Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

  Arial POV

  Something was not right, after talking to my sister, worry was eating at me, she had always suffered with depression since they found her, speaking to her on the phone, her mental state was in a decline, she was never one to speak her mind, quiet in nature and that bothered me, knowing she was basically at their mercy despite what she is and who she is.

  Lana has always struggled with her identity though she won’t admit, I knew in a lot of ways I always overshadowed her, my parents even though they didn’t mean to, paid more attention to me, I was the bad twin, therefore received their attention more because they always thought Lana was more put together, more level headed, little did they know the thoughts that plagued her, she hated that everyone expected so much of her, always expected perfection from her, while me they didn’t really expect anything, I was always okay with that but sometimes it would be nice for people to understand that despite being louder more outgoing than Lana, I too craved their affections for the right reasons, instead though I always got them for the wrong ones.

  Being the bad twin even when Lana would act out, she would try her darndest to get in trouble, anything for them to see her as anything other than perfect secure little angel they thought of her as, even when she did do the wrong thing, they never believed her when she would admit and I would always get in trouble because they would think she was covering up for me, so after a while she gave up, gave up because when she did do something, I was the one being punished for it not her, she craved for them to see her, really see her for who she was instead, she was always the quiet good girl, while I was mischievous, promiscuous one. I wished sometimes my parents would look at me the way they did Lana, that they would think I would achieve something other than being someone’s mate, while Lana she wanted the simple things, she wanted to be loved but loved for being her and not the image that everyone painted her to be, there was so much more to her then being my shadow, because of her quiet nature my parents often forgot her, expected more of her so she always felt she was lacking and to perform to a certain standard.

  So, when she rang and told me what happened, the dramas that b***h had caused and the feeling her own mates put in my sweet sisters head, my blood boiled and I knew I had to get to her, I worried she would go to the extremes she went to last time, I feared I would lose her, my other half, because that is what she is, my other half, we are two halves of a whole. I knew if she couldn’t find happiness then there was no way I could. How could the troubled one find happiness when the good one couldn’t, both of us overshadowed each other for different reasons, that’s what made us so close, only each other truly knew who the other was.

  Grabbing my backpack, I chucked in a change of clothes, I would just borrow Lana’s when I got there, we were identical not just in looks but size to, walking downstairs. I find my brother in the kitchen his hands clutching his hair in frustration as he stared at his paperwork.

  “Why don’t you just leave it and come back to it later if it’s causing this much stress?” I ask him. He looks up, a glare on his face before looking back at the document that had his attention.

  “Why don’t you just mind your own f*****g business,” he snaps, and I roll my eyes at his temper.

  “I was just trying to help Ryker, geez. You know how about you get your head out of your own a*s for once” I snap back at him.

  “Go s**k a d**k Arial apparently that’s all you’re good at” Ryker yells, getting up from his seat.

  “You can be real a*s, you know that”

  “Yeah, and you can be a real f*****g w***e, don’t think I don’t know what you get up to, you’re lucky I don’t tell mum” He says shoving past me and stalking back off to his office. His words stung, and they wonder why I rather not be at home. I gave up trying to please them when they only assumed the worst, so if everyone thinks I am a w***e I might as well be one, half the reason I didn’t wait for my mate. Everyone just assumed I was a w***e because of who I hung out with at school and the fact I had boys’ attention constantly but that didn’t mean I was s******g them; sure, I wasn’t a virgin by any stretch of the imagination. But even when I was a virgin, I had still been labelled one thanks to Keila. So I thought f**k it, if I am going to be called one I might as well make the most of it, can’t beat em, join em.

  Walking to the garage, I grab a few frozen bags of blood, I can’t believe she was having to get blood from rabbits the thought disgusted me, when she rang me, she cried on the phone for a good hour over the fact she k****d something, I know it’s just a rabbit, but she was always close to nature, loved creatures and hated the thought of hurting one. She hated that she was a predator, hated they were prey so k*****g never would come easy to her.

  Tossing some freezer blocks in to keep them frozen, I zip up the bag, by car it would take a few hours to get there so instead, I was running it would take half the time.

  Walking down the hall, I go to tell my brother; everything has to be put past him and I hate that I needed to ask his permission. Opening his office door, I slam it shut just as his stapler comes flying toward me. Opening the door, he glares at me.

  “What Arial?” He booms at me.

  “I just need permission”-

  “I don’t give a f**k what you do, just get out of my face” He snaps. I nod closing the door, before walking out. He has been an even worse j**k, this whole not finding his mate b******t was driving me nuts, if he didn’t find her soon, I may just cut his throat in his sleep, so I don’t have to deal with his serious attitude problem. All he and Dad do now is fight, then mum fights with dad, everyone in a permanent mood around here, while I am left looking after Tyson and Ace while they all fight it out. Well not for a few days, I won’t be doing s**t but spending time with my sister. Once I know she is okay, I will come home and come back to this a*****e.

  It took me two hours to run the entire way, I picked up the Forest Packs scent just as I hit the border, following my nose all the way to gate. I was anxious to see her, excited but also worried. What if she wasn’t, okay? I may just need to k**l her mates for her. I chuckle at the thought, when I am pulled from it by the voice of a man.

