Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 8

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 8

Damien POV

I don’t know how she does it, let alone how the h**l this girl is still alive. I have been following her around despite her many protests and believe me she has had every excuse not to be left alone with me. Every excuse to try and escape me. But Aria and her father have both been constantly on her back, every time she tries to do a runner. They manage to get her convinced to let me tag along. But it was starting to become too much and man she was really tugging on my last nerve.

I have watched her party and become that drunk and reckless to the point she blacks out completely. Every night, I have to drag her back to her packhouse, just to force her to sleep it off. I know she doesn’t understand why I am here, but I know her wolf is starting to recognise me. One thing I did find out, her wolf is just as comfortable in their human skin as she is in her wolf skin. Which is a little unnerving as most wolves prefer their true self, Layla though isn’t fazed by either. She never says anything but once Lily is out, Layla takes over. I didn’t recognise her wolf at first, thought it was Lily finally feeling the pull to the mate bond.

Only when I realised, she didn’t speak much, and my wolf couldn’t communicate with her yet, did I realise it wasn’t Lily but her wolf who had control. When I came home after dropping Lily back to her Pack house. I had just fallen asleep when I felt the bed dip. I opened my eyes and Lily was leaning over the top of me, a peculiar look on her face. Both my wolf and I nearly jumped out of my skin in fright upon finding her leaning over me, her eyes wide like she was studying me.

I sat up and asked what she was doing. She didn’t answer just cocked her head to the side before leaning in and sniffing my neck. That’s when I realised something was definitely wrong, Lily tried to avoid contact with me she would never get this close willingly. I said her name questionably. She shook her head and spoke one word. “Layla”

Layla then just laid down next to me and fell asleep. I woke her up a few hours later and managed to convince her to head home before Lily found out she had control. Layla became angry and took off. I was worried if Lily found out her wolf was taking over while she slept, she would go to bigger extremes than getting completely obliterated every night, to try and subdue her or just not sleep at all.

The amount of alcohol and d***s that girl has consumed in the last few days is ridiculous, Lily is basically a walking talking narcotic. My wolf even said he was worried about marking her in case we became high. I understand why she has the reputation of being a wild child and being a bad influence. Lily did nothing but party, then haul her a*s out of bed the next morning and train with the warriors of her pack only to party all night.

Lily has two days before she turns eighteen. I have been talking to Aria. I even confided to her about Layla which even she was surprised about her odd behaviour. Aria and I have come up with a plan if Lily refuses to come back with me when she realises, I am her mate. I know she will hate me for it. But I can’t leave her, and I won’t accept her rejection.

I was driving home after dropping Lily off to her father’s, she was once again completely comatose. Tonight, I had to all but pull her off another wolf. It took all my self-control not to k**l the p***k when I caught him with his tongue down my mates throat and his hands in her pants. I threw him through the wall, and I ripped her out of the room I found her in and by god if I see that Brent again. I may just snap and k**l him. I dragged her back to the car kicking and screaming and tossed her in. She passed out on the drive back.

I couldn’t even deal with her tonight. Instead, I knocked on the door and demanded her father get her from the car. He came out all apologetic and scooped her up, saying he doesn’t know how to help her. For one he could start by f*****g disciplining her, instead of letting her do whatever she wants. I slammed the door and took off. I was fuming, I know she doesn’t know I am her mate but that doesn’t make it any easier when I find her in that position.

Moon Goddess knows she will be in for a surprise when she realises, she won’t get away with the s**t she pulls, once I have her back at my Pack. No way will I be expected to tolerate this behaviour. If she were any other wolf in my pack, I would beat her senseless for the s**t she has done the last few days. Especially rocking up to training still half drunk. She will learn when I get her home one way or another. I won’t hurt her, but I have other ways to get her to abide by my rules. She will learn she is best staying on my good side and that my word is law.

Pulling up at the Blood Moon pack house, I unlock the door with the spare keys Aria gave me and walk to my room flopping on the bed exhausted and angry. I had just closed my eyes, when I heard the door open and the jingle of keys, I sighed. I knew it was Lily, god her wolf is fast. I sat up before taking my shirt off. Looking up she is watching me, an odd look on her face. I lay back down climbing under the covers. I try to ignore her, hoping she will see I am not in the mood tonight. She knows what Lily does when she is drunk and doesn’t even try to stop her. When I don’t hear her leave, I look up and she is still standing in the same position by the door just turning her head from side to side, waiting for permission. I watch as she sniffs the air. I can tell her wolf thinks I’m her mate but doesn’t quite understand yet, leaving her uncertain. I pull the covers back and pat the side of the bed. Layla walks over and lays next to me, putting her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around her and fall asleep completely forgetting she can’t stay here, or Lily will flip it when she wakes up.