Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 21

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 21

  Drake’s POV

  Pulling up at the meeting place I only see Chase who was leaning on his pickup truck, pulling in beside him I park my car and hop out. “Just you?” I ask him wondering why my two other brothers didn’t show up with him.

  Chase looks around nervously before tossing his cigarette and stamping it out with his foot.

  “Dad has forbidden us from seeing you” He states. Climbing up on the bulbar, I sit on the bonnet of his truck.

  “What are you doing here then?” I ask annoyed. My father was really trying to get me to come crawling back and the only way he will even accept me coming back is if I force Lana’s hand which would not be happening.

  “Because I am leaving” He tells me making my head whip in his direction. He points to the back of his truck and I notice the luggage.

  “For how long?” Chase shrugs before sighing, he looked exhausted like he hadn’t been sleeping even his clothes were wrinkled which was out of character for him, my father has probably had him running patrol.

  “Not sure, want to head to Avalon City, see if I can find my mate. Maybe a month, I’m not sure yet. I just need to get away from him. He has gone off the rocker since he banished you” He tells me.

  “How so?”

  “Doubled everyone’s workload for one, put a curfew out and this morning he announces pack training is daily, twice a day like he is preparing for something” Chase admits making me worried. Our warriors were equipped to deal with rogues, so it left another question: was he preparing to go to war with Tate?

  “You don’t think?” I ask, not finishing the sentence. I didn’t really want to know the answer though I was positive I already did.

  “Yes, he has it stuck in his head that he can force you to choose or at least force Tate to reject you so you can mark Lana and take over the pack. Heard him talking to his Beta last night. Now that he knows you are fated to Lana Black. He wants you to mark her more because of the benefits to the pack”

  “Not those b****y rumours again” I groan. We had heard about it for years once Aria was found that when she officially became Luna that her Pack was strengthened by her link to the pack, not only was she bonded to the Alpha but her Pack, making them stronger, their lifelines longer and making them stronger and better fighters. The Same happened with the crescent Pack when Lily took over as Luna, apparently the pack picked up some hybrid Traits, that they too were also strengthened by her Mutation. Ever since, no one has gone to war against them, knowing they were unstoppable and not only that, Aria was a direct descendant of the moon goddess and an original vampire making her a perfect predator which now left another question would that mean once Lana was marked and mated, would she strengthen our pack. My father for years tried to make treaty agreements with The Crescent pack, but Alpha Damien always refused because his loyalty resides with Tate. Giving my father another reason to hate my mate, but now not only does he hate Tate, he now wants to use Lana in his games of power.

  “Yes, and they aren’t rumours”

  “What’s your mother think?” I ask, wondering what my stepmother’s opinion is on this whole situation.

  “You know mum. She won’t go against him, dad sent her to her sisters. Doesn’t want her involved said she was making us weak” Chase says shaking his head.

  “F*****g hate him, I don’t know why you don’t just challenge him Drake. What is it that he has over you, you not doing anything, affects all of us. You realise that, right?” He says suddenly becoming angry.

  “Woah settle down, why is it up to me to challenge him, what if I don’t want to be Alpha?” I ask, sick of all the weight being shoved on my shoulders.

  “Mum is Omega remember, dad would never allow it and he has half the Pack brainwashed into thinking blood, and its purity of Alpha’s is the way of life”

  “You are Alpha though”

  “Tell him that then” Chase snaps at me. Chase rarely got angry, was a master at self-control but whatever has been going on in the short amount of time I have been gone, has really riled him up.

  “I need to go, I can’t do this s**t anymore. Sort out your s**t with Lana and Tate. You need to hurry up and pick a side. Either do what dad wants or f*****g challenge him and keep your mates” He says getting in his car and slamming the door. He rolls down the window and I jump off the bonnet.

  “Look I’m sorry, I just can’t keep getting caught in the middle of you and dad, of dad and mum. I need to leave” He says, his anger diffusing.

  “I will think of something” I tell him.

  “You better because dad is declaring war next week if you haven’t marked her and brought her back” He says, starting his car. I step back.

  “Hey” I call when he starts to take off, he looks back out the window at me.

  “Love you bro” He nods before leaving in a cloud of dust and tearing off down the road and heading to wherever he plans on going.

  I sit in my car for god knows how long, time slipping by while I try to come up with a solution to my problems. When the sun starts to go down, I know I need to head home and start my car, heading toward the border when I see my fathers black SUV coming up behind me, the lights flashing, and I pull back over and get out of the car. My father stepping out in his grey suit, rocks crunching under his feet as he walks toward me.

  “Little dressed up for the woods father” I tell him walking toward him.

  “I have business in the city, have you seen Chase?” He asks, stopping in front of me.

  “And how would I see chase when I have been banished?” I ask, not liking his tone.

  “Don’t lie to me boy, I know they have been coming to see you, are you trying to turn them against me, trying to make them band together with your army of faggots” He spits at me. I growl at him taking a step forward, when I see the car door open behind him, his Beta hopping out and two pack warriors. I chuckle, shaking my head.

  “Get back in the car unless you want me to show you who the real Alpha is supposed to be” I tell them. My father growls not liking me denouncing him.

  “You owe me for what you did, I will not hand the pack over until I know it’s in safe hands”

  “It has never been in safe hands you old fool, you are making them weak. The only reason I haven’t kicked your f*****g a**e is because you are my father” I tell him. My father laughs.

  “Is that what you tell yourself, it wouldn’t have anything to do with your guilt, huh son. She would be alive if it weren’t for you. We never would have been banished if it weren’t for what you did, don’t you forget that. They would have s*********d you for what you did, you owe me. Now get that little b***h to comply or I will start a war. You have three days son” He says, turning his back on me and walking back toward his car.

  “You’ll lose, you know that right?” He stops, turning back to look at me.

  “Oh and why is that?”

  “You have no idea who you are going up against, Tate has had every opportunity to take you down but hasn’t because of me. You starting a war against him will only end in your d***h father and I won’t stop him” I warn him.

  “You would turn your back on family for a man” He bellows.

  “I never turned my back on you, you are just to stubborn to admit when you are wrong, just like you were wrong about mum when you said she wouldn’t do it, she f*****g proved you wrong didn’t she”

  “Your mother was weak and that’s on you, you should have kept your mouth shut, don’t forget who handed her that blade son. Poor little Drake not able to say no to his mummy”

  “I only gave it to her because she said she was going to f*****g k**l you with it” I scream at him.

  “What did you just say?”

  “You f*****g heard me, you drove her to it, I was child you can’t put that blame on me. Sure, blame me for what happened after but her d***h that’s on you” I tell him before turning my back on him and walking to my car. I leave spraying his car with rocks. The nerve of that man, to blame his own son for his cruelty, for his misdoings. Yet at the same time I still couldn’t bring myself to hate him, blood is thicker than water and my relationship with him has always proven that, if I weren’t his son, he probably would have let them k**l me to save himself. But I was the last piece he had of her, so he did what he had to and begged for my life, instead getting us banished and giving up his title. But it never would have come to that if he had been a better husband, a better mate to her.

  He k****d her, forced her hand. Now that I have found Lana, the thought of what he did and how it affected my mother was starting to make me hate him. Maybe we weren’t much different after all, I hurt Tate and Lana without realising it, my father though he knew he was hurting her, knew because he still fooled around long after he marked her.