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How to Fix Computer Restarting Randomly Windows 10

Computer restarting randomly Windows 10 – Even though it might be just a glitch, this issue may affect your productivity. Other than that there might be a serious issue with the hardware – or software.

So, if you are experiencing a random restart that could happen several times then you should check out this article. Below, there are several ways you can try to fix any auto restart problem, especially if you are using Windows 10.

Why Does My Computer Keep Restarting Randomly?

As mentioned earlier, it affects your productivity and may lead to a serious problem with your PC after a few times. Several causes may lead to this annoying event, after all. Those causes are including:

  • Drivers issues, overheating graphic cards, or viruses.
  • Issues with your RAM.
  • Windows 10 updates.
  • Outdated BIOS
  • Adjusting the power settings.
  • The Sleep mode could trigger this issue.
  • Certair antiviruses.

While some computer restarting randomly Windows 10 and 11 issues are easy to spot, you may need to run further actions for some other causes.

What to Do When Computer Keeps Restarting Itself

Below is a list of several things you can do to fix any random reboot on your PC. Using a third-party app could be a good idea but you can try these methods in the first place.

#1 Change the Power Options

The first thing you do to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10 is by changing the power options. The steps are explained below.

  1. First, find the Power icon at the bottom of your screen and right-click on it. While you may see a few options, click “Power Options”.
#1 Change the Power Options - 1
  1. The next thing you should do is click the “Change plan settings” – it will take you to another window.
#1 Change the Power Options - 2
  1. In this part, click “Change advanced power settings” that may be located at the bottom of the window. After that, scroll your screen and find “Processor power management” to expand.
#1 Change the Power Options - 3
  1. Under the “Minimum processor state” menu, set it to 0% or 5%. It is better to be as low as possible – change both settings, though.
#1 Change the Power Options - 4
  1. Execute the changes by clicking “OK” and then restart your desktop.

This can be a way to fix Windows 10 keeps crashing and restarting issues. However, if it is not the case then you should move on to the next method.

#2 How to Fix PC Randomly Restarting: Update the BIOS

Even though this method may fix your issue, you shouldn’t do this if you have no idea what to do. Some experts stated that running BIOS updates can be critical, especially if it goes wrong. Unless you know what you are doing, you should not run this method.

However, here are several steps you can follow to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10 by updating BIOS.

  1. It is crucial to identify the version of your BIOS. Thus, hit the Windows key + R simultaneously and enter “msinfo32” inside the box – delete the quotation marks.
#2 How to Fix PC Randomly Restarting Update the BIOS - 1
  1. After you press enter, the System Information will appear on your screen. It shows you lots of information. Note what you read next to “BIOS Version/Date”.
#2 How to Fix PC Randomly Restarting Update the BIOS - 2
  1. In the picture, the BIOS is Dell’s. Thus, you need to access the Dell website and find the drivers of your BIOS by entering the previous information. You can also utilize the auto-detect option.
  2. The system will recommend what you should download. After downloading, you need to install the updates by clicking the .exe file.
  3. Wait until the update is finished and then restart your desktop.

While the BIOS is updating, you may see black screen several times. Do not turn off your desktop, disconnect from the power source, or anything until the process is completed. By doing so, your computer may get damaged.

#3 Adjust Windows Automatic Restart

Another way to fix pc randomly restarting is by checking the Windows Automatic Restart. You can disable this menu by following these steps.

  1. Right-click on your PC and access the Properties.
#3 Adjust Windows Automatic Restart - 1
  1. On the new window, click the “Advanced system settings” on the left area.
#3 Adjust Windows Automatic Restart - 2
  1. After that, go to the Advanced tab. In this part, you will see several options and click the “Settings” under the “Startup and Recovery” menu.
#3 Adjust Windows Automatic Restart - 3
  1. Uncheck the box next to “Automatically restart” and save the change by clicking “OK”.
#3 Adjust Windows Automatic Restart - 4
  1. The final step is to restart your PC.

