward her and I don’t know how we know where we are going, but I can feel an invisible pull to her, similar to a mate pull. Connected in a strange way. A way that I knew wasn’t normal. We have a pack link, but I could literally feel everything and everyone. Layla picking up her scent follows her nose, stopping in the clearing next to the border.

  “Why is she out here?” I wonder.

  “I am not sure we were told to stay away from this side”

  “How can we feel her?” I ask, nothing makes sense. But I had noticed the last two days since Damien and I mated that we felt different. I thought it was just the mating buzz, now I wasn’t so sure. Layla lets me shift back and I raced to her side. Callie lays n***d in the dirt, I shake her and she g****s. Blood trickled from her forehead and it looked like she was hit with something. Callie rolls over, her eyes fluttering open.

  “Luna” She whispers. So soft it was barely audible.

  I hear the rustling of leaves making me spin around and I see Brent coming into the clearing. He says nothing and I give him a panicked look.

  “Brent help me get her back to the Pack house” I tell him before turning back to Callie. Her eyes go wide and she speaks.

  “Brent” She gasps out and I go to turn to face him when I feel it. Hands wrap around my neck before I feel a sharp twist and everything goes black.

  Aria POV

  Reid and Damien just got back; they had a younger man with them, that I knew was Max.

  “Hey” I call from my spot on the lounge as they walk past. Reid sees me, his face lights up before he moves into the room and wraps his arms around me over the lounge.

  “Where are the kids?” He asks.

  “In bed, asleep” I tell him and his eyes light up.

  “Really? Want to have a shower with me?” He says his lips turning into a seductive smile and I can’t help but smile back. Reid walks around to the front of the lounge, pulling me to my feet before crushing me against his chest. His lips devoured mine and I feel his e******n pressing against my baby bump.

  We go to walk out and see Max and Damien standing in the hall, Damien pacing back and forth before a vicious growl escapes his lips. Reid positions himself in front of me protectively. Damien’s wolf fights him for control and I watch as fur sprouts from his arms, his eyes flickering. Max touches his shoulder.

  “Alpha?” He asks concerned and Damien spins on his heel, his canines protruding.

  “Something’s wrong, find them” He growls and no sooner than he says it. He lets out a mangled scream and so does Max before they both drop to the floor.

  Reid rushes toward them, gripping Damien by the shoulders, shaking him.

  “Are they d**d?” I ask, looking on helplessly as panic runs through me. Reid places his ear on Damien’s chest listening, I can’t pick up anything with my hybrid senses and Reid looks at me in panic, I watch as they both turn grey. They were d**d.

  ”Reid, what’s going on? I don’t understand?” I tell him.

  “Get to the kids, something is happening” He growls at me, I nod then another thought hits me. “Lily” I gasp and Reid looks at me and I can see every emotion run through him all at once confirming what I thought.

  “I think she is d**d” His voice breaking.

  “No” I gasp as tears threaten to spill and my stomach drops.

  “The kids, get the kids” Reid commands and I don’t even fight against it. He is right. Just as I run through the back doors toward the guest house. I see Amber running towards me, a panicked expression on her face. As soon as she saw me she screamed, her agonised scream echoing through the yard, her scream sounded heartbroken and soul shattering.

  “They’re all d**d, all of them the entire pack” She screams and I feel her heartbreak as she collapses on the ground. Reid rushes out the back. Amber on her knees n***d, a tortured expression on her face. My tears roll down my cheeks and Ryker runs from the house.

  “Mum?” He says and I turn to him, my heart breaking at having to tell him. “Get the girls,” I tell him.

  “What’s going on, who died?” He asks, his voice breaking. Tears brimming in his eyes and he looks to Amber who is screaming on the ground.

  “Where is aunty Lil?”

  Reid walks over to Amber’s crumpled body. “Did you say the entire Crescent Moon pack?”

  “All of them, I found the warriors and guards on the border,and in the park everyone is d**d” She sobs and I break, collapsing on the ground. Reid looks over to me and I see Ryder come to the surface, Reid’s eyes going black.

  “They’re linked,” He growls.


  “They’re linked, like you are, to our pack. Lily” He looks at Ryker.

  “Inside son” Ryker shakes his head and Ryder growls low before looking at me.

  “The entire pack is linked to Lily just as you are to ours” He answers.

  Making me gasp, how is it possible? Lily isn’t Lycan, she isn’t a hybrid. But it makes sense. Damien’s strange behaviour before he died.

  My eyes snap to the trees when I hear movement, Amber standing up glares at him as he makes his way over to us.

  “Where the f**k were you, Brent?” Amber screams at him and he drops his head.

  “I didn’t know, I thought she would come back. He said she would. I didn’t want to, he took my mate” Brent says, dropping to the ground looking at his hands. Ryder is on him in a second, ripping him to his feet, his claws digging into his arms and blood runs down his arms.

  “What did you do?”

  “I k****d her, I…. he said she would come back. It wasn’t supposed to be like this”

  “Who?” Ryder growls and I see Ryker out of the corner of my eyes, shifting uncomfortably, his entire body shaking.

  “Kade, you need to run, Luna. Kade is coming for you” Brent says and as much as I hate him at this moment, all I can think is I need to get my kids out. Ryker growls beside me, making my eyes snap to his as they glow red. Ryder spins around, letting Brent fall to the ground.

  “Son?” He says before Ryker shifts so quickly in anger before he lunges straight at Brent. His wolf was magnificent, pure black like his father and massive considering his age. But that’s not what brought my eyes trailing over his wolf in shock. It was the red eyes of his wolf. I thought for sure that my kids would be a hybrid like me and have no wolf, but seeing Ryker I was wrong, they have taken after their father but the red glow of his eyes proved he was a hybrid. A hybrid wolf.

  Ryder startled at seeing our son shift let’s go of control and Reid watches horrified as our son rips Brent to pieces, turning the grass red as he rips into his throat. Brent doesn’t even fight, just accepts it. Let’s Ryker k**l him. Lana rushing out of the guest house screams and I rush to her covering her eyes and Reid pulls Ryker off.

  “Get inside now,” Reid screams to us just as our pack members rush into the backyard. Blood Moon Pack members coming from all directions. Grabbing Lana before pulling Amber up by her arm. She shakes me off and I watch her eyes bleed to the black of her wolf. “Go luna” Ambers says and I watch her shift.

  Reid brings Ryker over, dragging him in his wolf form. Gripping his furry face, I make him look at me. His voice sifted into my thoughts.

  “I want to help” I shake my head,

  “This isn’t your fight son, you have a more important task. You don’t let anyone through that door, you protect your sisters” I tell him. He looks at Lana and nods his furry head and I place her on the ground.

  “Lana lock the doors” She nods and quickly runs inside before closing the door after Ryker. I hear the soft click of the lock.

  Turning to Reid, he is glaring at me, Ryder just under the surface.

  “Don’t ask me to sit this out” I tell him, my voice holding my command, he shoulders sag before he nods.

  “You don’t leave my side” He says and I nod before seeing another figure come through the tree’s. My breath hitching and I fight back the urge to break down and scream at him at the same time. I hated but loved this fool, this could have been avoided if he k****d him the first time around.

  My eyes dart to his arms as he carries her d**d limp body in them. My heart is breaking and I struggle to catch my breath.

  “Lily” I cry as I rush to his side. My father has tears streaming down his face. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, sweetie. I failed you. This is all my fault”