Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 42

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 42

  Lana’s POV

  Blood is thicker than water that’s the saying right? Didn’t realise how much thicker it truly was till time and time again you are put in a position where you have to choose between who has had your back the longest and that will always be family, but when does it become alright to cut your ties to family, at what point do you need to reach before you break it, and even if you do they still have a hold on you, no matter what you think, how much you think you don’t need them they are the home the one place you know the door is always open because blood is thicker than water.

  My actions have proven that time and time again and so has Drake’s, no matter how toxic his father is, he still went running back to him, just like no matter how much my sister has ruined things, I would choose her not because it’s right, no but because at the end of the day she was with me from the start, watched my sufferings like I watched hers, we shared the same memories, only siblings have a bond like that. Sometimes I think it is even stronger than the bond I have with my mother, because even as much as she loves us, she always had a projection of what we should be, who we should be, where as siblings expect nothing of you but you, accept you even in your downfalls not that my parents don’t but only a sibling truly understands what growing up with the parents you have because you didn’t just live with that expectation, so did they.

  She hurt me, no she destroyed my one chance at truly feeling like I have a place of belonging, but at the end of the day I never would have had that chance, of feeling that if she didn’t pull me back from the brink. And no doubt she will be there, no matter how much I claim I don’t want her, she will wait just like I would wait for her.

  I don’t even remember the run home, like I was on auto pilot. Fight or flight kicking in and this time I chose flight. I couldn’t bear to watch as Tate begs Drake because I knew he would. I felt for him, he was now bound to both of us, while we were only bound by him. Stuck in the middle, his heart forever to be torn in two. I couldn’t live with knowing that the pain he was going to be forced to endure would be my hands and Drakes, so instead I made the decision for him, because how do you choose, how do you ask someone to choose? I won’t ask nor will I expect it from him, so the decision came easy as I stepped into our room.

  Grabbing my suitcase, I zipped around grabbing all my belongings and chucked them in, I needed out. I need to get away from the destruction that is now my life. Chase and my sister walking into the house downstairs. I hear their soft whispers as they look for me before they walk into the room.

  My sister looking around her face dropping when she saw that I am packing.

  “What are you doing?”

  “What’s it look like I am doing” I tell her chucking my clothes in before retrieving my hair straightener and tossing it in.

  “Lana, Drake will calm down, this can still be fixed think of Tate, you can’t just leave”

  “I am thinking of Tate Arial, you think I want this. I won’t make him choose”

  “So what you’re just going to choose for him” She argues.

  “Why are you suddenly defending him, you hated him yesterday” I scream at her.

  “I am just trying to help Lana, I f****d up. I know that but”

  “You want to help me, help me pack I am going home”

  “Lana this is your home” Chase says stepping into the room.

  “No chase it was my home, it isn’t anymore” I tell him grabbing my makeup bag and tossing it in before zipping it up. I grab my phone and charger before grabbing my bag and walking out only to run into Tate on the stairs. His eyes going to the bag in my hand.

  “No wait, you don’t have to leave Lana” He says reaching for the bag, but I step aside squeezing past him.

  “Lana!” He calls as I walk to the door. Only to see my mother walking toward me. What the f**k is it a family reunion? But I was glad to see her, like everything I had been holding back suddenly flooding over the moment I saw her face. Like I could suddenly let all the weight holding me down go because I know she would pick it up, take the slack I couldn’t bear.

  I ran to her throwing my arms around her. My safe place.

  “I know baby” She says stroking my hair.

  “I wanna go home, I need to go home” I cry letting everything go, knowing she will take it with open arms, so I don’t have to.

  “You know you can come home, if that’s what you want, you know you always have a home with us” She says as I clutch onto her.

  “Lana, just wait please” Tate begs behind me. My heart breaking for him, but he would be okay, he would have Drake.

  “let her calm down Tate, ring her in a few days” My mother tells him, but I know I won’t change my mind not this time. I am not coming back, I will make this right if not for me, but for him. I won’t burden him with my pain.

  Pulling away from my mother, I grab my bag looking to Chase knowing my mother ran here because that is the only way she would have got here this quickly.

  “Can you put that in your car Chase” I ask him, and he looks to Tate, like doing so would be betraying him.

  “I take it you’re coming back with us?” My mother asks him. He nods once before my mothers eyes snap to Arial; she takes a step back from my mother’s anger. Her silence more intimidating than her screaming at you, you know you f****d up when she just stares but says nothing. Arial rushes to his car and hops in away from her gaze.

  “Lana wait” Tate calls. I turn facing him but not meeting his gaze. I didn’t want to see the hurt in his eyes feeling it was bad enough.

  “It’s done Tate,” I tell him walking toward Chase’s car.

  “He didn’t mean it” Tate calls out.

  “But he still did it though, didn’t he” I tell him before hopping in the car beside Arial.

  I watch my mother talk to Tate before looking back at the car, she nods before placing her hand on his shoulder and I see him hang his head dropping onto the step looking toward the car. I look away not able to watch. My mother walks over to chase holding her hand out and he drops his keys into her hands before jumping in the passenger seat, my mother getting in the drivers seat and starting the car.

  “Mum I”- Arial goes to say before my mother spins around in the seat to glare at her.

  “I will deal with you at home, so be quiet before I change my mind about you bringing your mate home when you just took your sister from hers” She snaps turning around to face the front, pulling out of the driveway.

  I rest my head on the window looking out, I was going home. I always thought going home will be an exciting feeling because I would have my mates, but now I just felt hollow as I watch as we went through the gates, as I said goodbye to the place that I was supposed to call home, longing for life I know will no longer be shared with them.