Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 41

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 41

  Tate’s POV

  I watched her walk out the door, I could feel her pain. All she had to do was wait it out, it would have eased off but instead she accepted it. I couldn’t believe it when those words left either of their lips. Leaving me stuck in the middle, if only he marked her, he wouldn’t have been able to reject her. His feelings were torn, he honestly didn’t expect her to accept it. I could hear Titus howling in his head.

  Both of them filled with anguish and I could feel both of them, I was left tied to both of them. One I waited for, for eleven years the other I just got her, got to keep her only for her to rip herself away now.

  “I’m sorry I didn’t think” Arial’s soft voice hits my ears. I had forgotten she was here completely consumed with the feelings through the bond and my own. Where does this leave me now?

  “No, you didn’t think, Drake would have handled it. You k****d his father you expect him to be okay with it and now you have destroyed your sister, destroyed us all”

  “But everything will be fine now, Drake is Alpha he is next in line you can all be together now” She says, she looked pained, and I could tell the wolfsbane had taken a toll on her, feel it still coursing through Lana’s veins though she couldn’t feel it, only consumed with the pain that is suffocating her slowly.

  “Drake would have challenged his father if he didn’t step down, you just made him look weak, you know what that looks like to a Pack, that some spoilt brat came in and took his father out for him?”

  “I just wanted my mate, I was trying to help”

  “All you helped with was destroying my mates, destroying your own sister” How does she not see this?

  Chase suddenly rushes out Drake having freed him from where ever he was being held. He looks to me before looking to his mate and rushing to her side.

  “Get her out of here and take her home” I tell Chase. He looks at Arial before noticing his father on the ground.

  “S**t I better check on mum, Drake finally k****d the b*****d” He says.

  “No, your f*****g mate did” I tell him and his eyes dart to her. He steps back away from her.

  “What? You overstepped Drake? Arial that wasn’t your place” He says to her not even hiding his anger from her.

  “I was trying to help” she defends herself.

  “No wonder Drake was so pissed off when he got us out” He looks around the room.

  “Where is Lana?” He asks looking to me.

  “Drake rejected her because of your mate” I tell him before turning on my heel and walking down the hall to find him. I could hear banging in the back room, things being trashed and thrown about. Hear his brothers trying to calm him down.

  “Drake what’s going on, just calm down” I hear Mason tell him. Opening the door, I walk in the entire room in disarray. The office completely destroyed.

  Mason and Tyler noticing me, look to me before rushing out and letting me deal with him.

  “Drake?” I call to him.

  “She accepted, she f*****g accepted. Why did I say it. I …” He breaks down crumbling to the floor his head in hands. Her mark now gone from his neck and I could tell he had been scratching at it, like it pained him.

  “I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to” He says rocking back and forth.

  “Just let me speak to her, we can fix it. You just need to mark each other again”

  “I should have marked her when she first come here, I wouldn’t have been able to reject her then. I was so angry I didn’t”- He doesn’t finish.

  “This isn’t her fault, isn’t yours either. Your father”-

  “My father was right, I should have marked her. Did what he said, now she will find out. When she does she won’t accept me”

  “Find out what?”

  “It doesn’t matter its over now, she accepted it” He says.

  “What Drake tell me, is this what he has over you. Just tell me we can fix this”

  “We can’t fix it Tate” He says hanging his head. He looked so broken, yet I could feel something eating away at him, some burden he is carrying.

  “I owed him, they would have k****d me if they found out” He says.

  “Your father?”

  “mum k****d herself, she said she was going to k**l dad. I wanted her too, wanted her pain to stop so I gave her the knife. She k****d herself instead, said the only way to destroy him was by k*****g herself” He breathes resting his head on the wall.

  “You were a kid, that is on your mother not you Drake”

  “I should have known better; I wasn’t kid a teen yes but not a kid. My father warned me. Said she would try convincing me and I didn’t listen. He was to busy for years knocking up Chases mother, she was always on the side. He wanted her not mum and every time she got pregnant mum had to watch him playhouse with her kids. I got sick of it, was jealous that my father wanted his new family more than her, more than me, so I gave it to her”

  “Still, that’s not your fault that is on your father, not you Drake I don’t see how you could owe him for this?” I tell him confused.

  “They banished us, made us rogue. Chase and his family could stay but my grandfather wanted me gone, blamed me so banished me. Dad chose me” He laughs shaking his head.

  “The b*****d chose me after everything, we left together lived as rogue. Dad went and seen the witch to break the bond, so he could help me. Promised we would find a new pack, so we lived as rogue for years”

  “I’m lost Drake what’s this got to do with anything?”

  “Think Tate, how long have you known me?”

  “13 years”

  “What happened 1O years ago, you didn’t think it strange that a new pack just randomly showed up, had the money to buy this place, a new pack randomly coming to this territory?”

  “I thought it strange, but it happens Drake”

  “Yeah, originally our pack was all rogue, a pack of rogues until I stumbled upon a lady, she offered us money to start a new life, so I started meeting with her behind my fathers back. My father questioned how I came into the money, but I kept it from him until s**t hit the fan” He says looking away.

  “What did you do Drake?”

  “That woman was Damien Decrescent’s mother, I helped her band rogues together to start a war on the Crescent Pack, Lily and Damien’s Pack, Lana’s aunty. I didn’t know she was involved with Kade. She told me she just wanted her son back, we needed to start fresh, so I introduced her to some rogues that lived in packs, I didn’t know the money came from hunters I just wanted to help my father, Dad found out after news went out about them looking for an escapee, asked if I knew anything. So, I told him, dad covered it up for me, dad knew Abel and when he found out he was d**d he said we had to cover it up, Damien hunted down every rogue that ever helped his mother, I was one of them. Dad helped him track them down and k**l them so they wouldn’t speak and tell him about me”

  “You helped Kade start a war on the Crescent Pack?”

  “I didn’t know who she was until after Kade escaped, I never would have helped her, she just told me she needed to find rogues to help her with something, I believed her, I didn’t realise she wanted them to bust him out and take over Damien’s pack. When I confronted her, she told me she wanted her son back but by then it was too late and no matter what I did I would have looked guilty the money had already been used to buy this place, Dad had become Alpha. He sent back for Chase only to find out my stepmother was in fact his second chance mate, go figure moon goddess really f****d up there”

  “Lana will forgive you, you didn’t know” I tell him. He chuckles shaking his head.

  “Well now isn’t that an interesting story” Says a voice from behind me. Both of us spin around, how had I not noticed anyone sneaking up behind us.

  “Great, just f*****g great” Drake says.

  “Go on Aria, get it over with” He says looking to her. She was livid, as I looked her up and down standing in the broken doorway. She moves into the room.

  “Arial called” She says. Drake growls and I could feel his hatred towards her matching my own.

  “Where is Lana?” Neither of us say anything.

  “Where is my daughter Tate?” She asks looking at me, her Alpha aura rushing over me.

  “She is at home” I say through gritted teeth, she drops the demand and I pant trying to catch my breath.

  “Now what am I going to do with you” She says looking at Drake. I could feel the burning anger behind her eyes, she was seething.