Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 36

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 36

  Lana’s POV

  Chase growls low in the back of his throat before lunging at Elias tackling him into the fireplace, that thankfully hadn’t been turned on or they both would have burnt arses. Tate and Drake jumped into action trying to break them apart as Chase punched Elias repeatedly. Arial just sat there stunned completely shocked and what happened her face, turning red with embarrassment as what she had been doing. I felt terrible for her, what a way to meet your mate while in the arms of another man.

  Chase chucks Drake off trying to get to Elias, fur sprouting along his arms as his wolf tried to take over. The entire loungeroom being ripped to shreds as they tried to contain him without hurting him though, at this rate one of them was going to have to because Chase was homicidal rampage at what he had just witnessed, what he had caught his mate doing. He was in for a big shock when he finds out she never saved herself for mate.

  “Arial do something” I scream at her snapping her out of her shock. She jumps to her feet rushing toward them and ripping Elias behind her, Chase turning on her growling at her thinking she was defending him when she was just trying to remove him away from the entire ordeal. Arial grips his face, his eyes going to the black of his beast. Tate had claws marks down his chest from trying to restrain him, Drakes shirt was ripped, and Elias had a huge black eye and swollen lip.

  “Elias go get out of here” I tell him knowing he needs to get out if we are to diffuse the situation.

  “Focus on me” Arial tells Chase who seemed to be calming under her touch, Elias darts for the door the movement not going unnoticed by Chase who goes to take off after him shoving Arial out of the way before she grabs him forcing him.

  “No, calm down. Stop” Arial says looking at me in panic, the first time I have ever seen her so worried, as she begged me to do something instead of the other way around. Usually, I was the one that was getting her to help so this was first for me, our roles reversed. I could tell she didn’t want to hurt him, didn’t know what to do as she clutched onto his trembling body while Chase fought for control of his wolf, his eyes flickering dangerously as she held him in place. When he suddenly grabs her his wolf taking control and I watch his eyes bleed black, his sclera’s turning onyx. “Mine” He growls before ripping her toward him and sinking his teeth into her neck marking her, Arial screams.

  I gasp when she suddenly punches him sending him hurtling into the wall knocking him through the wall and into the laundry. Dust covering him before he lunges at her before anyone could grab him. Adrenaline coursing through me as I throw myself in front of her and screaming at the top of my lungs.

  “Enough, sit the f**k down” I scream my vision tinging red as my anger took over along with my bloodlust when he suddenly freezes a whimper leaving his lips before he drops to his knees at my command, my Alpha aura bursting from me, forcing him to submit when I hear Drake groan behind me making me turn around to find him too on their knees, while Tate was still standing though sweat coated his skin as he fought against it, my command rushing over them too. Arial was on the ground clutching her neck as she glared at Chase for marking her forcefully.

  “Leave” I tell him when Arial jumps up, grabbing my arm.

  “No, please Lana” She says looking desperately at Chase who was watching her, his eyes turning to their normal colour. He hangs his head and I drop the command, Arial on the verge of tears at what has happened before she hesitantly walks over to him, she reaches out her hand and he looks at it and she presses her hand to his face, he leans into her touch before grabbing her, ripping her on top of him and into his lap. His face going to the crook of her neck inhaling her scent.

  “I’m sorry” She whispers as he wraps his arms around her pulling her close like she was about to disappear in front of him. “I’m sorry too” He whispers back. She hugs him back and I hear Tate get up along with Drake both breathless.

  “I’m sorry I am not used to using it, I hope I didn’t hurt you” I tell them, sweat coated their skin though Tate was able to resist it, Drake couldn’t because I haven’t marked him and he hasn’t marked me.

  Chase g****s before I hear Arial m**n only to look back and find them all over each other stripping each other clothes off.

  “And that’s my queue to leave” I blurt not wanting to witness my sister getting hot and heavy with her newly found mate. They suddenly break apart Lana’s face flushing like they forgot we were still standing here.

  “Yeah, you will get used to that” I tell her knowing now that he marked her she was going to be struggling to keep her hands off him.

  “I’m not listening to that all night, no way man” Drake tells his brother who was now shirtless. Drake puts his hand over my eyes, and I shake my head raising an eyebrow at him.

  “Empty house on the forest edge southern border” Tate says walking into the kitchen before returning with a set of keys and tossing them at Chase, he catches them before they suddenly bolt for the door, disappearing within a blink of an eye.

  “D**n I was really hoping to get rid of your sister in a few days” Tate chuckles and I slap his chest. Looking at the now destroyed loungeroom, everything up turned, the mantle was hanging off the fireplace, lounge was now resting on against the wall upside down. I start picking up the broken furniture.

  “New doorway” Drake says pointing to the huge hole in the wall, you could literally walk through it from where Arial punched Chase through it. I could see the washer and dryer in the laundry through the hole. Tate huffs annoyed looking at the gapping hole. He shakes his head stepping through it and grabbing the broom from the laundry.

  “I will fix it tomorrow” He says with a sigh sweeping up the broken plaster board while Drake picked up the bigger chunks taking them outside to the bin.

  I turn the lounge over just as Drake walks back in, he looks at the destruction shaking his head.

  “Just leave it, we can do it tomorrow” He says with a sigh before looking at me.

  “You alright?” He asks making Tate look up from sweeping.

  “Yeah why?” I ask picking up the broken leg off the coffee table. He points to my face and I realise my fangs were still protruding, now that he pointed it out, I realised how hungry I was and not for food.

  “I can heat up a blood bag for you” Drake says and Tate growls at him before stepping forward.

  “Don’t you two start fighting, the house is destroyed enough” I tell them.

  “It’s fine I will feed off Tate” I tell Drake and Tate nods. Drake rolls his eyes at him.

  “Or you could mark me and use me” Drake says hopeful.

  “Nope not until you have let Tate mark you” I tell him picking up another piece of the smashed coffee table.

  “Drake is right just leave it, it will still be here in the morning, lets go shower” Tate says brushing off dust.

  “This c**p is making me itchy”