Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 34

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 34

  Lana’s POV

  We had just said goodbye to Chase, when Elias busted through the door downstairs, I was upstairs but could hear his panicked voice as he ran into the house.

  “Alpha, you need to come quick, something is going on. Dylan just linked me and said Luna and Melinda were getting into it down the street” I rush downstairs and Elias’s eyes go wide and he shakes his head like he couldn’t believe his eyes. His shock confused me.

  He looks to the door and back to me on the stairs.

  “How did you get back before me, I just saw you. Did you change your clothes?” He asks and I look down.

  “What’s going on?” I ask looking to Tate and Drake.

  “But you… Melinda?” Elias looked completely lost while he looked between me and the front door not even able to string a sentence together. Hearing yelling outside, I walk outside. I could hear Dylan calling. “Luna, Luna, you can’t just manhandle her like that, I know she deserved it but please let the Alpha handle it” He begs someone. I walk down the steps Drake, Elias and Tate following me outside and I almost jump with glee when I see her walking up the middle of the street, a blood bag in her hand, she drains it tossing it at Dylan who catches it looking completely grossed out at the sight of it. Elias looks between both of us confused, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

  “Hiya siswa, just taking out the trash for you” She says, and I see a limp Melinda hanging over her shoulder. She drops her like a sack of potatoes onto the ground. I run to her jumping on her as we both crash to the ground, laughter bubbling out of me, I have never been so excited to see someone as I was in this moment.

  “That b***h has never heard of deodorant” Arial laughs, hugging me back. Tate and Drake come over, looking down at us on the ground. Drake’s face held amusement while Tate seemed nervous, his feelings all over the place through the bond as he looked between Melinda on the ground and my sister. Arial’s eyes narrow a look I have seen many times when she was about to go off her rocker.

  Arial hops up dusting off her short shorts. “So, which one am I k*****g first?” She asks, glaring at Tate and Drake; they both take a step back pointing to each other. I laugh the fear coming through the bond from Tate so thick I could taste it, leaving a foul taste in my mouth.

  “You there what’s ya face, the one with come f**k me eyes” She calls out pointing to Elias, he points to himself looking around wondering if she was referring to him.

  “F*****g ain’t to bright around here, are they sis. Little backwards if ya ask me” My sister mutters to me as she waves him forward, I laugh knowing they heard her. Elias nervously steps forward and she tosses her bag to him.

  “Put that in a freezer while I kick your Alpha’s a*s” She tells him, he does as he is told and darts off to the house. Arial then pulls her hair into a ponytail before removing her earrings and handing them to me, she bends over stretching her back before cracking her neck. I watch Drake visibly gulp. While Dylan was too busy checking out her a*s as she stretched.

  “So, who’s first?” She says looking expectantly at them waiting for one of them to volunteer, if the looks on their faces weren’t so comical, I would have interfered, but I like their fearful eyes so I figured I would let them sweat a bit before I stepped in stopping her from committing m****r.

  Melinda g****s on the ground behind us, I turn looking at her, she had a huge bruise on her face that went from her jaw to her nose. She looks up before her eyes go to Tate and she runs to him clinging on to him, I growl at her.

  “Alpha, she attacked me, Luna attacked me”

  My sister clears her throat, and she turns around stunned before looking between both of us.

  “She must have hit me harder than I thought, I see two of them” She says looking at her hands obviously expecting to see something before her head snaps up. My sister holds her hand out to her confusing me for a second a sweet smile on her face.

  “Hi I am Arial,” She says, Melinda looks at her hand before looking at me, she hesitantly holds her hand out confused placing her hand in Arial’s, Arial smiles and I could see her using her vampire glamour making Melinda trust her. My sisters amber eyes glowing before she rips her forward headbutting her, snapping her head back. I press my lips in a line, I know I shouldn’t laugh but It was so hard not to. Melinda sways on her feet, Arial still holding her hand, I hear her hands cracking from her grip.

  Tate steps forward about to pull Melinda away when my sisters eyes snap to him, sparkling dangerously. She rips Melinda to her sinking her fangs into her neck drinking from her till passes out and falls to the ground in a heap. Arial wipes her mouth with her thumb, her eyes not leaving Tate daring him to do something.

  “She tastes as bland as her personality” I chuckle before stopping when I feel Tate’s anger bubble within him. Drake just stood there stunned and I notice a few people looking nervously out their windows.

  “Calm your farm Alpha, the b***h ain’t d**d, yet” Tate growls and I know its because he is defenceless to help his pack from my sister, his anger was worrying though because if he does something stupid, she will put him in his place she wasn’t quiet like me, she didn’t avoid confrontation she looked for it.

  “You have no right”-

  “I have every right to put the mutt in its place which is at my sister’s feet, which is what you should have done before you treated her like trash” Arial says dangerously. Her eyes glowing and I had never seen her so pissed off before, she was an erupting volcano and if they didn’t tread carefully, they were going to be b****d.

  “If you won’t protect her, I f*****g will, and if I hear anymore s**t about you trying to get her to submit to you again, I will have you put down like a f*****g dog” She says, taking a step forward and Tate stupidly took a step toward her. He growls before lunging at her, I throw myself between them and he freezes his fist barely an inch off my face. I s*****w, his eyes bleeding to the black of his wolf as Archer peered back at me.