  “Luna?” He asks and I was going to correct him when I realised what better way to find out what was really going on than doing the old switcheroo, twin swap. I am evil sometimes.

  “Luna what are you doing on this side of the fence, does Alpha Tate know you’re out here?” He asks, he looked around our age, maybe a little older with blonde hair that fell in his eyes and blue dazzling eyes and by god did he smell good, I wanted to take a bite of him.

  “No, I don’t need his permission to go anywhere” I tell him walking forward, the man looks down at my clothes before averting his eyes.

  “What you never seen t**s before?” I ask placing my hands on my hips, his face flushed red.

  “Yes of course I have Luna, but Alpha Tate and Alpha Drake might be upset over your choice of wardrobe, I will get you something to cover up” He says turning his back on me and walking toward the outpost. I roll my eyes Alpha’s and their possessive ways. I reach in and grab a shirt to put over my sports bra, apparently, they like their woman covered from ankle to neck. I wouldn’t be surprised if I walk in and find her in a burka at this rate, especially if the guards are even worried about her wardrobe choices. I also grab a blood bag a little parched. I poke a hole in it, just as he comes back taking a mouthful.

  “So, you going to let me in, or do I need to show you your place?” I ask and he pulls at the collar of his shirt.

  “No of course Luna go ahead” He says holding a towel, like did he really expect me to walk in wrapped in a towel over a little bit of skin. He stares at the blood bag in my hands.

  “Want some?” I taunt and he shakes his head.

  “Any good?” He asks watching as I s**k on it.

  “Why? yUu offering, if it ain’t?” I tease and he shakes his head violently before pulling his collar up and concealing his neck and I roll my eyes walking through the gates. I continue along the path only to find yet another gate. Are they for real and no one is here to unlock it?

  Blood bag or fence? Hmm that is the question. Blood bag it is, I ain’t spilling my blood bag, walking over to the fence, I grab one of the steel bars pulling on it, till it snaps off and I can walk through the gap. I toss the pole into the bush, they won’t notice. Walking up further, I roll my eyes when I see another fence, this one though was manned, or should I say womanned by some b***h who was glaring at me. B***h I don’t even know you, she had a terrible black eye, her eye almost swollen shut which I thought was odd as I walked closer. The only way that was possible was either wolfsbane or she had been hit b****y hard.

  “Oh, if it ain’t the pathetic Luna” She sneers a grin on her face. I c**k my head to the side watching her. Did she just call my sister pathetic?

  “I have no idea what you are talking about” I tell her as I approach. She eyes my blood bag as I slurp on it.

  “F*****g disgusting” She mutters.

  “What was that?” I ask stepping closer, and she flinches,

  “You touch me, and Tate will throw your a*s to the curb” She says as I stalk toward her.

  “Nice, bruise, really makes your eyes pop” I tell her now realising who this spiteful b***h is. This must be that she wolf Lana told me about.

  She glares at me, before growling. I noticed a few of the others on patrol were watching before one of them stepped forward.

  “Melinda back off” The man says, he too was young I thought, was everyone in this pack young.

  “F**k off Dylan this b***h started it when she thought she could take someone that wasn’t hers” She growls at him.

  “So, you think my mate is yours?” I ask moving closer within grabbing reach. She holds her ground silly, silly girl.

  “When he realises your nothing but a blood s*****g leech, he will come back to me” She says her voice so nasally I nearly offered her a tissue to blow her nose.

  “You think you’re someone hiding behind your mother’s name, but I know you are nothing, they will never accept you, never bow down to you. You’re not Luna material” She says poking me in the chest.

  “I find your obsession with me flattering really” She scoffs and grab her hand as she poke me about to speak again. Twisting, the sickening snap of her wrist was nearly as sickening as the high-pitched scream that left her lips.

  “Luna” This Dylan person screamed.

  “You f****d up b***h” She laughs.

  “Wait till I tell my Alpha what you did and this time I have witnesses” She snarls, clutching her wrist.

  “Great, I have been d***g to see my mate all day, let’s go” I tell her, grabbing her hair and ripping her backward. She falls, screaming, clutching her hair as I drag her through the gates, I sniff the air for a second before picking up my sisters scent and following it while this stupid b***h continued to scream clutching my hand as I dragged her, her nails slipping out, digging into my hands as she let her claws slip through.

  People coming out of their houses as I make my way toward the packhouse that had now come into my vision.

  “Oh my, the Luna got her good this time?” I hear a woman chuckle from her veranda, I give her a wave and she nods back a silly grin on her face.

  “A*s sore yet” I ask her as she continues screaming, man she going to have some serious gravel rash in the worst places later, she will be pulling gravel from her coochie for the next week.

  She suddenly shifts teeth and claws coming out as she slips from my grip. She lunges at me and I punch her, her jaw making a popping noise as her tongue lulls out the side as she goes down, shifting back instantly as I knock her out cold. Picking up her body, I continue on my way to find my sister.