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How to Change IMEI iPhone with or without Jailbreak

Is it possible to change IMEI iPhone? Generally, Apple has made it complex to change the IMEI. However, it is not impossible, as long as you are willing to get through nuts and bolts.

In this article, you will learn a few ways that possibly help you to change your phone’s IMEI code, especially if you are using an iPhone 12. But keep in mind that even if you can modify the number, it’s not for a permanent change.

Things to Know about IMEI

Before learning how to change IMEI iPhone, it might be better if you know what it stands for or why it’s important. IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

You can say this number is used for identifying a product. No phones have the same IMEI number, after all. Also, you can find these 15 digits on the phone’s box or below the battery.

Even though the presence of the IMEI code is crucial and prevents your phone from getting stolen, sometimes you need to change the number for safety reasons. So, can you change IMEI iPhone 11? Yes, you can – and it goes the same with other types of iPhones.

Good to Know

First thing first, you have to understand what you are dealing with when you change the IMEI of your phone, regardless of the phone type. Commonly, you need to jailbreak the phone before starting the process.

Even though it requires you to go miles farther, the result is more promising if you jailbreak your iPhone. Furthermore, there are things worth considering before changing your IMEI number.

  • Make sure your iPhone is unlocked or activated. You have no idea about that? Feel free to find the guide on the internet.
  • Once you change IMEI iPhone, you agree that the warranty is expired. Thus, you better wait until the warranty period is over before doing this stuff.
  • If you use these methods on a stolen phone then you have to stop here. It’s easy to catch a stolen phone, especially if the culprit changes the IMEI.

If you already understand the risks you are dealing with, let’s move on to the next step.

How Can I Change IMEI iPhone?

There might not be many benefits offered by changing your phone’s IMEI. Other than that, keep in mind that you need to jailbreak your iPhone in the first place.

#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone

ZiPhone is a popular third-party app that helps change your iPhone’s IMEI. It is available for both Mac and Windows but below are steps for the latter.

  1. First of all, you need to download the zipped ZiPhone. After downloading and extracting, you will see something like below.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 1
  1. After that, launch the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously. And then type “cmd” on the box.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 2
  1. The system will open a new window of Command Prompt after you press enter. Access the ZiPhone directory by typing “cd Desktop/ZiPhone”.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 3
  1. Don’t forget to press enter to find out all possibilities.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 4
  1. After that, your iPhone has to be in recovery mode. You can press the Power and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time. If you see the Apple logo, release all buttons until your screen is showing something like in the picture.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 5
  1. If your iPhone is a 4.6 BL then you can unlock, activate, and jailbreak through this Command Prompt. All you need to do is type “ziphone-u-i-a29211002921100”. Those numbers represent the IMEI you want to have. Feel free to replace them.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 6
  1. In this part, the system will try to find the zibri.dat file before looking for the phone. Once the system finds them, all you need is to wait for less than 3 minutes.
#1 Change IMEI iPhone with ZiPhone - 7
  1. Once the waiting is over, your iPhone will restart and unlock. Other than that, you have the new IMEI.

The steps to change phone IMEI iPhone above might not be the simplest but it won’t disappoint you at all.

#2 How to Change IMEI on iPhone X with ZiPhone GUI

ZiPhone GUI is an app you can download and install on your Windows computer. It supports an easier process to change IMEI iPhone.

Before starting the process with this third-party app, you need to run the third to fifth steps from the previous method. It helps switch to iPhone recovery mode.

  1. After downloading and installing the ZiPhone GUI, open the app and go to the “Advanced Features” menu.
#2 How to Change IMEI on iPhone X with ZiPhone GUI - 1
  1. Click the bullet next to “Fake IMEI” and type in the numbers you want for the IMEI. Execute your action by clicking the “Perform actions” button.
#2 How to Change IMEI on iPhone X with ZiPhone GUI - 2

Using the ZiPhone GUI app allows you to change the IMEI without jailbreak in the first place. However, it won’t be as effective as using the iPhone IMEI change jailbreak method.

Why Do You Change the Phone IMEI?

There will always be reasons why people change the IMEI. And if you want to, you need to Cydia your iPhone in the first place; it means to jailbreak. While you can check your OG IMEI through your phone, there is no other way to change IMEI without computer.

So, why do people change IMEI iPhone? Here are some popular reasons to believe.

  • You become untraceable since your IMEI is changed.
  • Changing IMEI also means that you get a different ID for your iPhone.
  • If you are using an older operating system, changing IMEI allows you to enjoy the latest updates.

Final Words

Changing the IMEI of your iPhone 11 might not give you functional benefits. But you can perform the steps as long as you find the perfect tool change IMEI iPhone.

Just make sure that you know what you are dealing with. Otherwise, your iPhone warranty won’t be valid anymore. And this is the end section of things you need to know to change IMEI iPhone.

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