Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 63

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 63

  Lily POV

  My mangled, tortured scream d***g out when I feel something drop next to me, Damien dropping to his knees in front of me, Kade’s lifeless body next to him in a b****y crumpled heap, his d**d eyes looking up at me in shock. An enormous hole in the centre of his chest where his heart used to be. I clutch onto Damien’s back and he leans into me, tears running down my cheeks as I clutch my mate.

  “Stop crying love, I am fine. I will heal” Damien’s pained voice coming to my ears as he turns to look at me and I noticed the pain I felt wasn’t him d***g but was actually where Kade had stuck his claws through his shoulder.

  “I thought he k****d you” I cried in relief. Looking around all the fighting had stopped rogues backing away trying to escape not that many were left. The pack seemed to take care of them and chased a few away. Aria and Reid were next to Ryker, who was now conscious, but a little disorientated. Callie’s wolf walks over and drops her head into my shoulder, sniffing me. I rub her furry head and she whimpers. All the wolves moving closer, their eyes gleaming red under the moonlight.

  “What happened to them?” I ask Layla.

  “They are like us now” She says, and I could hear how tired she was. It exhausted everyone, as they shifted and lay on the cool blood-soaked grass, their eyes turning back to their original colour.

  “Well, seems like you have your own army of Hybrid wolves Lily” Aria says walking over with Arial and Lana in her arms. She sits down, leaning against me.

  “How is that possible?” I ask turning to her, Damien turns, and I notice his shoulder has healed already.

  “I don’t know, but your packs wolves are like you and Layla, I noticed they smelt a little different”

  “But your pack isn’t hybrid” I state, confused.

  “The only thing I could think of is, I was born Hybrid before becoming their Luna, so I never changed after my pack bond. You were Luna, which created the pack bond, then changed, affecting your pack. That’s the only thing I can think of” Aria says, stroking her daughter’s curly black locks. Amber walks over, flopping on the ground next to me n***d.

  “What next?” She says looking at Aria and I. Looking next to Damien, his father’s d**d body lay still in the grass.

  “We bury our d**d” Aria and I say at the same time. Aria’s eyes darting over to Abel’s body. Making me realise he never got up. Before her eyes move to a ball in the distance. I watch as Reid walks over to it with Ryker. Ryker falls to his knees next to it.

  “Poppy’s gone dad?” He says looking up at his father and I realise Aria lost her father too. Aria turns her head looking away from them and I can tell she is trying not to cry. Amber gets up, walking over and grabbing some torn clothes from the ground. She then walks over and drops the cloth over Abel’s severed head before picking it and taking it over to his body. Callie, Max and Tatum go to help remove his body, so Aria doesn’t have to see her father like that. I place my hand on her shoulder and feel her chest heave as she holds in her sobs. Damien gets up behind me before taking her girls and picking them up.

  “Let’s go make some breakfast,” He tells them, placing them on his hip, heading toward the pack house. I see a couple of wolves from both packs start cleaning up the bodies, placing them beside the house out of view. Natalia heads inside after Damien. Aria and I both lay down, our heads beside each other on the grass.

  “What a night?” Aria murmurs.

  “I never thought Abel would d*e” I whisper.

  “Everything dies eventually, there is always a loophole. I never thought you would be a Hybrid. Funny how the world works. Remind me to never go to war with your Pack. Now your pack’s wolves would be bloodthirsty,” She says, and I chuckle.

  “I don’t feel hunger though, when Layla took over, I did”

  “I don’t think we will ever know for sure the extent of the mutated genes. This all started with my father and a misunderstanding, I can’t believe it ended with his life though” She says gripping my hand. I squeeze hers back.

  “The babies?” I ask. Her hand went to her stomach.

  “They are fine, I can feel them moving and hear their heartbeats” She says, and I sit up looking down before placing my hand on her tiny baby bump. It feels hard under my palm.

  “Can’t believe Ryker shifted” I tell her before something wriggles under my hand, making my eyes dart to it. I smile, realising it was my nephews.

  “Reid will be so foul he still can’t feel it” She says beaming up at me.

