Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

  Lana POV

  Drake laughs knowing I can no longer reject him, though he can no longer reject me, that didn’t make my anger subside. He can’t just change his mind like that and now it had me questioning whether or not he marked me because he wanted to or whether he did it for Tate.

  I push him away. “You had no right to do that, you just took my choice”

  “It was never our choice Lana, I did what I had to do, the Moon goddess paired us”-

  “You didn’t seem to care anything about the Moon goddess a week ago when you f*****g rejected me” I spit back at him before turning to go see my sister.

  “Where are you going Lana, get in the car”

  I ignore him walking toward the door just as Ryker storms out, in a rage knocking me over as he bursts through the door. He lunges at Drake punching him, his head snapping back before Drake elbows him in the head before he tackles him. I scream pain radiating up the side of my face suddenly before pain radiates through my ribs as Ryker hits him again.

  Aamon comes running out sporting a black eye obviously from Ryker. He rips Ryker off him slamming him into the concrete on his back.

  “You’re hurting your f*****g sister, now settle down” Aamon screams at him and he suddenly goes limp, Ryker’s eyes glazing over. Avery steps out the shattered window before placing her hand on Aamon’s shoulder.

  “Let him go my love, you don’t want to hurt your friend” She says softly. Aamon stands up and I notice his obsidian eyes glinting, reflecting in the darkness. He lets Ryker go. “Stay down” He says pointing his finger at Ryker. Ryker puts his hands up. “Aamon!” Ryker says as he glares at him.

  “No, I have put up with your s**t and kept my mouth shut for too long now, get your anger in check it isn’t helping anything, and I sick of watching my best friend destroy himself, hurting him won’t bring her back Ryker” Aamon says to him.

  Aamon straightens out his shirt before dusting off his hands on his pants. “Now get inside, and get that s**t off your face, I can’t take you serious while looking like a lady boy” Aamon tells him, and I hear Arial snicker from the window. Ryker glares at her before growling.

  “Just remember sis, you gotta come home with me” He tells her, and she instantly stops,

  “Lana helped” She dobs.

  “Can’t beat her a*s though can I since she is up the duff” He says standing up and stalking back into the shop.

  I get up standing there watching when I feel Drake’s hand grab my wrist.

  “Car now” He says wiping his eyebrow that was bleeding. I shake my head.

  “I am not going with you, I am going home” I tell him going to walk off when Avery steps forward.

  “So stubborn” She mutters rubbing her temples.

  “Get in the car Lana, he will follow you home and s**t hits the fan if he does” She says.

  “All this drama, drama drama, you owe me new windows” She says pointing to Drake he nods before his eyes snap to me.

  “Come Lana” He says tugging on my arm.

  “Will you stop, you ain’t my keeper, now f**k off I have to go home to give a message to my mother anyway” I tell him shaking his hand off.

  “No Arial will be delivering the message, I am sorry about this Lana”

  “About what?” I ask confused.

  “Grab her, she isn’t going to go willingly, and I like my door” She says.

  Drake grabs me and I throw my head back and he grunts before I see Aamon opens the passenger door. Drake shoving me in before Aamon grabs my face. His eyes turning black, and I feel this strange sensation roll over me, every muscle in my body relaxing.

  “Stop fighting them” He says, and the idea suddenly seems very reasonable, and I find myself nodding. The car starts and he lets go the feeling leaving and I realise he used a glamour on me.

  “Doesn’t work on me, I have compulsion too” I tell him.

  “I know but it was long enough for him to get in his seat, werewolves such temperamental things” He says thoughtfully.

  “I am not a werewolf” I deadpan.

  “Hybrid same difference” He says shutting my door. I growl and see him walk off back into the shop along with Avery. Arial looking out the window before I see Ryker step behind her and dropping a hand on her shoulder making her jump, a cruel smile on his lips. I shake my head. Drake pulls away from the curb and I go to grip the door handle.

  “Don’t even think of it Lana, I am not in the mood”

  “Funny because neither am I” I tell him folding my arms across my chest.

  “Don’t see you being attacked by my family, oh that’s right your sister k****d mine” He snaps as he goes around the roundabout.

  “You father was a p***k, no great loss there” I spit at him instantly regretting the words as they left my lips. Drake slams on the brakes and I go flying toward the dash, his hand stopping me from headbutting it as the cars comes to a stop.

  He growls spinning in his seat to glare at me. “F*****g say it again Lana” He spits at me, his entire body trembling as fur sprouts from his arms.

  “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, that was cruel” I tell him realising how nasty that was to say when his father was d**d, I knew he loved his father even if he should hate him, it was still his dad. Drake try’s to reign in control, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the steering wheel.

  “I’m sorry” I repeat touching his arm when I feel he was still struggling.

  “Lana!” He warns, he was losing it and I don’t think it was just what I said but everything finally making him snap, my heart thumping erratically in my chest as we sit on the side of the road, his eyes flickering manically.

  “Get out” He says through gritted teeth. At first I thought it was funny considering how much he tried to get me in the car, but when his eyes snapped to me, his canines protruding, I realise he had lost it. Jumping from the car, I slam the door shut just as he shifts. The sound was horrendous as I hear him trashing his car, hear the leather seats being destroyed as Titus takes over.

  My phone dinging and I pull it from my pocket when I see my brothers car pull up next to me, the window rolls down on the passenger side. Ryker leans over Arial to speak to me.

  “You good, or do I need to get out?” Ryker says looking at the car moving behind me. I look back unable to see in the windows from the dark tint but I could hear Titus growling.

  “Nope we good” Arial watching me her eyes darting to my phone before she sends me a wink. I look down at my phone before snorting when I see it is a notification on facebook, saying Ryker changed his profile picture.

  “Ring me if you need me” He says, and I nod watching him go. I wait a few more minutes until I hear silence in the car. I open the door, the stuffing from the seats made it look like it was snowing Drake sitting in his seat n***d.

  I sit in the slide in the seat, pushing the stuffing on the floor some of it spilling out the door and floating away in the breeze.

  “I know don’t mention it” He says, his car was completely destroyed even the dash had huge crack in it and the airbag on my side was deployed and had claw marks through it.

  “Thank you for not running off with Ryker” he says starting the car. He reaches over the back into the footwell grabbing some pants and slipping them on.

  “You okay?” I ask. He says nothing just stares out the window before driving off again. As we near the city border, I see my brothers car on the side of the road.

  “Is that your brother?” He asks looking out the window. I roll my window down peering out just in time to witness Ryker jump out of the car and see Arial dart into the paddock they were parked next to.

  “Get your a*s back here you brat, I am going to f*****g k**l you,”

  “Everything good?” I ask with a chuckle.

  “She put a photo on my Facebook and changed my f*****g password” He calls back.

  “At least now you don’t look so fugly, think of all the dudes you will pull now” I hear her scream from somewhere in the darkness.

  “Arial! Fix it you b***h” He bellows stalking off into the paddock to hunt her down.

  “Should we make sure he doesn’t k**l her, like I am all for her getting her a*s beat but not keen on your mother k*****g me for allowing it?” Drake asks.

  “No, she can handle him” I tell him, Ryker may be bigger and scarier, but she was faster and could easily outrun him all the way home to hide behind mum. Though Avery’s words earlier worried me, was he really that much stronger now to take her on and k**l her? I had so many thoughts running through my head. The main one being why he k****d his mate, also the thought of a raging Ryker being Alpha of Alpha’s scared me a little.

  “What’s wrong?” Drake asks as we hit the highway.

  “Nothing, just thinking” I tell him.