Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 5

  Lana’s POV

  The rest of the trip home was silent, as soon as the car pulled up, I bolted for the house, running straight to my room. My mothers voice reached me as I ran up the stairs.

  “Lana is that you?”

  “Yes, going to my room” I scream back not even slowing. I heard them come in, heard the front door shutting but I quickly rushed to my room, closing the door and locking it. A few seconds later, I hear a knock on the door.

  “You know you can’t avoid us forever” I hear Drake’s husky voice call out to me. I can f*****g try, I thought. I hear his footsteps leave and sigh only to hear the bathroom door open. My head snapping in its direction and in walks Tate and Drake.

  S**t, Arial must have forgotten to lock the bathroom door. Of all the rooms ours had to have a two-way bathroom.

  “Get out” I snap at them; they both ignored me. Instead moving into the room and sitting on Arial’s bed.

  I glare at them; can’t they see I want nothing to do with them? I am not leaving my sister especially for a man or men in my case.

  “Chill, we only want to spend time with you” Tate says, holding his hands up in mock surrender.

  “Well, I don’t want to spend time with you, get out of my room” I tell them. Drake raises an eyebrow at me with a smirk on his face. He gets up walking toward me and I step back ready to make a run for the door when I hear my mother’s voice.

  “Lana, Peter is here” She calls out. Thank god for that. “Peter” They both say at the same time glancing at each other. I bolted for the door not even explaining, he was my out and I was taking it.

  Rushing downstairs, I see Peter standing in the foyer. “You’re still in uniform” Peter says but I brush it off, grabbing his hand and tugging him toward the door wanting to escape. But that was short lived when I felt myself yanked backwards.

  “What do you think you’re doing?” Drake growls and Peter flinches, not understanding what is going on, but I could tell from the fear in his brown eyes that he could feel Drake’s Alpha aura radiating off him. It had little effect on me, but Peter looked like he was about to soil his pants.

  “Mine” Drake growls and Peter lets go of my hand. My face flushing red at his claim.

  “Woah there Alpha, there is a huge misunderstanding, I am not claiming her” He blurts out. Drake growls and my mother comes rushing out, her apron around her waist and a worried look on her face.

  “What’s going on, why all this macho c**p?” She demands. Tate and Drake turn to her before Tate speaks.

  “She is not leaving with another male” Tate tells her, and my mother pinches the bridge of her nose in frustration. My two younger brothers rushed out excited and I could tell they were hoping to see a fight.

  “My daughter is free to hang out with anyone she wants, no matter the gender” She tells them.

  “I will not have my mate”

  “Our Mate” Tate corrects Drake.

  “I will not allow our mate to roam around with unmated males” Drake tells her.

  “First of all Alpha, my daughter can talk to whoever she wants, secondly Peter is in no way a threat to your over inflated egos”

  ”Yes, he is if he is unmated” Tate argues.

  ”He is g*y, f*****g g*y” I scream frustrated.

  “You are his type not me” I spit making them look back at me before their eyes dart to Peter who was obviously g*y by the way he dresses and the fact he has make up on and can do his eyeliner better then me, oh and the boy can contour, seriously makes a better girl than I do.

  “Huh” Tate says, his eyes running up and down Peter who looks like a deer in headlights. He gives a brief wave not liking the sudden attention.

  “Hi, I am the very, very g*y best friend, likes sausage not taco’s” He says, and I shake my head. He rambles when he is nervous.

  “Okay well we are going” I state, and my mother stalks off toward the kitchen.

  “D**n I wanted to see mum kick some a*s” Tyson says from the step where their eager eyes were watching this all play out. I roll my eyes at them.

  “Where are you going?” Drake asks, eyeing us.

  “The library, not that it concerns you” I tell him, grabbing Peter’s hand and tugging him toward the door.

  “We will come with you” Drake states, making me spin around.

  “I think I will be fine, it’s like five minutes down the road and I am not having you two following causing a scene” Drake glares at me folding his arms across his broad chest.

  “Either we go or you stay” Drake says. Turning around I ignored him only for him to shove past blocking the door. “Mum” I scream but he doesn’t move.

  “Someone’s gonna get it” Tyson sings from the stairs.

  My mother stormed out of the kitchen again. “What Lana? I am busy”

  “They won’t let me leave” I point out.

  My mother sighs.

  “Lana, I haven’t got time to deal with this, I am burning dinner and why can’t you stay here with Peter, I hate you hanging out at that seedy place with Nolan”

  “Who the f**k is Nolan?” Drake demands and I roll my eyes at his tone before Peter the traitor answers him.

  “Her boyfriend of two years”

  “What? You are definitely not going out. You said you were going to the library” Tate says, stepping forward. My mother laughs.

  “Is that what she told you? This girl hates school no way would she study for the sake of it, you’re on your own Lana” She says walking off and I know I am not going anywhere without her help.

  “Fine” I mutter before Peter’s voice flits through my head using the pack link.

  “I am gonna go” He tells me, and I turn my head toward him, pleading with him to not leave me with these two idiots. He shrugs giving me an apologetic look before rushing out the door.

  Turning around, I head for the stairs, both of them hot on my heels.

  “So who is this Nolan?” Drake demands. I ignore him, when the door bursts open and in races Arial, relief flooding me.

  “What’s up?” She says rushing past me. I follow her before flopping on my bed.

  “So, are you going to answer?” Drake asks.

  “Answer what?” Arial asks, stripping her school clothes off and getting in something comfortable. Drake and Tate both avert their eyes while I roll mine.

  “What don’t want to see me get changed, then get the f**k out” She tells them not caring in the slightest.

  “You need to dump this Nolan,” Tate tells me. Arial bursts out laughing.

  “Is that what they are carrying on about?” She asks, pulling her shirt over his head. I sigh because this is ridiculous.

  “Possessive much?” Arial states.

  “She can’t have mates and keep a boyfriend,” Drake tells her.

  “Don’t really need to worry about that department. My sister is a prude. They have been together two years and she never even kissed him” Arial blurts out much to my horror. My face turning a shade of scarlet. Please, floor open up and s*****w me. I am so k*****g her when they leave.

  “Don’t care you need to break it off with him now, give me your phone” Drake demands, holding his hand out expectantly.

  “You really never even kissed anyone?” Tate asks, not even hiding his shock.

  “I have kissed someone thank you” Not willing to elaborate on the whom.

  “Who?” He asks, a smirk on his face.

  “Ha, actually she is right she did, remember you kissed Shelly as part of truth or dare at her slumber party last year” Arial blurts out, does she have diarrhoea of the mouth? Like seriously she’s just throwing out all my secrets to two strangers.

  “So, you are a l*****n?” Drake asks.

  “No, I am not. It was a dare” I exclaim.

  “Can you please leave; I need to shower, and you are both suffocating me” I tell them. Drake’s eyes soften before going hard again.

  “Phone” He demands clicking his fingers. I groan before reaching in my back pocket and throwing it at his head, but he catches it before it hits him.

  “You got what you want so get out” I snap. They reluctantly leave and I slam the door behind them.