  Before her smile turns sad. “Ryker thought you were d**d, that Brent k****d you. I think that’s what caused his wolf to awaken. I thought they would be like me, with no wolf” She says, and I could see the concern behind her eyes for her son.

  “He is going to make an excellent Alpha one day” I mutter, staring over at him and Reid who were sitting on the stairs. Reid’s arm draped over his shoulder as Ryker cried against him.

  “We will be okay now, Ari, everything will be okay. Just need to keep moving forward,” I tell her, looking down at her. She looked so broken and feeling the loss of her pack, then her father, plus being pregnant. I don’t know how she held back her emotions, but I was glad because seeing her break would break me.

  “Come on, we should head inside. There should be some pickles left,” I tell her, making her laugh before I stand, pulling her with me. Heading toward the pack house Ryker looks up and runs to me throwing his arms around me. I squeeze him tight, picking him up, which was pretty difficult considering he has grown so tall.

  “I thought you died” He whispers against my neck.

  “You should be proud; you saved your mother today” I tell him, and he nods.

  “But pop” He whispers. My heart breaking for him, hearing his sad little voice.

  “I know, little man but he wouldn’t want you to be upset, he loved you” I tell him, not really knowing what else to say. Reid tugs Aria against him, hugging her tight.

  “Where are the girls?” He asks, looking around.

  “Damien was making them breakfast,” I tell him, and he looks through the kitchen windows before relaxing. Walking inside, I find Natalia and everyone moving around the house. Natalia hands me some clothes, making me look down. The weird shift tore my clothes to shreds, but I still had them on me. It was going to take some getting used to not running on four legs anymore. Damien’s scent hitting me instantly and he looks up from flipping pancakes. Lana and Arial watching him, making me smile. Reid steps closer to me before leaning down.

  “He will make an excellent father Lily” I nudge him, making him chuckle, Damien trying to hide his smirk from creeping up on his face as he heard what Reid whispered to me. Pulling the shirt on, Amber and Callie walk in with Tatum.

  “How are Tabitha and Tilly and the rest of the children in the pack?” I ask worried, seeing the effect I had on my pack when I died.

  “Tilly is fine, Tabitha passed out and woke to Tilly crying, and the children were reportedly not affected. I think it’s because they haven’t got their wolves yet” Tatum says, Damien nods.

  “The pack is fine, Lily. Everyone is fine. It will take a few adjustments to get used to and a lot of retraining, but I am fairly sure the biggest transformation was you. Your Lycan DNA has mainly strengthened us, you haven’t weakened us” Damien says feeling my worry.

  “Besides, now we have wicked red eyes in wolf form,” Tatum says, making vampire fangs with his fingers and pulling a strange face. I laugh before slapping his shoulder.

  “Can I head home Alpha? I want to see my mates and baby girl. I will come help with clean up when the sun comes up”

  “Yes Tatum, and you, Trey and also Max” Says Damien looking at Callie.

  “Need to come see me after everything settles down. We still lost a few people and there are some new positions to fill” Damien says, and I realise his Beta and Gamma died. Feel their loss through him. Tatum nods his head before walking out. Damien plates up some pancakes for the girls and Ryker placing them on the table.

  “Go have a shower I will sit with them,” Reid says to Aria, and she gets up walking outside to the guest house. Feeling the same way, I kiss Ryker’s head on my way past, heading upstairs to the shower myself. Once in the bathroom, I strip off and turn the shower on. Walking past the mirror, I stop. My eyes were no longer half Blue and half Amber but now a mixture as they swirl into each other.

  Layla’s voice in my head when she feels my worry. “Our bond is stronger than ever, Lily. We are one now. We always were, we just didn’t realise,” She says.

  “I love you” I whisper to her.

  “I have always loved you” She replies before I feel her move to the back of my mind. Feeling hands touch my hips I see Damien step behind me, he wraps his arms around my waist tugging me against him, his lips going to my neck. He stares at our reflexion in the mirror,

  “My beautiful Luna” He whispers into my neck.

  Turning in his arms, I wrap mine around his neck kissing him; he g****s before pulling me tighter against him, his hands roaming down my back to my a*s as he squeezes it.

  “Shower s*x” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows at me.