Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 26

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 26

  Lana’s POV

  The pack meeting went quickly, I found most quite welcoming especially of Drake. Tate was beaming with happiness and I could tell all his pack members were happy that Drake had finally marked him. Drake was quite excited and seemed to be incredibly happy with the entire situation. Though I found a lot of his pack welcoming though they were very wary of me, they didn’t go out of their way to try to talk to me.

  I even had a few of them make snide comments about stealing the Alpha off Melinda. Apparently, she had convinced a few of them our mating was part of an alliance not an actual mate bond. I made out I didn’t hear them, not bothering to even argue there was no point they could think what they want, I didn’t care for their opinions. Though Melinda deliberately bumped into me and tipped her drink on me. I wanted to rip the b***h apart, but Tate shook his head and glared at me.

  By the time we finally got home all I wanted to do was go ring my sister and check up with her.

  “Can I borrow your phone” I ask, holding out my hand to Tate.

  “No, not till we talk about what happened with Melinda, you growled at her in front of everyone. You humiliated her and me and scared half my pack” He scolds.

  “She deliberately did it, what I was supposed to do? Shake her hand and tell her it’s alright next time tip the entire bottle on me?” I ask, shocked that he was defending her over me.

  “She didn’t do it deliberately; you just don’t like her and are blinded by your insecurities” He snaps back at me.

  “You did not just say that, insecurities what the f**k have I got to be insecure about, you are mine the mark on your neck shows that. The b***h doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her. I had no problem with her until she deliberately bumped into me and tipped her drink on me, there was plenty of room, yet she walks into me, then clings on to you pretending I did something wrong, if anyone is blinded it is you” I tell him walking away.

  Drake was silent the entire time just listening to us argue and I got the feeling he didn’t want to get involved but his opinion would f*****g help right now because he was right beside me and seen it all.

  “Lana, don’t walk away when I am talking to you” Tate yells so loud, I would be shocked if the entire pack didn’t hear him.

  I ignore him walking toward the stairs when he pulls me back by my arm, Drake jumping to his feet and I could feel through the bond how angry Tate was over something so b****y stupid.

  “You are going to be Luna of this Pack, you can’t just blow up for any reason just because you don’t like someone, she is a part of this pack. As Luna you are to be respectful and diffuse conflict, not cause it, everything you do reflects back on me, so behave how you should or”- Tate stops pressing his lips in a line. I rip my arm from his grip.

  “Or what? Huh Tate. What the f**k are you going to do, I have no problem walking away, I have somewhere to go back to, I don’t need you and your pack, so tell me, what are you going to do, make me submit to you?” I ask folding my arms across my chest and glaring at him.

  “Tate get f*****g control of yourself” Drake snaps at him, touching his arm when he rips it away before caging me against the wall, his fist going straight through the wall next to my head, as he punched it.

  “You just remember Lana; we have marked each other now. I am your Alpha; your little tricks won’t work on me. Fall in line or I will make you” he growls, what the f**k just happened? I don’t understand what’s going on here. Did he really just threaten me, was this the entire reason he wanted me to let him mark me so bad?

  “Well, I guess you’re showing your true colours now” I tell him, refusing to bow down to him. We glare at each other, though I know he could feel how bad his words hurt me, how much doubt just swallowed me. What the f**k have I done; I never should have let him mark me.

  He steps back his anger diffusing and he sighs before realising what he actually just said, he sounded like Drake’s father. “S**t, Lana, I didn’t mean it like”- I run upstairs slamming the bedroom door before he could finish, not wanting to hear it.

  “I could hear them both arguing and screaming at each other. I am also fairly sure, that was the sound of the dining room table being smashed against something before the front door slammed. I sat in the room fuming, how could I be as dumb as to let them mark me, this was exactly why I didn’t want to be tied to them besides them leaving me, but the mate bond was stronger than I thought coming here.

  I can’t believe he defended her over me, can’t believe Drake said nothing on the situation until after it got out of control. I was pissed off, only made worse by the fact I was also filled with bloodlust, Tate never organised blood bags, and I can’t feed on Drake without marking him, and I sure as h**l wasn’t going to feed on Tate now.

  My blood was boiling, and I could feel my eyes changing, could see how the room changed to a red tinge, my darker side festering beneath the surface wanting to feed. It’s the only thing I hated about being a hybrid, craving something that automatically makes you a monster.

  I need blood, crave it. Yet I had no idea what to do about it. Back home we always had it on hand, I never had to beg or ask for it or take it but now I wasn’t left with much choice. The days slipping by it was easy to forget when my mood was in check, but like this, I was a ticking time bomb.

