Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 120

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 120

Andrei POV

“Moss valley Pack Alpha is here” my father tells me, nudging me with his elbow as I lean on Alpha Nicholas’s car, I look out to see the youngest of us Alpha’s has arrived Harley. We were all standing out the front of the meeting place. Ezra has the keys and he was late. Ezra is never late and I saw a few of the Alpha’s looking around nervously and also anxious when I spotted the youngest Harley was directly trying to avoid everyone by staying near his car which I thought was a little odd. Nicholas nods to him and I shake my head also thinking it was weird. He wasn’t shy and had just as much right to be here but I could tell he was on edge.

Nicholas walks over to me. “Something isn’t right, he is never late” he says and I agree. I could see Harley texting furiously on his phone making me wonder what had got into him, he usually has no problem being around us despite his young age.

“Harley” I call over to him and he looked up before nodding to me.

“That’s not suss at all, he is usually one the first to growl out about people not using his title” Nicholas says. We like to taunt him by using his name instead of title and he always bites, this time he just nodded. I was about to approach him when my father grabbed my arm. I look at him and saw his

eyes glazed over and he had turned white as a sheet of paper.

His eyes focused back on me and he looked petrified. “We need to find Kat” he gasps. I look at him, my heart thudding erratically in my chest at his words and I see Harkey try to get back in his car about to flee. Nicholas also notices grabs him slamming him against his car door.

“What happened?”

“Mateo can’t feel them, he said he felt Ezra and her hurt but now can’t feel them” I stiffen turning to see Nicholas punch Harley making me rush over to them.

“What have you done you little s**t, tell me what you did” I hear Nicholas growl.

“I had no choice, Jackson has my mate” Harley says, my heart sinks for him but only temporarily because this affects my sister and I would k!ll him for her, I would k!ll every b*stard here for her.

“Where is she?” I snapped at him but it was my father that grabs him first.

“Where is my daughter?” He snaps punching him, Harley head whips to the side but my father in a pure fit of rage continues hitting him until Nicholas and I pull him off.

“Where is my sister?” I ask him grabbing his shirt and lifting him forward, his face bleeding. I feel everyone’s eyes me, only a few knew Derrick was actually my father and Katya was my sister only my pack and Ezra’s we didn’t need it to be put out there

I have more of a target on my back for the s**t I have done, last thing I wanted was to add more stress onto her by having to watch out for my enemies instead of her own.

“Your sister?” Harley says and I growl at him.

“Katya is my sister now, where is she?” I ask again, Donnie wanting to rip him to shreds as Harfley looked between my father and me putting the pieces together. I could also see Nicholas’ eyes on both of us unable to contain his shock.

“Jackson took Kiela, he knew there would be retaliation and he wanted me to tell him when the Alpha meeting was on and location so he could ambush them” Harley says. The moment the words left his lips my father was already shifted racing toward the road leading in here.

“Go The Alpha and the Luna have been attacked, Nicholas bellows at his men”

“I need to go” I tell Nicholas shifting”

“Leave Harley with me” Nicholas says and I nod shifting mid run to catch up.

It took us twenty minutes before we stumbled across a black car, the front end smashed in and it was abandoned on the side of the road, the barrier also smashed and the steel bent and broken. Tyre marks leading over the edge and my father was first jumping the ledge, despite the great distance, his wolf never broke stride as he ran through the forest it was clear something had rolled down the mountain by the snapped bushes and I could smell fuel and oil as I followed after him before finding Ezra’s car on its roof leaning against a tree. I shift back.

“Derrick” I sing out as he starts ripping the car door open in a panic.

“Where is she, where is she?” He says when he only finds Ezra’s unconscious body on the inside. I grabbed his arm dragging him out yet I couldn’t see

any wounds though he was drenched in his own blood. I could smell Katya’s blood and knew she too was also injured. I slap Ezra’s face and he g****s.

“Derrick! ” I call out to him as he frantically rushes around looking for Kat. He ignores me and I growl annoyed at him. He was losing it, but Mateo would feel it if she was d**d. That’s not something you don’t feel and it sure as h**l isn’t something you forget.

“Dad! ” I yell and he stops. The word felt strange leaving my lips. I had only said it a few times and I don’t know if I would ever get used to the word but it worked as he stopped, coming over to me just as Nicholas’s men stepped through the trees choosing the safer route then to jump down and run through the forest.

“Tell your Alpha to meet us at the road” I tell them and they nod, mind linking him.

“Ezra?” I say slapping him, he suddenly gasps and I realise Kat had healed him before they took her when suddenly I meet the eyes of Maddox as he shoves forward or Ezra lets him forward, I wasn’t sure but maybe Ezra was more injured than I thought meaning Kat is possible unconscious from healing him. His canines protrude past Ezra lips as a growl escapes him.

“Where is my kitty?” He growls the sound so menacing it makes my wolf stir wanting to shift in case he attacks us.

“Jackson has her, Harley betrayed us” I tell him and I barely jump back in time as he shifts, his claws sliding down my side before he takes off jumping over the upturned car heading for the road. I hear Nicholas’ men shriek at seeing him, it sounds funny from grown men but not many were a match for his wolf, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually soiled themselves..

“Get back to Mateo and tell him what’s going on, tell him to rally everyone” I tell my father.

“What are you doing?” he asked and I could tell he wanted to follow Maddox.

“Going with Ezra, his wolf isn’t thinking he could be running into a trap” I tell him before running through the trees just as I hear a car screech to a stop on the road running adjacent to the forest.

Nicholas was in the car and I could see a knocked out Harley leaning heavily on the door. I had never in my life thought I would be saying this. Especially to someone like Nicholas but I knew he could be trusted despite the power I was about to give him.

“What’s left of my pack is at your disposal, gather my men with yours along with Ezra’s and get them to Jacksons”

“Ezra wont like me ordering his men”

“Do it he won’t care not when they have his mate, Mateo will back you if needed” I tell Nicholas and he nods before I hear the car screeching as he turns around heading to Ezra’s pack. I looked for my father but he was already long gone to inform Mateo. I let Donnie have the reigns as we tear after Maddox.