Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 31

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 31

  Lana POV

  I climb in bed, yet I felt extremely restless, I heard them go to bed a few hours ago, could hear their soft snoring through the wall. My wounds still aching and the bloodlust keeping me awake as I fought against it. Every noise in the house irritating me as I try to get comfortable, try to find sleep. Looking at the clock on my phone screen it was 2 AM.

  Getting up, I go to the kitchen and get a drink of milk, opening the fridge I find all Tate’s beer gone and sigh looking in the bin, but they weren’t in there. Walking outside I check the bin, surely, he didn’t drink an entire carton, I think to myself as I open the bin.

  I find the carton all the bottle still full. I grab them out opening them and emptying them on the grass. I had emptied three of them when I hear his voice behind me making me jump.

  “I wouldn’t have got them back out” He says, I look over at him.

  “Why are you up still?” He asks, walking over to me and helping me empty them.

  “I can’t sleep” I tell him. We empty the bottles before tossing them back in.

  “I’m not an alcoholic despite what you and Drake think, but I won’t drink if you don’t want me to” he says.

  I nod walking inside and filling a glass with milk before drinking it. I rinse the cup Tate standing next to the counter watching me.

  I walk upstairs heading back to my room when he grabs my hand tugging me in the direction of their room. He stops waiting.

  “Come to bed, our bed Lana” I look at my door and he tugs my hand before sighing and letting go.

  I walk in my room shutting the door. He stands there for a second, longing hitting me through the bond before he walks off toward his room. I still couldn’t sleep at 3AM I hop out of bed, opening the door before looking at theirs debating whether or not to go hop in with them.

  My feet quiet on the floor as I walk to the door opening it. Drake was asleep on his stomach Tate on his side facing the door. His eyes opening when the door creaks, he pulls the blanket back tapping the bed with his hand. I walk over climbing in with him, sparks moving over my skin as he wraps his arm around my waist snuggling closer and I relax against him putting my head on his chest. His scent hitting me and my gums tingle.

  “You can feed on me, I know that’s why you can’t sleep” He says kissing my forehead. I look up at him and he moves leaning forward before pressing his lips against mine softly, his lips were warm, god I missed those lips, missed them. He pulls back but I lean forward kissing him back and he breathes deeply, my tongue running along his lip before he deepens the kiss, his hand going to the back of my neck as he pulls me closer, his tongue playing with mine before he pulls back when my fangs protrude piercing his lip.

  “Lana please” He says turning his neck toward me. The sight of his neck enticing me, and I sink my fangs into him, he g****s at they break his skin, yet I could feel him become aroused by it, his e******n pressing into my stomach, as I drink from him, his hand in my hair, stroking the back of my head. I pull away licking his neck.

  “You can take more” I shake my head feeling my wounds healing, I pull the blanket down showing him with my shoulder and he nods.

  “Don’t be afraid to feed on me Lana even if we are fighting” He says kissing my shoulder before s*****g on my mark. I m**n and he chuckles, his e******n pressing against my stomach as pleasure washes over me as he continues to s**k on it, n*****g it with his teeth. I press myself closer putting my leg over his hip, and he grinds himself into me before rolling on his back pulling me on top of him. I kiss him, his hands going to my hips as he rolls them against him before grabbing my a*s.

  I m**n against his lips, before s*****g on his neck, my hands running over his chest and shoulders, loving the feel of his skin beneath my palms. Sparks rushing over my skin when I feel Drake grip my chin and I realise he had woken, he pulls my face closer to his and I lean forward kissing him, Tate’s hard length twitching against me as he watches us, his hands running up my t****s as he tugs on the waistband of my shorts and I pull back looking down at him.

  “You want to stop?” He asks, but I shake my head and I see him smile before flipping me over swapping our positions. He hooks his thumbs in my shorts, slipping them off before moving between my legs, kissing my lips and chin, I feel his hands run under my shirt to my b****t pushing my shirt up and I lean forward letting him remove it.

  His hot mouth wrapping around my n****e before he bites down on it, making me hiss at the pain before his tongue runs over it soothing it. I feel Drake move beside me and I reach for him bringing his face closer so I can kiss him, his hand reaching between us before slipping between my folds that were s***k with my arousal, he g****s into my mouth and I move my hips as he slips his finger inside me before pulling it out and circling my c**t. Tate sits up watching Drakes fingers slip inside me, hips moving against his fingers and I close my eyes enjoying the feeling building inside me. He pulls his fingers from me and Tate grabs his wrist before s*****g on his fingers, he g****s before pulling Drake toward him kissing him, I watch them, loving how much passion is between them.