  “Careful there Alpha, or I will make my sister show you who the real Alpha is” Arial taunts him from behind me. Drake grabs his shoulder and Tate shrugs him off.

  “She is your sister, you deal with her” He snaps at me.

  “I swear if you back down to him Lana, I will drag you home” Arial says and Tate stops, turning back around.

  “SHE IS MINE” he growls, ripping me toward him, I suddenly felt torn between them. I loved my mates, but she was my sister. I pull my arm from his grip and hurt shone in his eyes as I stepped away from him and toward my sister.

  “Lana!” Drake says making me look at him,

  “No, she is right, don’t make me choose Tate, you won’t win” I tell him, and I feel his hurt hit me through the bond. I was so consumed with what was going on right in front of me, I didn’t notice Melinda get up until Tate moved so quickly, I thought at first, he was going to attack me when he suddenly rips me out of the way, his hand grabbing Melinda’s as she went to hit me. Hurt shining like a beacon in her eyes as he grabs her. “Tate!” She calls her voice soft filled with hurt.

  “That’s Alpha to you” He snaps before I feel his Alpha aura rush out bringing her to her knees.

  “You dare attack your Luna”

  “She was treating you like s**t” Melinda argues back before her lips slam shut under his deadly glare.

  “She is mine and Drakes, how she talks to us is none of your business, now you will submit to her and stop this feud” he spits at her, she shows her neck to him in submission. He shakes his head before pointing to me. Her eyes dart to me and I see nothing but pure hatred burning back at me.

  “She will never be my Luna” She growls.

  “Then you have no place here, you have caused enough problems for me Melinda, I warned you multiple times now”

  “Tate she is just a bloodsucking leech” She snaps back at him and I see Drake step forward at her words before I grab his arm stopping him. Tate either handles her or I walk, if he won’t do it for me then I go, it’s his friend not mine and certainly not Drake’s responsibility. My sister stands there glaring at her and I could tell she wanted to rip her to pieces, but she was also waiting to see what he would do, who he would choose.

  “I Alpha Tate banish you Melinda Perry from the Forest Pack and hereby declare you rogue” He snaps his eyes burning as his Alpha aura smashed into her. She screamed as her teether to the pack broke before she started sobbing.

  “Tate, Please”

  “Dylan!” Tate yells, Dylan rushes over looking at Melinda with disgust.

  “Get her off our territory now” Tate tells him, and he nods grabbing her arm.

  I could hear everyone’s murmurs in the crowd that had formed as they watched on, Tate also hearing them looked at the crowd that had formed around us, they all looked at my sister and I nervously.

  “Anyone else have a problem with my mates?” He bellows his aura radiating out over the crowd demanding an answer when they all suddenly took a knee baring their necks in submission. I hear Drake let out a breath before Tate turns around his eyes landing on me, he nods at me before walking off toward our house. Everyone running as soon as his back was turned going back to what they were doing.

  “Well, that was entertaining, but I need a drink” Arial says. Turning to me.

  “Blood bag?” She asks and I feel my lips tug up slightly as she loops her arm through mine leading me back toward the house, Drake following behind us.

  Stepping inside, Arial sniffs the air. “God, what is that smell you baking? It smells heavenly in here” She says, taking another whiff.

  “No, just glen 20” I tell her, and she sniffs the air again,

  “No, I can smell cinnamon and something else oh god I could o****m just at the smell of whatever that is” She m***s walking into the kitchen, trying to hunt down some imaginary smell. All I could smell was glen 20, my mates, Elias, and Chase. I shake my head following her and she opens the freezer before grabbing out a blood bag and tossing it the microwave, Drake scrunches up his face before grabbing it out and putting it in a bowl before placing it back in.

  “How long you gotta heat this”

  “A minute” She answers. Drake turns around looking at me.

  “Lana is not drinking that c**p” Tate says walking in.

  “Well she ain’t drinking rabbits” My sister spits at him. He growls, pulling me to him.

  “Lana is only drinking from us; I won’t have her smelling of another person” Lana rolls her eyes.

  “Then feed her, I find out she has k****d an innocent lil baby wabbit, I will come feed on you and it won’t be pleasant” She tells him. Tate grabs my face forcing me to look at him, I see Arial rise from her chair out of the corner of my eye. Tate kisses me softly before pulling back.

  “I need to go for a run” He says, and I could tell he was struggling to contain his wolf around her.

  “If I leave, will you be here when I get back?” He asks and I could feel his worry through the bond.

  “I am not going anywhere” I tell him, and he lets out a shaky breath before kissing my forehead and wrapping his arms around me, hugging me close.

  “Get a room” My sister says before hopping up and grabbing her blood bag, as it dinged in the microwave.

  “Your sister is getting on my nerves” He whispers.

  “Well get used to it, I plan on sticking around for a bit” She tells him. Drake turns the kettle on grabbing cups from the cupboard.

  “You’re not going with him?” I ask and he shakes his head.

  “Tate needs to blow off steam, I will wait here” He answers before Tate walks over to him, Drake pecks his lips and Tate walks out the door, leaving just us three.

  “I love you Sis but you got to train him, his hospitality s***s, he has some serious anger issues” She says before slurping on her blood bag. Drake chuckles, wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his face in my neck.

  Arial watching him before she averts her eyes, before clearing her throat,

  “No, offense I really don’t feel like being a third wheel here, keep it PG folks” She says, and I chuckle, Drake steps away going back to making coffee.