Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

  Lana’s POV

  The next morning, I woke to Drake rolling over and snuggling into me. I felt wide awake and I realise I didn’t even take my sleeping tablets last night, yet I felt well rested. Tate stirring beside me before sitting up and looking down at me.

  “Morning” He says leaning down and kissing me. Sparks rushing over my skin and I could feel his happiness radiating through the bond. Drake yawns rubbing his eyes before kissing my b****t.

  “Morning beautiful” He says before propping himself up on his elbow, his hand on my sternum. Tate leans over hesitantly trying to gauge Drake’s reaction after last night. I could feel his worry that Drake would be back to his normal self, rejecting him like he usually does. Drake surprising both of us when he grabs the back of Tate’s head pulling him closer and kissing him, his tongue moving between Tate’s lips and I feel my stomach tighten at the sight of them. Tate purrs into his mouth before deepening the kiss. I felt bad for Tate, always worrying about Drake going to pull away from him again, the anxiety it causes him is a little overwhelming when he wanted nothing but to mark him and claim him as his.

  Drake pulls back a smile on his lips. “And morning to you too” He says. I feel relief flood me at Drake’s words. I was worried he was going to regret marking him, but he seems to be slowly coming around to it.

  “I’m not going anywhere” Drake tells him, and I know he can feel Tate’s anxiety. Tate nods before sitting up.

  “I need to get ready for the Pack meeting” He says looking over at us.

  “You want to come?” He asks hopefully looking to Drake.

  “Sure, we can all go” He says sitting up and wandering into the bathroom. I hop out of bed heading for the shower too. Turning the water on, I step under the stream letting it warm my bones. This morning it was quite cold compared to the other mornings. Drake hops in with me.

  “Where did Tate go?” I ask him.

  “Downstairs to make coffee I think” He says wetting his face. I grab the shampoo and start washing my hair. Drake washes quickly but remains in the shower waiting for me. His hands wandering as he caressed my skin.

  “Will you stop” I tell him, becoming distracted by his wandering hands.

  “You like it” He taunts.

  “Yes, but we need to get ready” I tell him, and he huffs annoyed.

  “We could always stay here” He suggests.

  “No, you told Tate we would go, you saw how happy he is, don’t ruin it” I warn him. He hops out reluctantly giving me the shower to myself, I finish washing before getting out.

  Once I was dressed, I head downstairs, only to stop when Drakes hand snakes around my waist on the bottom of the stairs.

  “You are not wearing that top, go change it”

  “No, I like this top” I tell him trying to get out of his iron grip.

  “Stop Drake I am not changing” I tell him when he pushes me toward the stairs, Tate walks out to see what the commotion is, his eyes going wide.

  “You are definitely not leaving this house in that top” Tate says, and I glare at him.

  “It barely covers anything I can see everything” Tate says.

  “It’s a crop top, I am not changing it”

  “You might as well walk around with no top on”

  “Fine then” I tell them and they both relax, Drakes arms loosening from my waist as he steps back.

  “Good” Drake says about to turn when I pull my top off.

  “What are you doing?” He asks turning back to me.

  “Apparently I can walk around with my top off, so that’s what I am doing” I tell them tossing my shirt at him and walking into the kitchen.

  Drake hastily rushes in closing the blinds.

  “Lana people can see in” Drake says, closing the kitchen ones too.

  “Tate said I might as well walk around with no top, so that’s what I am doing”

  “You know that is not what I meant” Tate growls.

  “Then which is it, I can wear what I like, or I will wear nothing at all” I tell them. Both of them growl at me when Tate’s phone suddenly rings. He answers it turning away from me but not before sending me a glare, I stick my tongue out at him and he rolls his eyes.


  “Alpha Tate?” I recognise her voice instantly before tackling him and ripping the phone from his hand.

  “Arial?” I ask tears forming in my eyes at hearing her voice. Tate plucks the phone off me.

  “Shirt now, or you’re not talking to her” He says.

  “Lana?” I hear my sister call.

  “She is getting dressed she will be back in a minute” Tate tells her, and I huff stomping upstairs and retrieving the blandest ugliest top I laid my hands on, it even had a collar like some old person. I frown at myself in the mirror, I was still young why do I need to dress as a grandma. I think to myself before stomping downstairs.


  “Bra” Drake says, and I glare at him before walking upstairs and retrieving it, slipping it on. Racing downstairs Tate gives me a once over.

  “She is decent now, here she is” he says before holding the phone out to me.

  “F*****g Alpha’s” We both say at the same time. Earning a growl from both of them. I chuckle knowing they heard her.

  “Omg I have been trying to ring you every day woman, haven’t they got cell service up there”

  “Yes, but only on sat phones” I tell her, and she goes quiet.

  “You can call me on this phone” I tell her.

  “ What’s been happening at home, I miss you”

  “Nothing Dad and Ryker got into a huge fight, full blown punch up. Ryker has been a right p***k for the last few days, dad told him to take some time off and look for his mate then that started world war three”

  “Is dad alright?”

  “Of course he is, a little banged up until mum got hold of Ryker and separated them, was the funniest s**t I have ever seen. Mum beat him senseless, anyway he took off two days ago and hasn’t returned home since”

  “S**t, what about you, anything happen with you” I ask just wanting her to keep talking so I could listen to her voice, I missed hearing her, missed having her to talk to. I noticed Tate and Drake listening in on our conversation not that it bothered me.

  “Yes, I am seeing this new man, he is nice to look at, not much upstairs though dumb as anything,” She says and I chuckle.

  “Does mum know?” I ask, she snorts.

  “No, she would k**l me if she knew I wasn’t saving myself for my mate, you know how she is” I nod in agreeance.

  “So what’s been happening with you, have you f****d yet?” She asks, my face heating up and I look to Drake and Tate who were watching in amusement.

  “Arial they can hear you”

  “Do they have big ones, apparently all Alpha’s do” She asks, my face turning crimson.

  “Arial?” I squeak.

  “Geez I was just asking” She says

  “Tate has marked me” I tell her, and she goes quiet.

  “Good, what about Drake?” She asks and I look to him. He was leaning on the counter watching me.

  “I told him not till he and Tate have sealed the deal” I tell her, and she laughs.

  “Good stick to your guns but that doesn’t mean you can’t f**k him; I want all the details” She gushes, and I shake my head. Drake wriggles his eyebrow at him, and Tate slaps his arm.

  “Arial” I screech through gritted teeth.

  “Fine, fine, you can tell me when I come up next week” She says.

  ‘You’re coming up” I ask looking to Tate, he nods his head and I feel a grin split onto my face excitement bubbling within me.

  “Yep, Tate said I could, not that I would listen if he said no, I would just make him submit to me” She answers and Tate growls.

  “Down boy” She says to him having heard him. I chuckle and so does Drake.

  “Well, I will let you go, I need to find Ace and Tyson, mum left me in charge of them. Little s***s cling wrapped the toilet bowl again on my yesterday, pissed all over myself” She says.

  “Okay have fun with that and I love you”

  “Love you to siswa” She says before hanging up.