Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 43

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 43

  Lana’s POV

  1 week later

  I hadn’t spoken to them, though Tate tried to ring, I just couldn’t bring myself to answer. Instead, I watched it ring, my heart thumping in my chest. I felt his pain, felt every emotion he ever felt for this entire week and with my own it was absolute torture. I could feel everything so strong I confused his feeling with my own, struggling to differentiate between them.

  Sitting in my room, I hear a knock on the door before my sister walks in.

  “How are you feeling today?” She asks. I had have been struggling with ridding myself of the wolfsbane, my mother said it used to make her feel sick as well. Even Arial threw up for a few days afterwards, but I was hitting seven days and the nausea just wouldn’t leave, I knew it was the mate bond making me sick.

  Being without them was weakening me, just like I weakened them for two years, though I didn’t feel a bond connection anymore with Drake that didn’t mean I didn’t long for him. I missed him just as much as I missed Tate. Missed them both.

  “I never pictured being with them, the entire time I forced them to wait. But now I can’t picture being happy without them” I tell her. Arial sits on the bed wrapping her arm around my shoulders and I lean into her.

  “You could always go back and be with Tate” She says.

  “But then he would be forced to ignore Drake and I can’t bear to feel him with Drake anymore” I tell her.

  “You can tell?” she asks. I nod, I felt it once, searing pain like Tate was cheating, so I knew he was with Drake, Drake rejected the bond so now them being together is like Tate betraying me, I have no doubt that it would be the same for Drake if I was with Tate now.

  “But Drake was your mate” She says finding it odd too.

  “I know but he isn’t now we have no link so, now them being together hurts” I tell her.

  “Maybe ring Tate and let him know” Arial suggests.

  “What and tell him sorry you can’t be with your mate because it hurts your other mate” I laugh. She shrugs at loss too.

  “Then what do you want to do, you can go back and sort things out with them, or you can ring them, maybe I don’t know Lana, I’m sorry but I don’t know because I have never heard of this situation” I nod it was a strange predicament to find myself in. I ponder her words, yet I know if mum found out she would order them to remain apart, and I couldn’t do that to Tate or even Drake no matter how much they hurt me.

  “How is things with you and Chase?” I ask changing the topic.

  “Yeah rough, he is pissed off at me too, I really f****d everything up this time”

  “It will get better” I tell her, and she nods.

  “He is going home in a few weeks, to check on Drake” She says a little worried.

  “That’s good” I tell her not knowing what else to say when I remember something Drake said. That a bond could be broken I just need a witch.

  “Do you know any witches by any chance?” I ask her, her head snapping towards me in confusion as she lets me go nearly making me fall on my side.

  “Never met one, maybe ask Ryker he would know” She says.


  “Because that’s how Drakes dad survived after his mum died, he had a witch break the bond remove it like it never existed” I tell her.

  “You want to break your mate bond?”

  “I don’t see any other way” I tell her.

  “No, Lana just…No you can’t do that just wait longer things will work out” She says horrified by the idea, yet it made sense. I couldn’t make Tate choose; I wouldn’t put him through that. This was the only for Tate to be free, only way for me to be free.

  “I will forgive you for everything, everything Lana if you help me” I tell her. She shakes her head standing up.

  “No Lana.. I can’t, besides where would we find a witch because I sure as h**l am not asking Ryker, he would lose his s**t if he found what you want one for” She says.

  “I know where one is, but I need someone to come, I have never been there before”

  She paces trying to think, shaking her head. “Mum will k**l us; we can find another way. Maybe ask Tate to reject you”

  “He wouldn’t besides he already, marked me and me him it wouldn’t work” I tell her flopping down on the bed.

  I just wanted it to end, wanted everything to end so I could move on without being tainted by what I couldn’t have. I didn’t want the constant reminder of how close I was to having happiness only for it to be ripped away, at least this way I would be free, free to do what I originally wanted like go to university.

  “If I help you; you would really forgive me?” My sister asks making me sit up, she was chewing on her nail nervously.

  “Yes, I just want to move on Arial, I can’t when all I want is them” I tell her honestly. I couldn’t live like this for the rest of my life, live with the pain, the guilt and definitely not with this void threatening to consume me.

  “Then where do you want to go?” She asks closing the door.

  “And mum can’t find out, she is angry enough with me. She will blow up, probably banish me if she finds out” Arial says. She was right mum finds out, she may lose it if she knows Arial helped me. It was the first time I had ever seen my mother lose her temper like that. When we got home, Arial tried to run which just infuriated her more.

  Ryker dragging her back and it was the first time I had seen mum get in her face like that, Arial didn’t help though when she tried to defend herself, I couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for her, I did now because mum and she still weren’t talking. Mum has been doing damage control, the other packs demanding to know what happened, and why she was on someone’s territory without permission. Even with mum being Alpha of Alpha’s that didn’t give us the right to go where we pleased, mum yes but not us.

  Mum was livid not just because of what she did to me but the conflict she caused all round, it was the first time I had ever seen my mother raise a hand to us, even my father was shocked when mum slapped her before telling her to get out of her face and since then they haven’t spoken.

  “She won’t find out, even if she did, I will tell her you didn’t know why we were going there, just tell her I wanted to check out the sights so you came along, I will take the blame if she does find out” Arial nods thinking again, I could tell by the way she kept nervously glancing at the door how worried she was.

  “Fine so, where are we going?”

  “To Avalon City, there is a witch there named Avery”

  “How do we find her though have you got her last name”

  “No, we can figure it out when we get there”

  “You want to search the city for a witch?” I nod trying to think of a way.

  “Maybe Chase would know her name”

  “He will ask to many questions; he would want to know why” I slump back on the bed feeling a little defeated, for a few seconds I actually had hope.

  “Surely a witch can’t be that hard to find, someone might know if we ask around” Arial suggests making me sit up.

  “So, we are going to go?” I ask.

  “Yes, lets find us this witch” She says, and I feel excited for the first time in days things were going to work out, everything would be fine, and I would be free to move on with my life and them the same.

  “When do you want to go?” I ask her.

  “Tomorrow I will tell Chase we are going on a girls weekend, I can tell him to go see his brother early, he is worried about things back home” She says, and I nod everything coming together.

  “I will handle mum” I tell her, and she nods.

  “Yes you can tell her we are going away, I don’t want to be slapped again” She says.