Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 11

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 11

  Drake POV

  Elias dropped me off at the border, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to remain with my mates, help her settle in but I had no other choice other than to go confront my father. He was in the middle of a meeting when I walked in with his Beta, both of them standing around his oval desk looking at some maps. My brothers lounging on the couch looking incredibly bored which I understood my father tended to drone on and on over the little things. Walking in, my youngest brother Chase looks up, a smile slipping onto his face at seeing me before moving over on the two-seater he was sitting on.

  “What are they talking about?” I ask, sitting down.

  “You would know if you were here” My father spits at me, I fight the urge to growl at him, knowing it’s pointless to argue back with him. Last time I tried he had three pack warriors force me out the packhouse and to the cells. They hated it, they didn’t understand why I put up with his s**t.

  My father ordered them to whip me. All were reluctant until I ordered them to get it over with, I didn’t want them punished for disobeying him. It wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last. But I understood, he couldn’t look weak in front of anyone even if it meant punishing his own son. I took it on the chin, that argument was pretty b****l, and I humiliated him in front of the pack which he doesn’t take lightly.

  My father dismisses his Beta and Gamma showing them to the door.

  “Where have you been?” He says leaning against his desk and looking down at me.

  “With my mate” I answer, and he growls.

  “I won’t have a poofter for a son, why do you keep openly disobeying me”

  “Not Tate, not that it should f*****g matter”

  My father scoffs before growling at me taking a step toward me. I get up and he freezes. I was a lot bigger than him and it would be clear who would win if I did challenge him, but my old man wasn’t one to back down.

  “You dare disrespect your Alpha”

  “Quit tossing around your authority Dad, you should have handed the pack over years ago” Chase chimes in behind me.

  “Stay out of it boy, or you will spend the next week in the cells and I will cut your allowance for the next month” My father warns him. Chase shakes his head pissed off.

  “I haven’t got time for this, we have had four rogue attacks this week and lost seven people, you want to deal with this s**t?” He says, glaring at Chase who growls in return.

  “Now this mate where is she then, you want this pack I need proof you”-

  “She is with Tate” I answer and my father growls.

  “Is that why you stink of that f*****g Alpha, have you been over there s******g your boy toy”

  I growl at him, my fists clenching at his words. I f*****g hated that he was so small minded.

  “She is his mate too, I thought it was safer if she stayed with him until, I told you”

  “And why would you think that, what is it with you? First you bring home a man and now you’re telling me you’re going to share your mate with someone else” He laughs, and I have to fight the urge to punch him.

  “She is mated to both of us” My father thinks for a second pinching the bridge of his nose.

  “We are going to be the laughingstock of the Pack. This is unacceptable; you need to bring her here and mark her before that germ of an Alpha does” I step forward, fists clenched tightly at my side. Titus growling and I feel my claws extend digging into my palms, Chase gets up gripping my shoulder as I try and fight against my wolf from taking over.

  “Just remember son you f*****g owe me, I won’t tolerate this behaviour, you have until tomorrow to bring this so-called mate here marked or I will banish you from this pack” He bellows. Titus is just on the edge of the surface pushing beneath my skin wanting to be unleashed, my brothers looked outraged at my fathers words but added nothing.

  Chase shoves me out the door, pushing me towards the front of the house.

  “Come, I will drive you” He says, as I regain control. My younger brother pulling on my arm, he was a spitting image of my father, though my fathers hair was greying but in his younger years, he had the same dark brown hair and brown eyes to match, though Chase too was also bigger but still not quite as bulky as me, but he had heart and loved a fight but not even he was brave enough to go against my father for fear of becoming a rogue or fear of what my father would do to his mother.

  Hopping in his silver Lexus, I buckle my seatbelt.

  “I don’t understand why you don’t just challenge him; you would kick the old fossils a*s” He states when he starts the car. I shake my head.

  “What has he got over you that you won’t step up, don’t you want to be Alpha?” He asks. Honestly, I didn’t, yeah in some sense I did. I have the same drive to protect my pack, but what good would I be without my mates, without them I am weak.

  Now I have a bigger problem, he expects me to mark her. My father is old fashioned and believes women are to be seen not heard. That they should be obedient and do as they are told. Lana though, I know wouldn’t allow that sort of treatment nor did I expect her to accept that treatment. My mother k****d herself because she couldn’t handle my father’s harsh ways. If it wasn’t for a witch’s help, it would have k****d him. She severed the remnants of the bond so he could live. My father said my mother was weak, but in reality, he was because the one person who he should have adored and cherished, he destroyed. All because he didn’t believe she was his equal and she refused to give him any more kids.

  I was shocked when he was granted a second chance mate, how the Moon Goddess could be so cruel as to subject another woman to the same treatment that my mother suffered through for years. Yet she has remained by his side and gave him three more sons. Though none have lived up to his expectations either, he always says they are too weak to run the pack, though any of them would be great at it, they had alpha blood after all. My mother was an Alpha, though my brother’s mother Clarice was an omega, so he thinks that makes them weak. One day I can see them snapping, sometimes I pray for it. My father is right though, I owed him, if it weren’t for me, we never would have become rogue.

  Maybe Tate is right, maybe my father is no better than his father, though at least mine didn’t k**l his mate with his b**e hands and turn into a psychotic monster like Tate’s.

  “Why don’t you just leave, live with Tate and be happy” Chase asks, as he pulls up to the first gate. The guards open it recognising his car. Chase is the only one of my brothers that have been on Tate’s territory, Chase even helps me sneak over here.

  “Because it wouldn’t work, how are two Alpha’s going to run a Pack?”

  “Tate would figure it out, he loves you. I don’t understand how you can throw that away for our father. I can’t wait to find my mate as soon as I do, I am out of here” He tells me.

  “That’s because you can, you don’t have the weight of the pack on your shoulders”

  “Hey, I will gladly take over the pack, but he won’t let me and quite frankly I couldn’t be f****d putting up with him till he croaks”

  “So, what would you do, if you find out your mate is an omega, step down to another Alpha?” I ask curious.

  “Yep, easy choice for me, I will choose the moon goddess over being Alpha any day. We are paired for a reason Drake, maybe it is time you realise that” He says, as we finally pull into Tate’s driveway.

  Tate was standing out the front when we pulled up, Lana nowhere to be seen.

  “That was quick” He states as I hop out of the car.

  “Chase” He gives my brother a quick nod as he walks over patting Tate on the back.

  “So where is this Luna?” He asks, looking around for our mate.

  “Inside unpacking, I think”

  “You think?” I ask. Tate nods.

  “She hasn’t come out of the room and I have been too busy to go up and check on her” He tells me, and I nod walking inside to go search for Lana.