Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 48

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 48

  “Lana what the f**k are you doing, is this why you wanted to come here, I won’t let you do this” Ryker says ripping me out of my seat and pressing me against the wall, his grip on my arms tight as he raged, while I tried not to burst out laughing at his face covered in makeup. Did he not look in the mirror at all.

  “I swear Avery if you do it, I will make your life miserable” Ryker spits at her.

  “You know I don’t like to meddle, though I am glad to see you have had a change of face, really suits you brings out your eyes” She says, her lips tugging up.

  The man from the elevator walks in a sly smile on his face as he steps in and goes to Avery, he kisses her on the cheek.

  “Girls this is my husband Aamon” She says introducing us. We nod and I hear Arial make a strangle sound that kind of sounded like a m**n. My eyes snapping to her and I realise Aamon was watching her. Avery slaps his chest “knock that off leave the girl alone, or I will send you back to h**l for another ten years” She says a smile on her lips. His eyes drop going to me and he nods. Ryker just looks around confused and Arial catches her breath.

  “Ah what just happened?” I ask confused myself.

  “Aamon is a demon, a lust one like me” Avery answers.

  “Aren’t you a witch?” I ask now confused.

  “I am a hybrid like you, half and half I feed of emotion and magic”

  I suddenly understood the weird pull to them both, and the strange l*****n vibes I was feeling for Avery.

  “Wait did you say send him to h**l?” Arial asks.

  “Yes, my father is one the keepers there, sometimes to fix a man you need to k**l him first, teach him his place,” She says her eyes glinting. Ryker scoffs at her words. “is that right Ava, she got you by the b***s Aamon” He says with a chuckle.

  “Are you still sure you have yours Ryker” Aamon says with a chuckle.

  “What the f**k is that supposed to mean?” Ryker growls while I snort trying to hold in my laugh. Arial not succeeding as she bursts out laughing hysterically with tears rolling down her face.

  “What the f**k are you laughing at Arial” He says glaring at her making me laugh harder as his unibrow crinkled.

  “Nothing, I am just glad you found your feminine side” She chokes out between laughing. Ava chuckles before walking off and coming back with a handheld mirror and passing it to him. He snatches it off her before looking in it and I could feel his anger radiating off him in waves.

  “Though that colour lipstick doesn’t really suit you, should have went with red” Aamon says with a chuckle.

  “You knew and let me walk all the way here looking like an idiot” Ryker growls at him.

  “I think it suits you, you go girlfriend” Aamon says giving him a thumbs up. “I’d do you” He says sending him a wink.

  Ryker growls lowly. “You’re so d**d, I am going to k**l you Arial” He bellows. Arial points to me and I roll my eyes. Ryker steps forward. Ava walks over placing her hand on his arm and he relaxes.

  “this isn’t over” He says glaring at us, but I couldn’t help but snicker. He grabs some tissues wiping it off smudging it everywhere though the lipstick doesn’t budge.

  “You’re right it is far from over, in fact Lana I would rather you go outside. My store doesn’t need to be destroyed” Avery says making everyone look at her as she ushers me toward the door.

  “What is going on?” I ask.

  “Arial want to chime in here” Avery asks. I look over my shoulder and she turns away guiltily.

  “I’m sorry Lana, I couldn’t let you go through with it”

  “Excuse me?”

  “Aamon it might be best if you keep Ryker inside, he won’t like what happens next but it’s for the greater good I assure you” Avery tells him before looking at Ryker. Her words scared me what did she mean. Aamon places his hands on Ryker’s shoulders. Ryker looking as confused as I felt.

  “Arial what did you do?” I demand.

  “I’m sorry, I called Drake”

  “You what?” I scream outraged my own sister would betray me like this, she knew why I needed to sever the bond.

  “No time, outside I only just replaced these windows too, oh well” Avery says gently pushing me toward the door. I step outside and I realise it was getting dark, “How?” I ask looking around before looking at the sky.

  “Oh, you have been here all day, I took the pleasure of distracting you”

  “Wait what, how?”

  “When you first got here, didn’t you notice how cold your tea was?” Now that she said it, I notice how sore my back is. Wait did we just sit and stare for hours?

  No sooner had I walked outside. I heard a car making me spin on my heel to look down the street. I watch Drakes truck pull up, my blood running cold as he steps out. My mind going back to the night he rejected me and the pain I felt.

  “Get in the car Lana” He says stepping onto the footpath.

  “No, leave Drake” I tell him, and he shakes his head.

  “No, I won’t let you do this to Tate”

  “I am doing this to help Tate, not that you need to worry she said no anyway, so now I need to find another witch” I tell him. Tears springing in my eyes now seeing how terrible he looked, his hair all messy and he was in desperate need of a shave.

  “No, now get in the car Lana, don’t make me come get you” He says taking a step forward in warning. I laugh is he serious?

  “You have no pull over me anymore, I don’t need to listen to you and I sure as h**l won’t let you tell me what I need to do” I snap at him my eyes blazing as I feel my bloodlust take over with my anger.

  He goes to grab me and I shove him with more force then I meant to, he smashes against the stores windows and they shatter on impact raining glass down over him. He growls before lunging at me but I step out of the way.

  “You didn’t want me Drake so f*****g leave before I hurt you” I warn him.

  “I was angry, and you accepted, you could have rejected the rejection” He screams back, his eyes turning black as Titus makes himself present.

  “You don’t get a say in this, we are not mates, not anymore”

  “I think he has a say in it, since your carrying his children” Avery says from where she stands looking at the broken window. My eyes snap to Drake in panic, why would she tell him that? Drake’s eyes go to my belly before he turns his head listening and I find myself doing the same thing, picking up my own heart rate first before hearing two more thumping at different speeds making me gasp, she was right I am pregnant and with twins.

  Drake growls my eyes darting him only to find he was a lot closer, within grabbing distance.

  “Mine” He growls before grabbing me, his canines protruding and sinking into my neck as he holds me against him. I scream as his teeth slice straight over Tate’s mark, forcing the bond he rejected before I feel his canines retract and he runs his tongue over the fresh mark making me m**n.

  “You’re not leaving me now”

  “I can always reject you back Drake” I spit at him before slapping him across the face. He rubs his cheek his eyes darkening.

  “Now you’re angry, lets have it then give it your best shot Lana” He says, and I feel rage build up in me, before swinging at him. My fist connecting with his jaw. He chuckles.

  “That it?” He asks stepping forward.

  “Drake!” I warn him. He pushes my shoulders making step back.

  “Come on Lana, get mad, show me who the real Alpha is” He mocks stepping forward and shoving my shoulders again. I growl at him, my vision turning red.

  “Stop Drake” I scream shoving him back. He goes flying into the side of his car leaving an indent of his body. He gets up laughing and it makes my blood boil.

  “That all you got” He taunts as he lunges at me, but I move quicker, anger coursing throughout every piece of my body, how dare he tell me what to do after he destroyed me? Grabbing him, my bloodlust takes over I rip him toward me sinking my teeth into him, his blood flooding into my mouth and I m**n loudly having not fed in days, bloodlust consuming every piece of me while I feed off him. When I pull back wiping my lips only to see him smiling like he just won some prize.

  “Reject me now love” He says, and I realise what I did, I just fed on him. I just marked him back.