Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 41

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“Have you known all this time we are mates?” I ask Ezra.

“Since the moment you walked into my office, you were always going to be mine, Kat. You just didn’t know it. Even if you didn’t have a wolf, but I knew you did,” he says.

‘Can we shift now then’ I ask my wolf, but she shakes her head.

‘Not yet; we aren’t strong enough yet,’ she tells me.

“What’s your wolf saying?” Ezra asks, bringing me back to my surroundings.

“That we can’t shift; we aren’t strong enough.”

“You will eventually, but for now, let’s get you in the shower,” he says, standing and pulling me to my feet. His eyes flicker to Maddox for a second, and the Alpha shudders, pulling control back from his wolf before his shoulders relaxes again.

I follow him to the bathroom, only to realise my clothes are saturated in sweat and sticking to my skin. I peel them off, disgusted that I could even sweat that much. I hear Ezra start the shower behind me and I walk over to the mirror.

I almost jumped at the sight of my complexion. My skin was glowing, and I don’t mean subtly either, literally glowing like a halo around me. My eyes gold glowing back at me.

“I can’t go to school like this, I look like a glowstick” I say trying to rub the glow off my skin.

“I’m sure it will go down, but Kat?” He stops and I look back at him.

“What?” I ask him.

“I don’t think it is wise if you go back to school, we need to keep you hidden. We can’t risk anyone finding out what you are” he says.

“What? am I meant to stay in the pack house?” I ask him.

“Not forever just till we figure this out, once we know your safe then your free to do what you want”

“I can’t stay here, I will go crazy with boredom, Ezra” he sighs loudly.

“Just for now please, I am not going to stop you if you do leave, you aren’t my prisoner but please think about it. I don’t want you leaving without me or Mateo”

“Can I at least visit my parents, and see Jasmine?”

“Of course but no school, not right now”

“Has something happened?” I ask him.

“Your mother was spotted by the border”

“So why is that an issue? Jackson won’t step foot over here, your pack has always scared him”

“That’s not the issue Kat, when we tried to deny it, they had photos” he tells me, stepping out of his shorts. I step in the shower, grabbing the soap. The water feels cold making me shiver and my n*****s to harden. I turn the water up trying to warm up.

“I dont get why that is a problem”

“The photos were taken from inside pack borders Kat, they even had one of you at school”


“One of my pack member’s is helping Jackson. If an outsider stepped over the border I would know, Alpha’s can feel it when an intruder is on their territory. Once I mark you, you will be able to feel it too”

“But that makes no sense, or you would have predicted the rogue attack” I tell him.

“I did, but I asked my men on the borders and they said nothing came through, so I put it down to stress, it wasn’t the first time I had a false alarm”

“So someone in the pack is helping get information to Jackson?”

“Yes, And I don’t think it has anything to do with your mother hitting the Alpha’s daughter, I think it has something to do with you” he says.

Ezra steps in the shower before jumping,

“Sh*t Kat that is boiling” he says adjusting the tap.

“I thought it felt cold” I told him, looking down at my skin which was orange from the heat.

“Yeah, maybe it was hotter than I thought,” I tell him, looking up and washing myself.

“So can I look?” He asks, making my brows furrow.

“Huh?” Before it clicks.

“Are you seriously still waiting for verbal permission?” I chuckle.

“Well it’s not my body, so yeah I am” he retorts, pecking my lips.

“You know I saw you n***d the first time we showered together and I never bothered to ask?” I laugh.

“I know, I could feel you eye F*cking me, felt quite assaulted by your gaze” he mocks and my face heats at his words.

“You embarrass way too easily,” he says.

“Fine you can look and I wasn’t embarrassed” I told him.

“Sure you weren’t,” he says.

‘You were embarrassed because you got caught, don’t worry I’m taking pics for the memory bank for you’ my wolf says and I chuckle at her.

Focusing back on Ezra his eyes were pitch black, his jaw clenched.

“Hello Maddox,” I tell him, touching his cheek. His jaw relaxes and he smiles devilishly.

“You done gawking, can you give Ezra control please” I ask him.

“No!” His wolf says, making me jump.

‘Well isn’t he quite the brute, I like him already’ Kora purrs, pressing forward.

‘kora, stop it’ I tell her as Maddox grips my arm hearing her purring at him. His canines protruded, his face twisting slightly.

“Maddox?” I question him and he growls softly pushing me back against the tiles.

“Sh*t, Kat get out!” I hear Ezra’s voice echoing in my head. I feel Maddox claws slip into my arm and I hiss as they break my skin. His eyes flickering.

“Kat, get out now, Mateo!” I hear him boom through the mindlink.

‘we can’t shift, we can’t shift’ My wolf worries.

‘Well if you didn’t start purring at him’ I tell her.

‘ I didn’t think he..’ I shove her back which surprisingly was quite hard to do. I try to get out of his grip as he presses his entire body against me, his chest rumbling as he purrs.

“My kitty” Maddox purrs licking my neck.

“Mateo!” I hear Ezra scream through the bond before hearing a door thrown open and hearing running.

“Kat do something” Ezra says.

“I don’t want to hurt you” I tell him and I hear Mateo hit the bedroom door.

