Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 62

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 62

  Lily POV

  Waking up in the middle of a war zone was something made of nightmares. Wolves running around everywhere tearing each other to pieces, a complete bloodbath. Layla anxiously whining inside my head, at a loss I couldn’t process properly. Aria’s screaming, ripping my eyes away from the battle and in her direction. We were losing and I couldn’t see anyone I recognised from my pack. Layla growled angrily in my head.

  “They’re d**d!” She screamed, and that’s when I realised how completely empty I felt. The chatter of my pack had gone deadly silent. The mate bond was the worst, I could feel only a void getting bigger and bigger with each breath I took, all-consuming but I shoved it aside. Layla’s anger, pure rage simmering in my veins. She wanted blood, and I gave into the bloodlust, only it felt different as I let her take control of my body. Every fibre in my body, every cell that made me, shattering as an animalistic urge for blood took over.

  Kade stalking towards Aria had me running in her direction but just before I get there a blur of black races past me tackling Kade only to be thrown off violently and into the side of the guest house knocking the wolf, I had never seen before unconscious but the agonised scream that left my sister’s lips as she lunged at Kade made my eyes snap to the wolf laying on the ground.

  They were forced to shift and I knew before my eyes even landed on him who the beautiful black wolf is, feeling the Alpha Aura radiating out of him strongly. My blood boiling as I see the body of my nephew on the ground. He just saved his mother’s life.

  Layla moving swiftly and Aria gasps when she sees me Distracted, she is knocked to the ground before three wolves jump her fallen form. My body is moving faster than ever before and I reach Kade in no time as I jump on his back. What surprises me though, is the bloodlust that takes over when I sink my teeth in his neck. I growl but it’s half between a m**n and animal as his blood rushes into my mouth and I feel like I have been jolted by electricity, strengthening everything, and making everything heightened.

  Kade gets me off him by dropping on his back, knocking the wind out of me before he jumps to his feet, his shoulder drenched in blood and a look of pure shock on his face when he catches sight of me.

  Aria and her pack fight to the d***h, her pack dropping like flies around us, and I can hear Ryder fighting a group off to the side of us. Most of the rogues stop and watch Kade and I face off as we circle each other, anticipating each other’s first move.

  We were completely outnumbered, this was going to end with all our deaths, but I will be making sure I take Kade to h**l with me. He lunges and I almost laugh when I see it a second beforehand, like watching in slow motion as I watch his muscles bunch before he springs off his feet at me. Layla growling and I feel my skin rippling, every vein in my body pulsating with hunger and the need to k**l.

  My claws slipping from my fingers effortlessly and painlessly, but longer than ever before as I feel my body shift, only I remain on two legs, something that has never happened before. I could feel my face shifting as Layla took over and Kade stopped for a second and gasped.

  He doesn’t stay frozen for long as we shake out our fur; I have to fight the urge to look at my hands as Layla stalks toward him. Kade looks hesitant but slips his facade back into place and I find myself suddenly surrounded by around twenty wolves. Amber screams in the distance, making my eyes dart to her as she is thrown. Her wolf skidding along the grass. Reid fought his own wolves and I could feel his Alpha aura washing over me, exuding the power behind his blows.

  Aria fights with pure determination as she blocks wolves from k*****g her son and keeping them from the guest house, which I know is where the girls are as I can hear their sobs of fear within those four walls.

  Kade has a triumphant grin on his face when I realise there are only around twenty of us and over a hundred of them getting ready to jump into the fray, lined and ready to go like loyal soldiers.

  “You didn’t think I would be as unprepared as last time, did you, Layla?”

  I laugh and it sounds sadistic, my voice not my own, and that’s when I realise during the shift, we became one. That’s why I feel the power radiating out me so strongly but that’s not all I feel, it is the Lycan blood pulsing through me and the drive and hunger I feel, that’s when I realise, I am no longer a wolf but a hybrid, a wolf Hybrid different from Aria but also the same.

  Kade takes a step back and I know it is because I can feel my eyes changing at the realisation, swirling into the pattern of gold and blue. Layla within me and her thoughts become mine as I feel us blend and mould into each other like a powerful muscle.

  Kade steps back as four rogues jump me at once, and I feel their teeth sinking into me in different places. Moving, I threw them off only to be jumped again, giving me no rest as Kade paced along the circle watching with eager eyes at the monster he created and a monster I was, I kept tearing them apart anyway I could.

  I could feel myself drawing strength from somewhere. As I kept fighting, I could see Aria growing tired and Reid as we all fought endlessly. When Kade suddenly stepped towards me as I threw off the rogue that bit into my side, his punch knocked me down and I watched as he shifted, fur sprouting along his arms as his fangs protruded, we fought, his kicks were harder than the rogues. His punches rained down on me as I tried to block and land my own, all while trying to stop the rogues from attacking me from behind. Amber I could see trying to make her way to me, that’s when I felt them.

  Felt the buzz through my body making me shudder. And I freeze. Kade noticing stops and I grin, that’s when the deafening noise of growls echo throughout the night. Everyone stops frozen in place in shock as they emerge from the tree’s, from the streets stalking toward the blood-soaked grounds of the pack house, the most ferocious growl coming from the veranda of the pack house. But that isn’t what made them freeze.

  It was the red eyes glinting in the darkness, their voices ringing loudly through the pack link. My pack stalked towards everyone and I could feel their hunger for blood, their need to feed. Using Kade’s distraction. I ran my claws straight through his chest before landing a kick to his face, sending him flying toward the pack house where my mate stood before jumping into the fray.

  My pack finally giving rest to the Blood Moon Pack, Reid finally able to make his way through the bodies of rogues towards his mate and kids as they fought alongside each other. Callie’s wolf ripping into wolves with a spring in her step that looked effortless as she took a stand in front of Amber so she could catch her breath. One by one the rogues fell.

  Damien tore through them like a knife through butter while we fought Kade, his moves becoming sloppy with desperation as he lunged and fought blindly. But we were faster as we dodged and moved out of his reach and I almost felt like I was playing with him. My pack strengthened me as we fought, feeling their strength bleeding into me as mine bled into them, fuelling them.

  Just when I thought it was over, I feel claws rip through my back and a mangled scream leaves my lips, as I feel a rogue’s claw slash down my back, ripping flesh and fur from me. Kade lunges at my throat, his teeth b***d and claws out as he throws everything he has at me. I closed my eyes, knowing it was over for me. That his claws were aimed straight at my chest, even Aria screamed my name and I smiled. I didn’t care that I was about to d*e, because they all survived. The sickening sound of flesh being ripped apart made my eyes snap open, going to Kade’s. Only I couldn’t see him, only the back of my mate. I scream knowing the sound was Damien, feel his pain radiating out of him and into me as he blocks Kade from me and I scream. Pain radiating throughout my body.