Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 47

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 47

  Lana’s POV

  Pulling up at the Apothecary shop nerves smash into me violently. This part of town was a lot nicer, and very artsy looking. All the shops covered in graffiti but not the ugly tag sort, the sort that looked more like painting or works of art.

  The streets were bustling with people, and people sat at the tables and chairs enjoying the outdoors. Quite different from the dark gloomy streets of where the hotel was. Looking at the store we parked out the front of, I could see soaps and homemade goods all bottled neatly and packaged to catch the eye of passers-by. Walking to the door, I push on it a little bell signalling customers had arrived goes off. Incense burning my nose the instant I walked in. So strong I could taste it. A woman in her twenties was sitting at the counter, she looked up as we entered.

  Like the man in the elevator, she had the same eerie feel to her, though the dominance radiating out her was strong, so strong I could tell we came to the right place. Her auburn hair hanging loosely down her back, green sparkling eyes watching us with curiosity. Arial looks at me nervously nudging me forward and I hadn’t realised we had both stopped in the centre of the store.

  She leans back in her chair before hopping up and walking to the beaded curtain leading out the back of the shop. “Lana, Arial follow me please oh and turn the sign at the front of the shop” She says her voice melodious, and I felt drawn to her like a moth to a flame, like I had never felt this strange attraction to a woman before but d**n she could even convert me. What was with the people around here and their strange voodoo.

  Arial nudges me making me look at her. “D**n you getting those weird l***o vibes or is it just me” She asks.

  “Nope, not just you” I tell her turning around and flipping the open sign to closed. I walk back to Arial who hadn’t moved a step as she waited for me.

  “How does she know our names?” Arial asks as we near the door she just went through. I find it is a kitchen of sorts the room looked pretty big like it had been renovated recently as the paintwork on the walls were only half done. When we stepped through the beaded curtain, I watch as she does something at the kitchen bench. When she turns around, I see she had made tea.

  “Sit girls” She says gesturing to the oak table in the far corner. We walk over plopping down in the wooden seats. We notice a door which must lead out the back of the store directly next to me.

  “Sorry but how do you know our names?” Arial asks her curiosity getting the better of her.

  “I have already seen this discussion, before” She says moving toward us with a tray holding three mugs. She places one down in front of each of us, her eyes watching us as she sits down before picking up her cup.

  “So you know why I am here then?” I ask and she nods sipping her tea.

  “Yes, you want me to break your mate bond” She says. I nod relieved knowing I don’t have to beg her she already knew why I was here.

  “So will you?” I ask her watching as she taps the side of her mug with her fingers watching me over the top of her cup. Her eyes dart to Arial. “You’re trouble, the good kind of course. I like it” She says her green eyes turning fluorescent making goosebumps rise on her arms. Arial clears her throat awkwardly. And she still didn’t hadn’t answered the question. I sip my tea almost spitting it back in the cup, does she realise she never boiled the jug it was stone cold.

  I feel something warm move over my skin, like slivering over me, the sensation making me shiver as it tickles my insides. Her lips turning up in a smile and Arial looks at me clearly creeped out by the woman.

  “So will you do it?” I ask sick waiting for her reply.

  “You’re a lot like your mother” She answers.

  “You know my mother?” I ask, she shakes her head.

  “No but I have had visions of the Hybrid Queen, I did know your grandfather though Abel. I also know Ryker, troubled young man that one, he is in store for a world of aguish” She says.

  “World of anguish?” Arial asks her. The woman sits back in her seat.

  “Yes, the moon goddess often doesn’t forgive those that k**l their mates” The woman says yet by the tone of voice, I could tell she held no judgement like she knew the reasoning behind it.

  “So you knew his mate”

  “No, I never leave Avalon City, this is my home. Ryker came to see me and I pointed him in the direction of her, Ryker did the right thing by k*****g her”

  “So, he actually did it, k****d his own mate?” Arial asks shocked.

  “Yes, k****d her with his b**e hands, like I said he is troubled, he will not give himself to another so easily and because of that when he gets his second chance it may well be the end of him, he harbours so much anger, I tried to take it when I severed his bond after she died. But something within him is different, something shifted and now I can’t see his future no more”

  “Why are you telling us this?” Arial asks. I was also confused that she would tell us our brothers secrets though I knew his mate died already.

  “Because your mother will be stepping down soon, her title will go to him, and I have a message for you to give her”

  “A message?” I ask my jaw hitting the floor.

  “Tell her not to resist when he asks for the title, not to fight just hand it over”

  “What? Why would we tell her that?” Arial asks shocked by her words.

  “Because if she doesn’t, he will k**l her along with your father and your brother Tyson” She says making my heart skip a beat. She believes my brother would k**l our own parents.

  “I have seen it, she will listen to the warning and things will change girls, just don’t forget to tell her. Your brother is good, somewhere deep in him broke, but everything can be mended including your mate bond” She says looking at me.

  “So you wont break the bond I take it?”

  “That is correct, but your journey wasn’t wasted. Arial has a message to deliver to your mother now”

  “But I can’t live like this, I can’t keep feeling them, please I will pay you” I tell her not wanting to take no for answer.

  “The choice is out of my hands Lana, I only meddle when I have to. I don’t like going against the fates, I also don’t want to p**s of your brother who will be here in 3 minutes” She says.

  “3 minutes?” She nods.

  “You will want to move your chair over he is in a fit of rage, but don’t mind it ends in a good laugh” She says her eyes sparkling as she smiles looking to the door next to me. I shuffle over in my seat.

  “Bit more, best to be safe in your condition” She says making my head snap to her. Was something wrong with me? My condition? She had a mischievous grin on her face.

  “Congratulations, your having twins, perfect pigeon pair” She says. My mouth opens and closes like a fish, gobsmacked by her words.


  “Your two weeks along you should start showing in two weeks and 1 day” She says. Arial starts laughing hysterically.


  “This is unbelievable no one can be this accurate, what are you playing at lady” Arial asks.

  “Trouble” She says pointing to her.

  The door suddenly smashes open, she was correct, if I hadn’t shifted, I definitely would have been hit as it was flung open.