Sh*t it’s locked.

“Just do it Kat, he won’t give me control and he is going to mark you” Ezra says and I hear the door bang again before hearing Mateo curse.

Maddox growls and I feel his tongue run over my neck before feeling his teeth graze my skin.

“Sorry!” I say before lifting my knee between his legs. Maddox grunts and I shove him off. The bedroom door c*****s down when he suddenly growls and lunges at me before shoving me behind his back. Mateo walks in with his hands up.

“Alpha, you’re scaring her” Mateo says and I try to push him forward so I can run for the door. Maddox growls at him, shoving me further behind him, his claws cutting into my wrist.

“I’m not taking your mate from you Alpha, just opening the shower screen”

“Mine!” Maddox growls.

“Yes she is yours, but I need to get her out. You’re scaring my Luna” Mateo tells him and I could hear his heart thumping loudly. Ezra tells Maddox to let Mateo take me, leaving the mind l**k open so we can hear him.

“Kat take my hand” I heard Mateos’ voice, yet couldn’t see his hand. Maddox growls menacingly. “Mine!” He growls and I see fur start to grow on his arms.

“Mateo, hop out” I gasp as Ezra’s entire body starts trembling.

“I do and he will mark and mate you” Mateo says and I feel my heart rate pick up.

“Listen to her heart rate Alpha you’re scaring her, just give Ezra control and I will leave” he says to him. I try to squeeze past him when he shoves me back behind him refusing to let go of my wrist which was bruising under the pressure.

“Maddox please?” I tell him, touching his side. He shivers, the trembling stopping.

“Mine!” Maddox growls.

“Yours” I tell him, and his grip on my wrist loosens.

I run my hand across his back and he relaxes slightly.

“Yours, please give Ezra control” I tell him. But he shakes his head before turning around.

“Mateo get her out” I hear Ezra’s voice getting softer and softer as Maddox pushes him back taking all control from him.

“Mine, mine not his” Maddox growls at me, I look at him confused.

“Yes yours” I tell him, pushing on his chest but it was like trying to move a brick wall. His breathing is getting heavier. I see Mateos hand out of the corner of my eye and slowly move my hand off his chest, Maddox pressing closer sniffing me when I feel Mateos hand wrap around my wrist.

Maddox purrs softly pressing his face in my neck, his hand grabbing my b****t and he runs the pad of his thumb over my n****e when I suddenly feel myself jerked away so quickly I am thrown into Mateo, who then shoves me out the door just as I hear a deafening growl and the sound of snapping bones. I tumble onto the carpet in the bedroom before getting up and jumping out of the way as they both suddenly shift.

Maddox shifting into his true self before he tears into Mateos shoulder before flinging him into the wall, he hits the Tv before smashing into the floor. Mateo gets to his feet and lunges at him, teeth and claws scratching and biting into each other.

Maddox rips into Mateos side before shaking his head. Mateo whimpers, being forced to shift back. Blood stains the floor and Mateo kicks him in the face, Maddox head snapping to the side and Mateo scrambles backwards.

Maddox growls, stalking him before lunging at him and I throw myself at Mateo. I see Maddox paw coming straight for my face, claws out when he suddenly freezes. His claws stopped just off the side of my face. He shakes his head backing up.

“Please bring Ezra back” I sob, tears running down my face, my heart leaping in my chest. He growls at me, Mateo pulling me toward the door with his arm around my waist. Maddox growls and I squeeze my eyes shut, a whimper leaving my lips when I am smashed with his Alpha Aura. Mateo whimpers too. Before I suddenly hear bones snapping before feeling tingles rush over my face and warm hands cup them.

“Kat I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” I hear Ezra’s voice. I grab his hands, my own shaking uncontrollably.

Mateo lets me go and I hear him take a deep breath behind me, his heart rate slowing.

Ezra grabs me, crushing me against his chest. I looked at Mateo who was bleeding, his shoulder torn badly and his flank.

I reach out to him but he jumps back away from me. “Don’t waste it on me Kat, I can heal on my own” he says hopping up.

“Thank you” Ezra tells him and Mateo nods before looking down at me in his arms.

“Be more careful next time” Mateo says to him. The Alpha nods to him before turning his head to face me. I see Mateo walk out, blood running down his back and legs from Ezra’s wolf. Ezra however wasn’t unscathed either, his body also coated in blood but he was already healing like Mateo.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he would come forward like that” he says, tipping my chin up to look at him.

“You know I would never hurt you intentionally right? did he hurt you, are you okay?” Ezra says, looking me over. He grabs my wrist examining it.

“I’m fine, it’s not that bad” I tell him, more worried about the state Mateo was in when he left the room.

“I’m sorry,”

“Stop apologizing, I know you didn’t mean it”

“No it’s my fault, it’s because I haven’t let you near him much, he is anxious to mark you”

“It’s fine, I am fine”

“I need to shower but I don’t think you should come in with me” I nod in agreement.

“I will use the other bathroom” I tell him looking down at my body that was covered in both their blood and grey and black fur.

I hop up and grab my towel before wrapping it around me and heading for the other bathroom down the hall.