So, if you are wondering “why does my computer keep restarting by itself” then it could be due to the automatic setting. This way is the simplest fix if your computer restarting randomly Windows 10.

#4 PC Keeps Restarting When Playing Games? Reinstall Your Graphic Cards

If your PC restarts randomly and without any warning while playing games then you can reinstall the graphic cards.

  1. Access the menu by pressing Windows + R at the same time. Input “devmgmt.msc”.
  2. After pressing Enter, the Device Manager window will open up. Find your graphic card and right-click on it. Uninstall the driver right away.
#4 PC Keeps Restarting When Playing Game Reinstall Your Graphic Cards - 1
  1. The system will ask for your confirmation and press Yes.
  2. Go to the Control Panel and head to “Uninstall a program”.
#4 PC Keeps Restarting When Playing Game Reinstall Your Graphic Cards - 2
  1. Scroll your screen and uninstall all things related to your graphic cards.
#4 PC Keeps Restarting When Playing Game Reinstall Your Graphic Cards - 3
  1. You can restart your desktop and then head to the manufacturer’s website. You should download the entire setup from the official source.
  2. If everything is successfully removed, you can reinstall the drivers and find out whether the issue is fixed.

Restarting the graphic cards is a good method if your computer restarting randomly Windows 10 when you are gaming.

#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update

In case your PC restarts without warning and it becomes very annoying, you can do this method. Updating the graphic card is another way to do it if the previous way on how to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10 didn’t work out.

  1. Access the Device Manager by pressing Window + R at the same time. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and hit enter.
#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 1
  1. Go to Display Adapters and right click on the graphic card. Choose “Enable”.
#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 2
  1. After that, right-click one more time on your graphic card and choose “Update Driver”.
#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 3
  1. You can go with “Search automatically” and let the system carry the entire process.
#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 4

Commonly, the steps above are enough to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10. But if it didn’t then move on to the next step.

1. You should do the similar steps to update the driver but this time go with “Browse my computer…

#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 5
  1. In this part, choose “Let me pick from a list…
#5 Or the Graphic Card Needs an Update - 6
  1. After that, click the compatible driver.

Wait until the entire process is completed and restart your device. Commonly, this method will prevent your desktop from random crash and restart in the future.

#6 Use Third Party Software

Why does my PC keep restarting? If you already give all previous methods a try but nothing seems to work then it could be overheating issues. Various reasons can be the culprit of an overheating PC.

To fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10 due to overheating, you should use a third-party app; HWMonitorPro is one of the best apps in the market.

Once you have installed this app, you can run it and let it be in the background. After that, you can perform any task that takes intense resources. Before knowing the culprit, you should check the temperature number after a few minutes.

If it shows signs of overheating then your computer keeps restarting randomly Windows 10 is caused by overheating issues. It might be due to the vents getting loads of dust and the circulation becomes poor. You better bring your unit to the service center, after all.

#7 It Could Be Malware

What happens if your computer keeps restarting? It will affect the performance of your CPU and could damage the hardware too. Thus, you better find the right way to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10.

Most of the time, crashes happen with error messages. The blue screen will show an error report so that you know what to do. However, if your PC keeps rebooting randomly without any error message then it could be viruses or malware.

In this case, you can install Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Malwarebytes will detect if any harmful thing is in the system and automatically delete them. Meanwhile, CCleaner will wipe the entire system that may cause the issues.

All the methods on what to do if your computer restarting randomly Windows 10 are generally safe to try though. But if you still cannot identify the issue, you better go to the professional and get your PC fixed.

Final Words

Keep in mind that there might be a lot of reasons why your desktop keeps crashing and rebooting over and over. Also, don’t ignore the signs because it may damage the hardware later. You may try all methods mentioned above to find out the culprit.

And this is everything you need to know about how to fix computer restarting randomly Windows 10. Don’t wait until your PC is broken.

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