Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

  Tate’s POV

  Arial was really grinding my gears, she always has to be rude, and self-entitled. I had never met someone so infuriating. The worst thing, I couldn’t do s**t about it because she was Lana’s sister, if I tell her to leave it would upset her.

  “Just come shower with me, let Lana deal with her sister” Drake says grabbing my arm pulling me toward the stairs.

  “She is a b***h I cant f*****g stand her” I tell him.

  “Not much we can do about it” he says opening the bathroom door.

  “Since when do you want to shower with me without Lana?” I ask him, his lips tug up before he pulls his shirt over his head.

  I climb in the shower with him, needing to calm Archer who wanted nothing but to go retrieve our mate and kick her sister off our territory.

  “Stop thinking of her Tate you are giving me a headache” Drake says grabbing the soap behind me. He looked tired.

  “How is Titus?” I ask him knowing his wolf is the reason he is so tired.

  “Pissed off wants me to let you mark me so I can mark Lana” He answers, and I nod putting my face under the water and bracing my arms on the wall letting the water loosen the tense muscles in my back when I feel Lana’s worry hit me making me look up.

  “What’s wrong?’ Drake asks.

  “Nothing Lana is worried about something I can feel her”

  “She is probably arguing with her sister” He replies, and I nod yet I couldn’t shake her emotions off like something was really bothering her. I feel Drakes hands run up my back and I turn around to face him, his hands moving to my chest. I watch him as he steps closer before kissing me. It shocked me a little and for a second, I thought Titus had taken over. I pull back grabbing his face, yet his eyes only looked back at me.

  “What’s going on with you?” I ask at his strange actions.

  “Nothing, I am just tired of fighting it, fighting the bond. I want you” He says my chest tightening at his words.

  “Don’t say that unless you mean it Drake, I am sick of the back and forth between us so is Lana”

  He steps back and I could tell he was thinking his mind plagued with his own tumultuous thoughts. I sigh going to turn back around and get out when he slams me into the wall his mouth on mine as he kisses me hungrily, his hand gripping the back of my neck pulling me closer as his tongue moved between my lips. I growl kissing him back when I feel his e******n pressing against my hip. His lips moving to my chin before going to my neck when I feel his tongue run over my mark making me grip him tighter,

  “Mark me” He breathes, I push him back angry that he would tease me like that after what I just said.

  “Don’t it’s not funny Drake, don’t play me like that”

  “I’m not playing you” He says stepping closer.

  “What about your father?”

  “He will come around, I will speak to him” He says before grabbing me and ripping me toward him, he offers me his neck.

  “What? You suddenly don’t want to?” He asks looking at me.

  “I don’t want you hating me afterward” I tell him.

  “I won’t hate you, I no longer care what he thinks I just want my mates, Dad will just need to learn to deal with it, I love you Tate have since I met you, I am sick of denying so please just”- I kiss him cutting him off and he g****s pulling me closer and I pull away kissing the side of his mouth before n*****g at his chin and earning a growl from him.

  I run my tongue over his neck where Lana’s mark is, he shudders gripping me closer Archer bouncing around excitedly in my head. I feel my canines elongate pressing against his skin and I hesitate when he suddenly pulls me closer and I sink my teeth into him, he grunts at the sudden pain before his grip on my hip tightens, his blood flowing into my mouth before his emotions slam into me, the bond forming, and I pull my teeth from his neck before running my tongue over it sealing it.

  “I love you” He says kissing me softly s*****g my lip into his mouth, my heart swelling with happiness at his words, eleven years I have waited for him, eleven years I have waited for him to love me back.

  “I never didn’t Tate, I have always loved you just like I love her” He says, I look to the ceiling fighting my emotions from spilling over.

  “I love you too” I tell him choking on my words my stupid emotions running rampant. I hear him laugh making me look at him.

  “I’m sorry, I never should have made you wait like that” He says wiping the tear that escaped, and I feel his guilt hit me before suddenly Lana’s voice echoes in my head. Drake watching me as my eyes glaze over. We were in our own little bubble but now hearing her voice in my head I could feel her panic, and she felt distant like she wasn’t close. Her worry going to the forefront of my mind consuming me.

  Lana’s POV

  Halfway toward Red River Pack I stop, in the middle of the road walking off to the side and stopping at the tree line. I had a terrible feeling about this, something was off my senses on high alert.

  “Why have you stopped Lana?” Arial asks stopping herself and walking over to me. I look back the way we came an uneasy feeling settling over me.

  “This is a bad idea Arial” I tell her. Tate’s words coming back to me, to let Drake handle his father, this was stirring up trouble, trouble that hasn’t anything to do with me.

  “You can’t back out now we are nearly there I can smell the pack from here”

  “No Arial something isn’t right, it has been quiet from their end for days, I’m sorry I am not going any further, we should head back and ask Tate and Drake” I tell her turning around.

  “You aren’t pussying out, they can’t do s**t we are direct descendants of the moon goddess we can handle Drake’s father, s**t probably take on the entire pack if we want” Arial argues.

  ‘Yes but that doesn’t mean its right Arial, not even mum oversteps and forces her will over other packs, this is wrong Arial we are going back” I tell her grabbing her arm. She shakes me off.

  “Arial!” I warn her.

  “No, it’s alright for you, you have your mates home with you. I am not leaving mine stuck on another territory when I can do something about it” She snaps.

  “Just because you can doesn’t mean we should” I tell her.

  “We are Alpha’s or Alpha’s wake up Lana, they can’t do s**t to us without repercussions from mum”

  “Do you see mum here, she is Alpha of Alpha’s not us and never will be that title goes to Ryker when mum steps down, we are just her daughters we have no rights here Lana, we walk into their territory we are trespassing” Arial rolls her eyes.

  “You are being dramatic, now hurry up”

  “No, I am not getting involved I am heading back”

  “So, you will let me go alone” She asks folding her arms across her chest.

  “We can ring mum, ask her to help or get Tate and Drake”

  “I am not asking Tate for help” She snaps.

  “Fine I will ask him, or we can ring Ryker he is next in line, they won’t deny him if you don’t want to ask mum” I tell her, turning and walking back the way we came. When I don’t hear her following, I stop looking back at her.

  “Arial come on” I wave to her, but she doesn’t move.

  “No I am going, if you are too scared just go, I will do it myself” She snaps. S**t! I think as I watch her continue leaving. I follow her to the border before deciding to use the pack link to as Tate for help.

  “Tate?” I ask he answers instantly.

  “What’s up? Where are you, you feel far away?” He asks before I feel his worry hit me.

  “I think I have f****d up, is Drake awake?”

  “Lana what’s going on?” F**k! I never should have listened to my sister, I should have went home and rang mum or got Drake.

  “Lana answer me” His voice booms through the link.

  “I am at the border of the River Pack” I confess.

  “Come back now” He bellows through the bond making me flinch.

  “I can’t Arial is about to storm through looking for Chase, can you come please”

  “Head back we are on our way” I go to answer when I see Arial step over the border.

  “Lana, don’t you step over that border, promise me” Tate says I could feel he had shifted, feel Drake had too though, something felt different and I was shocked I didn’t notice it before, my heart skipping a beat when I realise what it was, Tate had marked Drake. Guilt hitting me that I ruined their moment.

  “Lana?” Tate demands.

  “Okay I will wait” I tell him before he cuts the link.

  “Arial wait they are on their way” I call to her, but she doesn’t listen.

  “Arial come back now, this is stupid” I tell her when she goes out of sight. I growl annoyed standing away from the border when I hear her scream.