  Tate pulls back before moving, dropping beside me and kissing me. I can taste myself and Drake on his tongue when Drake moves between my legs he waits, knowing he hasn’t let Tate mark him yet to see what I would do, I pull him toward me kissing him his e******n pressing against me through his boxer shorts and I grind my hips against him before slipping my hands inside his pants and wrapping my hand around his length. His c**k twitching in my hand before he thrusts into it a soft growl leaving his lips.

  “You can’t mark me Drake” I whisper against his lips.

  “I won’t I promise” He says grinding his hips into me and I push his pants down slightly and he kicks them off before moving between my legs again. My heart skipping a beat.

  “I won’t let Titus mark you, we can stop if you want” Drakes says but I shake my head wrapping my legs around his waist pulling him closer. Tate kisses me and I feel Drake’s length push between my lips, my arousal doing nothing as burning pain tears through me, he was a lot thicker than Tate, painfully so. I gasp and move up the bed. Drake stops s*****g on my n****e and while Tate kisses me, I cry out when he thrusts all the way in, his c**k hitting my cervix.

  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” He whispers kissing my lips, he remains still a tear slipping from my eye, my body tense beneath him and I forget how to breathe.

  “Breathe baby” Tate whispers, and I force myself to breathe, gritting my teeth.

  “Give her a sec Drake I can feel that hurt her” Tate tells him.

  “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting her to be that tight, I would have waited” Drake says while he waits holding his weight off me. I feel full and I felt myself tearing to accommodate his size. I felt overly full and I move my hips letting myself stretch around him. Drakes jaw tight as he fights against the urge to thrust into me, instead letting me move my hips slowly against his length. Tate kisses him and arousal floods me, the sight of them making me wetter and the burning pain ease as pleasure started to roll over me, Drake pulls back looking down at me before kissing me. He pulls out slightly before pushing back slowly, he keeps up his slow pace worried about hurting me when I move my hips meeting his movements.

  “Good girl” Tate whispers against my lips as he kisses me and I tug on Drakes hips letting him know he can move faster and he does picking up his pace, my stomach tightening as my skin heats, when he suddenly rolls pulling me on top of him, I sit up his length pressing deeper into me and I m**n at the feeling as I roll my hips against him. His hand going to my b****t as he squeezes it. Tate moves before I feel his finger run across my a*s before moving between my cheeks making me jump.

  “Tell me if I hurt you” He says making my eyes snap to him, I feel his fingers press against my a*s before he pushes one in, the sensation felt strange but not unpleasant, he moves them in out of me before adding another finger my stomach tightening and my toes curl as arousal floods me before he pulls them out, he reaches into the draw beside the bed.

  “Eyes on me Lana, don’t worry about what he is doing” Drake says making me look down at him. His fingers going to my c**t and I move my hips against them loving the stimulation. I feel something cold and wet move between my cheeks making me freeze, and Drake rubs my c**t harder.

  “It’s just your vibrator, do you trust us” He asks, and I nod.

  Drake thrusts up to me and I gasp before he moves his fingers faster. “Then focus on what we are doing not what Tate is” I nod moving my hips faster letting my o****m build when I feel the vibrator press against the tight muscles of my a*s before pushing inside me, I felt overly full, I was full before, but this was an entirely new level of overfull. I move my hips getting used to the feeling and I feel Tate kiss my shoulder before he grips my neck pulling my head back and kissing me.

  Drake moves my hips while Tate slips the vibrator in and out letting me go, I put my hands on Drakes chest meeting his thrusts, my toes curling as I build up friction, my walls tightening around Drakes length as I move chasing my o****m, my breathing becoming heavy and I cry out as I am thrown over the edge, my nails digging into his shoulders as my core pulsated, Drakes grip tightening on me as he finds his own release and I feel hot seed spill into me. Tate removes the vibrator and I slump onto Drake out of breath as we both panted.

  “I didn’t hurt you?” Tate asks.

  “No, the opposite actually” I yawn. Tate leans over kissing me, and I climb off Drake. Tate’s e******n pressing against me as I lay in the middle between them. I reach my hand stroking him and he grabs my wrist,

  “I am fine, I am just glad you’re talking to me now” He says rolling on his side and kissing me.