Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 111

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 111

Mateo closes the door before flopping on the couch with his coffee in his hands.

“What are you looking for?” He asks, watching me.

“All the bills” I tell him.

“What’s left is on the desk, I did the rest already” Mateo says, making me look at him.

“You paid them?” I ask him knowing I had my card on me and the business cards that is used for pack business.

“Yeah, well I couldn’t get ahold of you and some were overdue” He says shrugging.

“Please tell me you didn’t use your own money Mateo, you should have left them, I would have done it when I got home ” I tell him now going to the filing cabinet to find the receipts. I was a little baffled. Usually I handled all pack finances, no one ever wanted to help, I even had three accountants quit on me before I started doing them because the paperwork was never ending. Plus the constant handling of pack members was driving them insane.

Mateo shrugs and I knew he did. “What’s mine is yours, I don’t mind helping Ezra. I am your Beta and your mate” He says.

“Don’t use your money, I will transfer it back to you, and get you a card for the pack account and my one then” I tell him.

“ Is that all you wanted then, I want to go check on kat” He says and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“She is still asleep” I tell him before sitting on the edge of my desk trying to figure out what’s wrong with him.

“I should wake her” He says.

“Just let her sleep,”I tell him, wondering why he was keen to wake her. He sighs but sits back down.

“I know something is wrong, what is it?” I ask him, wondering why he was trying to escape the room.

“Nothing Ezra, everything is fine, just tired” He says.

“Right, I can always command you to tell me but I would rather not” I tell him, yet he still says nothing. I sigh. “Go then” I tell him. He nods standing up and walking to the door before pausing.

I quickly drink the rest of my coffee. “Here take this out with you” I tell him, holding the cup out to him. He steps closer holding his hand out for it and I pull it away out of reach, I could feel his annoyance at m y childishness as he tries to reach for it, despite his annoyance, I notice his lips tug up slightly.

“Ezra give me the d**n cup, or I will leave it here ” he says stepping closer, I wrap my hand around his wrist j*****g him to me before placing my mug back on the desk.

“Ezra stop fooling around, just give me the cup” he says, his frustration making him growl.

“Not until you tell me why you’re in a mood, are you angry at me for not coming home?” I ask him.

“No, I told you I am tired” Mateo says before snatching the cup off my desk.

“I say you’re lying” I tell him as he turns around to leave.

“Just leave it Ezra” he says before walking out the door and closing it.

‘Hmm’ Mateo isn’t usually like that.

“It’s because you don’t want him” Maddox says, interrupting my train of thought making me realise I dropped my walls down.

“Wait! Don’t lock me in” Maddox growls in my head yet doesn’t push forward when I start to shove him back before he turns receding into the pits of m y mind himself. I sigh, pulling him back.

“What do you mean?” I ask him, I already marked him.

“Mateo wants you to want him like you want kat, and you think there is something wrong with me yet you can’t even read your own mates emotions” Maddox growls at me.

“I don’t not want him but-”

“Yeah because you’re straight and yadda yadda, but Mateo isn’t straight and I can feel you want him, maybe you aren’t so straight after all” Maddox says.

“Pretty sure I am still straight, ” I tell him.

“You sure, maybe you should look down, nothing wrong with wanting Mateo, he is our mate” Maddox says, making me realise how tight my pants were, just from his presence being close.

I could hear Mateo in the kitchen still, Maddox urging me to go check on him, my body moving on its own and I know it is Maddox’s doing yet he doesn’t fight for control when I see Mateo with his back to me washing the mugs in the sink before placing them on drying rack.

I move behind wrapping my arms around his waist and he stiffens before looking at me over his shoulder. He raises an eyebrow at me before reaching over and grabbing the tea towel and drying his hands on it.

“You have decided to be incredibly annoying this morning,” Mateo mumbles.

I press my e******n against him, finding that wanting him wasn’t about being g*y or not but about wanting my mate, and I did want him. I run one hand under his shirt, feeling the hard ridges of muscle beneath my hands. The other slipping into his track pants before I wrap my hand around his c*ck only for him to grip my wrist.

“Don’t play around with me, Ezra it’s not funny”

“I’m not playing with you Mateo” I tell him, bumping my hips against him. He hesitates but lets my wrist go, letting me touch him, letting me stroke him, his c**k twitching in my hand and I

find myself becoming painfully hard. My c*ck throbbing, and straining in my pants. Mateo turns, my hand slipping from his pants before he kisses me, I groan loving the feel of his lips on mine, his scent overwhelming me as I start ripping at his shirt wanting to touch him.

Mateo pressed himself against me and I reach down grabbing him through his pants, before pushing him toward the dining table until his a*s hits it, my lips hungrily devouring his, while his hands roamed over my arms and chest.

“What do you want Mateo?” Not sure what I am really doing but I wanted to be with him.

“You know what I want Ezra” He says against my lips, before biting my lip, his hand pushing my pants down releasing my throbbing c**k. I growled before turning him, knocking the chair on the other side of the table over as I shoved him, bending him over the table slightly with his hands braced on it. Mateo g****s when I push his pants down slightly and I reach around him grabbing his c**k. I stroke his length before pressing my length against him.

“Is this what you want?” I growl before feeling him tug my hip pulling me closer. I squeeze his c**k before adjusting myself before pressing the tip against him.

“You won’t hurt me” Mateo says, yet I still hesitate, surely this would hurt right?

“Ezra” Mateo says when I feel Maddox shove forward urging me and I push inside him. Mateo lets out a guttural groan, his c**k twitching in my hand. “F*ck! ” I groan my hips hitting his a*s.

I pull out before thrusting into him, my hand stroking him as I pick up my pace, slamming into him, my other hand gripping his side as I found my rhythm, my b***s tightening and I slam into him harder not holding back and he takes it pushing back against me meeting my thrusts before I feel his creamy liquid spill into my hand, his c**k throbbing in my hand before I find my own release and I still inside, my breathing raggard as I try and catch my breath.

Mateo also breathing heavily and I pull out of him and pull my pants up. Mateo does the same before kissing me, his tongue darting into my mouth before he pulls back. “I love you” He breathes his hand cupping my neck, I peck his lips.

“I love you too” I tell him before kissing him again, I press my body against his, my tongue tasting every inch of his mouth. Pulling away from him he lets me go and I turn around to wash my hands and nearly jump out of my skin when I see Kat leaning on the counter eating a bowl of cereal watching us.

“Morning” She says before she scoops up some fruit loops before eating them. She then reaches over and tosses me the tea towel.

“You are a b****y creeper sometimes,” Mateo chuckles. She shrugs, eating more of her cereal with a thoughtful look on her face. “Does it hurt?” She asks Mateo.

“No, well at first but no, why are you interested in trying it?” He asks and her lips tugs up.

“Maybe” She says, her eyes flickering and burning brighter for a second.