Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

  Lana POV

  The next three days I refused to speak to them, I was eager for my sister to come in two days, I was planning on leaving with her and heading back home. I didn’t sign up for this s**t show, and I wasn’t planning on sticking around for more of it.

  Tate has tried to speak to me numerous times, but I just ignore him, and he eventually leaves me alone, I have also been sleeping in the spare room, keeping my distance. The worst part is feeling Tate’s emotions which are all over the place, he feels torn but for the most part his guilt was eating at me, yet I refuse to feel sorry for him, he did this, he caused the rift not me.

  Drake has been really anxious because of this impending war his father has declared yet we haven’t seen a single person from his pack even try to step a foot on the territory. Tate has been doing border patrols mostly and not coming home till late, I overheard him speaking to Drake saying he thinks it’s the calm before the storm, that Drake’s father was planning something and biding his time.

  Drake also hasn’t been able to get a hold of his brothers and the worry was starting to get to him. I had just finished washing the dishes. Walking upstairs, I grab a jacket and put my sneakers on. Walking back downstairs, Drake looks up at me, as I head for the front door.

  “Where are you going?” He asks as I open it. I ignore him shutting the door behind me and heading toward the forest. I needed blood, I managed to get hold of Arial yesterday when Drake leant me his phone, she was livid when I told her what happened and assured me, she would bring me some blood bags, she wanted to tell mum, but I begged her not to and she agreed but d**n they were in for a shock when she gets here, I almost regret telling her now I was worried she will actually k**l them.

  But until then I have to figure this whole blood thing out on my own. Worst part was that so many wolves were on border patrols now, their wolves scaring off most of the creatures in the forest. I listened slowly wandering through the forest deeper and deeper trying to pick up any scent other than dirt and leaves and those of the pack members on patrol duty, which was a bit of an issue because their scents were starting to overwhelm me, blurring into one as I sniffed the air.

  As I came to a small stream though I heard the faint thumping of a heartbeat, this is the second time I have now had to hunt something, I wish I actually had a wolf they have no problem k*****g things, me on the other hand struggles with the idea of having to hurt something, especially an innocent creature that wasn’t much match against me. As I listened for the heartbeat though it got stronger, louder and the smell was extremely different, I sniffed the air trying to figure out what it was, as I moved along the stream following the sound of its heartbeat before stopping when I could hear it louder but not see it, it definitely wasn’t a rabbit the scent too strong, no whatever it was, it was bigger and at first I thought maybe it was a deer but even that didn’t smell right whatever it was, it was something I have never come across before. I follow it back into the tree line, darkness looming as the sun slowly went down. I should have been back by now, but nothing was close to home from the warriors running through on patrol.

  I shake my head about to give up when the heartbeat got louder and faster before I hear growl which was more like a roar, making me spin around. I gasp jumping back and tripping as I see huge bear and its cub. S**t, not what I was expecting, I look to its cub and it growls stalking me again before standing, this wasn’t good. I scramble to my feet losing my footing on the leaves when I feel its claws sink into my back, its teeth going into my shoulder making me scream out, rolling I punch it, its head whipping to the side before I kick it off and it falls on its side trying to get back up.

  My blood pouring onto the forest floor where its claws and teeth sunk in, my jumper turning red. Getting on my hands and knees I get up, feeling its claws go through my ankle as it drags me back before I hear a vicious growl before I see out of the corner of my eyes something tackle it.

  The cub making a whining noise making my eyes dart to it, I could hear growls and the sound of flesh being torn before the cub darts off into the forest heading back toward the stream. Looking around, I can’t see anything amongst the dense forest. My heart is hammering in my chest d******g nearly everything out. The sounds of the bear and whatever attacked it, making my stomach turn when it suddenly goes silent before hearing the thumping of paws on the ground heading toward me.

  I brace myself thinking it was the bear coming back. It was just protecting its cub, and I shouldn’t have wandered so far out.

  Suddenly a black wolf comes out and I let out a breath, before looking around for the bear, Tate’s voice flitting through my head,

  “What are you doing out here taking on f*****g bear Lana” He asks.

  “I wasn’t going to hurt it, I didn’t realise what it was when I picked up its scent, not even I am that stupid Tate”

  His wolf was covered in blood as he approached me, sniffing me, his nose going to my ankle as he l****d it, cleaning it revealing my torn-up skin. Without blood that was going to be a b***h to heal properly, Tate’s wolf sniffs my shoulder and I realise my jumper had puncture marks from it teeth, feel my blood running down my shoulder and also down my back from its claws. His wolf whines at me, pushing his face in against mine. I push his furry face away before grabbing it.

  “You are a lot nicer than your human counterpart” I tell him, kissing his head, he whines at me and Tate’s voice echoes in my head through the mind link. It was odd being the first time he has actually used it on me.

  “Come we should head back and clean you up” Tate says, and I grab his fur pulling myself up.

  “What’s your wolfs name?” I ask, I knew Drakes but not Tate’s I realised.

  “Archer” Tate tells me, and I nod.

  “Nice to meet you Archer” I tell him, and he l***s my face. We walk through the forest, my fangs protruding as the bloodlust worsens now that I am injured. Archer kept rubbing against me as I hobbled toward the town through the forest. When we pass the stream again, I hear a heartbeat thumping, my eyes darting around in panic.