Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

  Lana POV

  I woke with a wicked hangover, my head pounding to its own beat. Sitting up, my stomach churned and I raced to the bathroom. Chucking up last nights bad decision of drinking too much. Rinsing my mouth in the sink, I grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. As I was doing so, I could hear murmurs the soft voice of my sister like she was talking on the other side of the door. I strain my ears listening. Only catching the tail end of the conversation.

  “Just hurry I can’t guarantee we will remain here” I hear he say before the talking stops, I must have heard wrong, no one knows we are here. Walking out into the main room my toothbrush still in my mouth I look around, Arial was no where to be seen. Ryker was passed out in his bed and I realise I don’t even remember him coming in. I must have been out cold.

  My eyes snap to the door when I hear the doorhandle rattle. Arial walking in a shocked look on her face as she looks at me before composing herself.

  “You are awake” She announces. I put a finger to my lips pointing to Ryker and she looks over seeing him still asleep before turning around and closing the door quietly. I was about to demand to know who she was talking to when I felt my stomach turn again. I rush to the toilet spewing my guts up, when I was sure I had nothing left in my stomach, I stood up flushing the toilet yet again. My face felt hot, my entire body felt like it was overheating. Turning the shower, I stick my head under the cold stream trying to cool myself down. The water rushing over my head and down the sides of my face making me gasp at the sudden drop in temperature.

  Arial walks in leaning on the door watching me. “You okay?” She asks watching me worriedly.

  “Yeah fine just hungover” She nods before handing me a towel and I shut off the shower feeling a little better. I quickly brush my teeth before chucking some clothes on. When I place my shoes on Arial whisper yells to me.

  “What are you doing?” She asks. I look to where Ryker is snoring still asleep, hugging his body pillow like he is about to make love to it.

  “He is going to be out for a while” I tell her, and she nods.

  “Yeah he only got in when the sun came up” She says and I smile.


  “We can sneak off” I tell her, and she frowns.

  “Maybe we should wait, Ryker said this place wasn’t good to wander around in” I furrow my brows, what had got into her, she knew the whole reason I was coming here was to find the witch and this was our chance.

  “This is our chance to slip out we will back before he wakes” I tell her, and she nods looking over at him.

  “Just let me get dressed and put on a face” She says yet I had a feeling she was stalling me for some reason. Arial took 20 minutes to get dressed, and another 10 minutes to do her hair before she even started her make up. I look at the time ticking away, and I was about to get up and go without her when she walks out her make up bag in her hand.

  “Finally” I tell her, she walks over to her suitcase before tipping the entire contents of her make up bag on the floor. I groan bending down and helping her pick it up. Ryker snoring like a chainsaw next to my ear.

  Arial starts giggling and I look up at her as she was bent over the bed a purple lipstick in her hand.

  “What are you doing?” I whisper yell as she starts swiping it across his lips staining them a deep purple.

  “This a*****e has given me h**l all week, I am getting revenge” She says holding up the lip stick. I look at it and realise it was 24 hour lipstick. I refused to buy that brand it was worse then getting sharpie off a wall.

  “Help me” She says, and I jump up excited suddenly. Usually we were the ones that got pranked at home so this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

  Arial gave him winged eyeliner and rosy red blush on his cheeks, he tossed a few times but never woke as we glammed him up, with glitter eyeshadow and I coloured in his eyebrows joining them together before Arial grabbed her lipstick and proceeded to write on his head. Alpha D**k! She wrote across his forehead giggling to herself. We both froze as he suddenly rolled, both of us holding our breath and our tummies to stop ourselves from laughing in his face. Pulling her phone out we snapped some pictures of us posing next to our remade brother or was it sister now?.

  “He is going to k**l us” I tell her, and she giggles shutting the door behind us quietly as we leave.

  “The best part I know his Facebook password once he realises, I am going to change his profile picture so everyone in the pack sees it” She giggles.

  “What colour flowers did you want at your funeral again?” I ask her, looping my arm through hers. She laughs. “Oh, if he asks I will be telling him it was you because you’re his favourite” She retorts. I giggle shaking my head.

  “So where to first?” She asks.

  “Ryker said the Witch has an Apothecary shop in the east side so shouldn’t be too hard to find” Arial nods before texting someone.

  “Who are you messaging?” I ask.

  “Just Chase seeing how he is” She says pocketing her phone before I could see.

  “Why you hiding it then” I ask her suspicious.

  “I’m not, I will show what he sent if you want, you can have a look at his meaty girth he just sent me” I scrunch up my face. “I’ll pass on that thanks” I tell her, and she laughs pressing the button on the Elevator. Hopping in, I find a man already in the elevator. He moves over eyeing us. He was gorgeous with his dark hair and long lashes, why do men get good eyelashes? I thought to myself. As the trip down to the foyer continued, I notice he was still staring, something was seriously off about him, like in a creepy sort of way. His eyes not leaving us as we both moved further away. He smiles like he was enjoying the fear he was provoking from us, making me feel uneasy. I feel Arial grip my hand and I know she could feel the weird waves rolling off him. His scent was off too, like burnt citrus yet the entire time he stared, I couldn’t move my eyes away from his dazzling ones.

  Like I was to scared to look away but also drawn to him in a weird way. I watch as Arial lifts her hand making my eyes snap to her and I realise she was in some sort of trance.

  She reaches out to touch him and I snatch her hand holding it mine. What the f**k was she doing. The man chuckles the elevator door opening with a Bing and she jumps suddenly before shaking her head, the man walks out laughing to himself as he exits the hotel.

  “What were you doing?” I ask her and she looks at me funny.

  “What didn’t you feel it?” She asks.

  “Feel what?” I ask.

  “The pull towards him, I have no idea what came over me, but I suddenly wanted to touch him”

  “You nearly did, he was f*****g creepy as h**l,”

  “Yeah, but f*****g gorgeous, I sure as h**l wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting” She says chuckling as we step out of the elevator.

  “You have a mate” I tell her.

  “And you have two, don’t lie I know you wanted to jump his bones as much as I did”

  “We should ring a taxi” I tell Arial.

  “Why do that when I swiped Ryker’s keys” She says holding them up jiggling them like a teabag.

  “Well, if he doesn’t k**l you for the makeup, he definitely going to k**l you for taking his beloved car” I tell her. We walk out and find the car in the parking lot; she unlocks it jumping in the drivers side of his Mustang. I buckle up before googling local apothecary shops in the city. I find three and put the first one in google maps.

  “She starts the car reversing out and we drive out of the hotel parking lot on our way to sever this bond and regain my freedom, yet this nagging feeling in my head had me questioning what I was about to do. To late now we are already here, I think to myself trying to steel my resolve as I pushed the feelings away that suddenly decided to pop up, this is the only way, the only way I tell myself as we get nearer to our destination.