Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 9

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 9

Lily POV

Waking up, I know something is instantly wrong because I am not in my own bed. I sit up and look over to find Alpha Damien laying next to me fast asleep. At least this time I have my own clothes on. I feel Layla stir coming to life as I wake up.

“What did you do Layla?” She groggily stirs and starts purring trying to go back to sleep. Throwing the covers off, I get out of the bed. The Alpha rolls onto his back throwing an arm over his face, trying to block the light that is streaming in from the window.

I grab a pillow and lob it at him. He grunts from the impact of it hitting him in the b***s. Grabbing his family jewels before sitting up angrily. I watch as his face changes colour out of anger. Before he can go on one of his well-rehearsed rants about my behaviour, I lob another pillow which he catches and tosses off the bed with a growl.

“What the f**k are you playing at bringing me here?” I scream enraged that this is the second time I have woken up in his bed. He runs his hand down his face before turning his signature glare on me.

“I didn’t bring you here, I dropped you off at your place Lily, this is your fault don’t blame me because you were to paralytic to f*****g remember”

My entire body was trembling with anger. I clenched my fists and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to figure out what the f**k it is he is talking about. I have made it noticeably clear that I want nothing to do with him and am only doing this because my father and sister keep insisting, I babysit this fool.

“You know what, I am done babysitting you, find your own way around” I yelled before turning around storming out of the room. Walking outside, I realise my car isn’t here and turn back around walking back through the front door, to ask Reid or Aria if they will give me a lift home. I have pack training in an hour and my father will be pissed if I am late. He has been acting differently and has been on my case constantly about my tardiness.

Walking up the stairs, I am stopped when I see Lana on the top step crying. I bend down and pick her up, wiping her tears and cuddling her and smelling her hair, which smells of her strawberry shampoo.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” I ask her as my anger is dissipating.

“Ryker pushed me Lil Lil”

“It’s okay I am sure he didn’t mean it” I said, staring down at my six-year-old niece. She sobbed before wiping her eyes and resting her head on my shoulder.

“Where is mummy Lana?”

“She is in the kitchen making breakfast” She spoke softly, no longer crying but gripping onto me. I started walking down the stairs, only to run back into the Alpha Damien. I turned away from him as he made his way toward me pulling a shirt over his head. I walked into the kitchen and Aria was busy pouring cereal into bowls for Ryker and Ariel and Lana.

“There you are Lana” She said looking over at me. Aria was wearing a purple dressing gown and kitty slippers. I looked down at her feet as she walked around. Yeah, didn’t look like the typical Luna Queen walking around with those on her feet, in some ways she just looked like an ordinary overworked, tired mother. I went to place Lana on the ground when she clung to me refusing to let go. Alpha Damien walked in and to the kettle making himself a coffee.

I glared at him annoyed, what is with him? I just can’t escape the man, everywhere I turn he is lurking and invading my personal space.

“Aria can you get Reid to run me home please or can I borrow your car?” I asked, wanting to get as far away from Damien as I could.

“No, you’re not borrowing my car and Reid isn’t here, you will have to ask Damien or ring your father”

“I will run you home Lily, if it is such a b****y problem being around me”

“Well, if you didn’t keep interfering and kidnapping me it wouldn’t be a f*****g problem” I spat back at him.

“Language, Lily” Aria shrieked.

“What are you talking about Lily, no one has kidnapped anyone” Aria stated.

“This idiot thinks it is okay to bring me here when I clearly told him I didn’t want to be around him, yet I wake up in his bed again”

“I dropped you off Lily, it isn’t my fault that Layla came here. If you weren’t drunk you would know what your wolf gets up to while you are asleep” He said walking out of the kitchen back towards his room. I followed after him completely forgetting I still had Lana perched on my hip. Aria followed closely behind me trying to reach for her daughter. But I was too angry to notice.

“What do you mean? You have never met my wolf” I said before turning on Aria who was behind me. How dare she tell him my wolf’s name.

“Why would you tell him my wolf’s name Aria, you need to stay out of my business” I said walking toward her. My entire body trembled with rage. I could feel Layla growling in my head. I thought she was growling at Aria at first, until my body lurched forward as she fought to take over control. No, she wasn’t growling at Aria in my head, she was growling at me.

I heard Aria shriek as I was thrown forward catching myself on the stairs handrail. Aria screamed before ripping Lana from my arms just in time before, my claws ripped my nails off and dug painfully into the handrail leaving claw marks as the wood splintered off. I was severely hung over and let my anger get the best of me, giving her enough room to slip past my guards and take over.

I felt her pushing against every cell in my body, fighting and clawing away my skin with her claws. I screamed as I felt her start ripping my flesh off trying to shift faster. Lana started crying, my wolf noticing Lana hysterically crying. Howled before letting out a sadistic laugh echoing through my head. Shifted Layla became a savage and now my worst fear was coming true as I was now endangering my sister’s kids. I needed to hone her in before she completely took over. I knew if she did, she would shove me to the back where I will be stuck until she decides when I can have control back.

“Lily fight it” I heard Aria scream, but I was being shoved further back into the background towards the pits of my mind. I feel myself fall to the ground as the shift starts to take over. I can see Lana run away, which only excites Layla; she loves a good hunt, and no one is off limits. Not even my niece.

I manage to get just enough control to warn Aria. My voice coming out strangled as I feel my canines push through my gums, my face morphing into that of my wolf. “Run”

Aria doesn’t waste another second, instead bolts for the kitchen to remove her kids from the danger, from me. But it’s too late. Layla was already in predator mode as she slammed through the wall, chasing after Lana and Aria. Gyprock sent debris everywhere as she smashed through the wall into the kitchen. Just in time to see Aria scoop the kids up and bolt out the doors to the back yard.

“Layla stop, stop, you don’t want to hurt them” I screamed to her, but I was like a puppet on strings completely controlled by her. Before she shoved me into the darkness of my mind blocking me out. Forcing me to wait, to see the carnage when she had finished.