  Walking downstairs, I find Drake and Tate both gone, I was right it was the dining table upturned and against the wall. I flip it back cleaning as I go, trying to distract myself from the fact my fangs had protruded, but now they were, I found it was all I could think of. Walking outside, I run for the tree line holding my breath, so I don’t pick up anyone’s scent. When I am deep enough into the forest. I breathe in the cool crisp air of the forest.

  The thought of what I was about to do sickened me, I had never k****d anything in my life, I was good with animals well except my goldfish which died from me overfeeding it, but I was eleven and didn’t know I couldn’t fill its tank up with so much fish food, I just thought it meant I could skip feeding it the next day.

  I sniff the air trying to find anything remotely that smelt appealing, picking up on the scent of a rabbit. Nausea building in my throat as I listen for the thump of its little feet on the ground and the sound of its heartbeat.

  I follow it, making sure to remain quiet when I see it eating some grass by a tree, I stop staring at the cute fluffy thing, it reminded me of Thumper from Bambi. I felt a tear slip down my cheek as I lunged grabbing it, it kicked and scratched trying to get away and made a horrid noise when I sank my fangs into it, draining it in a matter seconds, my hands soaked in it blood as its head fell off and onto the ground making me jump, yet it wasn’t enough, the little thing didn’t have the amount I need to curb my bloodlust. Listening, I realise its burrow must be close because I could still hear the scared thumping of another one’s heartbeat. Looking around the tree, I find its burrow and reach my arm in, tears falling as I pull out two more and I realise I k****d their mother. Crying, as I sink my teeth into them, their fur sticking to my face, they didn’t taste very nice, but blood is blood, my fangs finally retracted leaving me with their three small bodies in my lap.

  If I wasn’t a monster before I am now, I k****d something. I had always made sure I never k****d anything, Arial slipped up a few times, but she still didn’t k**l anything and definitely not innocent animals. I felt terrible, my clothes were filthy with their blood, I had fur stuck to me and I couldn’t rid the taste of my guilt from my mouth.

  I put them back in their burrow before pushing dirt into it with my hands, maybe if I pretend, they went to sleep, yet the horrid noises they made as I k****d them were now forever engraved in my mind.

  “What are you doing?” I turn around and they gasp as they look at me, taking a step back from me. One of the pack members on patrol catching me in my shame.

  “What did you do?” He asks glaring at me, my face flushing. I get up and he jumps back. I see his eyes glaze over as he uses the mind link. I grab him shaking him out of it.

  “Please don’t tell anyone, it was just some rabbits” I tell him. He looks at me, he was about my age with brown hair that kept getting in his brown eyes. He looked at the ground behind me.

  “You ate a rabbit?” He asks looking at the filled in burrow, I nod feeling terrible, what else could I do though, they don’t understand what it’s like to be part vampire.

  “Oh, okay I thought you were burying a pack member” He says letting out a breath. I feel tears brim at his words. They all think I am a monster.

  “Hey, don’t cry, I won’t tell anyone, our wolves k**l s**t all the time” He tells me, but I could see he was a little wary of me, like he thought I may attack him.

  I wipe my face on my shirt which was covered in blood, knowing I now had to race back to the house and hope I didn’t get seen. The last thing I need is to cause mass hysteria with everyone thinking I couldn’t control myself.

  I look out to the tree line toward the town.

  “You really won’t tell anyone”

  “No, Luna, your secrets are safe with me, why didn’t you just feed on your mates?” He asks.

  “We had an argument and they left” I tell him, walking back towards the town.

  “Because of Melinda?”

  “You saw?” I ask and he nods his head.

  “Melinda is a b***h, her and the Alpha go way back, she always thought she would be his mate until Drake came into the picture, I saw what she did, is that what you fought about?” He asks.

  “Yeah, Tate thinks it was an accident and that I overreacted” He scoffs and shakes his head.

  “I could see that wasn’t an accident, she is a real b***h. Just ignore her, she will leave you alone after a while, my name is Dylan by the way” He says as we stop at the edge of tree line. I look out to see if the coast is clear when he suddenly takes his shirt off.

  “Here, then no one will see your shirt” He says.

  “You sure, I will wash it and bring it back to you” I tell him, and he nods. I pull it on before thanking him and giving him a quick hug before stepping back.

  “Thanks Dylan” I tell him.

  “Anytime Luna” He says with a nod. I dart off heading home and busting through the door without being seen. I let out a breath, pulling off his shirt and my mine before walking into the laundry and tossing them in the washing machine, though his shirt now had a small blood stain on it. I spray some pre-soak on it and on my shirt before turning the washing machine on and heading for the shower, dreading when they get home.