Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

“Does the Alpha help with training?” I ask Jasmine.

“Yeah, he comes every day to help train us if he isn’t in meetings. Training is compulsory no matter age and gender; also, the school is short-staffed at the moment,” I watch as Angie, the girl Jasmine told me to avoid, runs across the field towards the Alpha, clinging onto him like a leech.

“Yeah, Angie has a thing for the Alpha. Seems to think he will choose her as his mate,” Jasmine says, and I nod. For some reason, seeing her cling on to him annoyed me a little, but I shoved it aside. I didn’t want any trouble with her, especially if she is as bad as Jasmine claims she is.

“How old is the Alpha?” I ask. He looked pretty young compared to my last Alpha, who was in his fifties.

“twenty five, he is a good Alpha, strict but fair. A lot better than his father, who was a complete a*****e.”

“So he took over the pack when his father stepped down?” Jasmine shakes her head.

“No, Alpha Ezra k****d him and took over when he was seventeen,”

“Geez, a lot wouldn’t have enjoyed answering to a seventeen-year-old,” I tell her, but she shakes her head.

“No, everyone was glad to see Alpha Dean get taken down; he was cruel. Women weren’t even allowed to train back then. He treated them like animals, and he used to k**l anyone that stepped out of line; he even k****d his own mate and his chosen ones,” she says, making me feel sick at her words.

“That’s terrible,” I tell her, and she nods sadly.

“Yeah, everyone hated him. Things changed after the Alpha took over. He made sure women could train to better protect themselves. Maybe that’s why he was so quick to have your family join our Pack. Your mother would be an advantage to have and your father given that he has Beta genes” I nod.

“Maybe,” I tell her just as Alpha Ezra looks in our direction. I drop my head and am thankful when the school bells ring, signaling the end of lunch. Jasmine and I make our way back to our lockers and grab our gym clothes out. We quickly made our way to the bathrooms, changing before heading down to the ovals where they were setting up earlier.

Alpha Ezra and my mother talked amongst a few teachers before silence suddenly fell over everyone, and people started walking off into the designated groups. I followed Jasmine over to our age group and was a little shocked to see Alpha Ezra come over to us. Jasmine smiles at him when he approaches.

“Hey, Alpha,” She says, smiling brightly; her smile was contagious.

“Hi, Jas, you can sit out for today, Kat, to see how things are run if you like,” He says, and I nod, grateful I didn’t have to start training straight away.

“No, she can train like the rest of them,” My mother says, coming up behind him. So much for sitting out.

“She doesn’t have to, Shirley. I can excuse her,” Alpha Ezra says, and I give my mother a pleading look. My mother presses her lips in a line but doesn’t say anything.

“Come sit on the bleachers and watch,” Alpha Ezra tells me, and I follow him over to them before sitting down. I watch everyone train. Alpha Ezra gets up a few times to help some teachers and correct some students. When he comes back over, though, he looks down at me.

“How are you liking school so far?”

“It’s fine,” I tell him, not really comfortable around him. I noticed my mother kept looking over at me nervously, which made me more nervous about his presence.

“Do you train a lot with your mother?” He asks.

“Yes, mum doesn’t like me missing training, as you can see,” I tell him, and he nods.

“Good, well, you can have today and tomorrow off, but then you can start training with everyone else,” He says, and I nod. I notice Angie come over, stopping in front of me, and I see the glare she gives me.

“You should be training Angie. Get back on the field,” Ezra tells her.

“I was just seeing if you can come and help me, Ezra,” she purrs, and it’s obvious the crush she has on him.

“That’s Alpha! Now get back on the field,” He tells her, pointing back the way she came. She looks down at me, her eyes narrowing before she saunters off. I knew she would make my life h**l, and I haven’t even spoken to her yet.

“Well, I better get back out there Kat, I will see you around,” He says, walking off toward my mother, who was now scolding Angie for walking off the field.

When training finishes, my mother calls me over. I walk over to her, and she grabs my arm, pulling me aside from prying ears.


“For someone who is supposed to be lying low, you seem to grab the Alpha’s attention, Kat. We talked about this. You need to stay away from him and his Beta. We can’t afford for people to know just yet,” she scolds me.

“Well, maybe if you told them I wouldn’t have to hide,” It isn’t like I sought him out; he approached me.

“Attitude, young lady, I won’t handle disrespect,” she says, and I roll my eyes, regretting it instantly.

“Katya, you may be my daughter, but that doesn’t mean you will get away with slacking off, now ten laps of the oval,”

“What? Come on, mum, you can’t be serious,” I argue back when his scent hits me. Alpha Ezra walked up and stopped beside me, obviously witnessing our dispute.

“Everything okay?” He asks my mother. She bows her head in respect.

“Yes, Alpha, it will be. Now go, Katya,” she says, pointing to the edge of the field.

I take my jumper off before tossing it at her; she can’t be f*****g serious. Why was she acting like this?

“Make that twenty,” she calls out. I groan but go to the edge of the field, cursing her name.

“Keep going, Kat, and it will be thirty. Now start running,” I roll my eyes and start doing laps. Jasmine does a couple with me before getting tired and sitting down. My legs b****d by the time I did fifteen, and my lungs felt like they were about to explode. Stopping, I brace my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath. My mother blows her whistle, grabbing my attention, and I look over at her.

“Five more Kat, I didn’t say stop,”

“This is b******t,” I mutter under my breath.

“You want me to add more? “My mother calls out. I shake my head and continue running around the oval. Alpha Ezra, I noticed, was in the bleachers watching, and by the look on his face, something had made him angry.