Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 51

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 51

  Lana’s POV

  The drive back to Tate’s was met with complete and utter silence. Drake was seething with everything that happened, about Titus and how betrayed Tate must have felt for him to take over. I just couldn’t wait to get out of the car and away from him. His words cut deeply, he didn’t want me he made sure that was clear. When we pulled through the gates and drove to the house Tate was sitting on the porch steps his head in hands.

  Tate looks up as the car pulls into the driveway before getting up from where he was sitting. I open the car door, the torns seats and the stuffing spilling onto the ground as I hop out.

  “Is Titus right, was it you that went to sever the bond?” Tate asks, his body trembling in rage. I say nothing because now I could truly see how bad of a decision that was, I wasn’t helping Tate I was destroying him. His next words confirmed my thoughts.

  “Two years Lana, two f*****g years I waited for you. Then you decide to sever our bond?” He asks, shaking his head and grabbing his hair infrustration.

  “Do you hate me that much?” He asks.

  “No of course not, I thought I was letting you go to be with Drake” I told him. Tate scoffs.

  “He don’t want me either, never f*****g did. You both made me wait, you eleven years” Tate screams pointing at Drake.

  “I’m done waiting, done with all this s**t. The Moon Goddess paired us and you deny her, what is wrong with you. You are pregnant and you were still willing to break the bond, then what never tell us?”

  “No that’s not it, I only just found out I was pregnant at Avalon City, I didn’t know before I went”

  “Were you still going to go through with it?” he asks. I say nothing knowing anything I do say, will make things worse because I was still going to go through with it and he would know if I tried to lie.

  “Exactly like I thought, get inside it cold” He says before turning on his heel and walking up the steps. He stopped at the door looking back when we hadn’t moved from our positions.

  “Now Lana” He says and I move my feet, walking up the steps before walking inside. Drake follows behind me before walking off into the kitchen. I stand awkwardly in the entryway when I hear Drake speak.

  “I can stay tonight but I need to leave tomorrow, I have s**t to sort out back home”

  “Fine but when will you be back?”

  “I’m not going to lie Tate, I am not sure if I am coming back” Drake tells him. I feel Tates hurt through the bond before he stalks off upstairs.

  “You mean you brought me back because you didn’t want to be here?”

  ” I am not doing this with you Lana, do you have any idea the s**t your sister has caused?”

  ”What are you talking about?” Drake shakes his head annoyed.

  ”Your sister k****d my father”

  ”I know that, I can’t bring him back Drake”

  ”No you can’t but your sister k****d him, I was going to challenge him if he didn’t hand the title over, your sister made me look weak and now my pack doesn’t think I should be Alpha, that I am not worthy of the title. I had to k**l four of my pack members because of what she did, she turned my entire pack against me. Made me look weak”

  ” I didn’t know, I am sorry”

  ”Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore, Lana. This here is never going to work”

  ”Well we can merge the packs” I tell him but he shakes his head.

  ”What and have three Alpha’s, it would never work there is only supposed to be one Alpha and a Luna. We have three Alpha’s,Lana it will be a constant battle, a fight between Alpha’s. Packs work from hierarchy the three of us throw that stability out the window. It won’t work”

  ”So what are you saying?”

  ” I’m saying I won’t destroy the bond, I can’t hurt Tate like that again. But I also can’t be with you, your family has ruined everything for me now”

  ”You’re not making any sense”

  ”You chose her over me, you stopped me from”-

  ”What was I supposed to let you hurt my sister?”

  ” You know that’s not possible Lana, she is immortal but at least if I challenged her my pack wouldn’t think me weak, you chose her, chose family over the bond”

  You’re a hypocrite, you did the same thing Drake, you chose your father”

  ” Yes but at least I was going to choose you, you never even hesitated when it came to her. You just upped and left and accepted my rejection like it meant nothing to you and after Avalon City I now know it never did” He says before walking upstairs leaving me in the kitchen. Everything has turned to s**t, nothing turning out the way it should, though I never expected any of this I thought maybe we could at least put it past us.

  Walking upstairs I head to the spare room and flop on the bed and go to sleep.

  Waking up the next morning both of them were gone, I didn’t even hear them leave and neither bothered to let me know but one thing was clear, they both despised me.

  Drake POV

  I left early in the morning, Tate tried to convince me to stay but I told him I had pack business to handle. Walking into the Pack house I find Chase and Marcus waiting for me in the office.

  “Did she break the bond?” Chase asks and I shake my head. He lets out a breath of relief before sitting down on the lounge across from my desk.

  “So what now?” My brother Marcus asks.

  “I want you to hold a Pack meeting”

  “What for?” Chase asked and I knew he wasn’t going to like what I say next, but it had to be done. I never wanted it to come to this but it is obvious after Arial challenged dad that I wouldn’t be able to keep the title.

  “I’m standing down as Alpha?” I tell them. Marcus jumps up outraged.

  “Is this because of Kailyn and the others? you can’t stand down who is going to take over”

  “Chase is” I tell them. Chase starts shaking his head.

  “This is your Pack Chase, not mine”

  “It became yours when your mate decided to k**l dad” I tell him. I walk to the door before stopping.

  “Call the meeting I want everyone here in twenty minutes” I tell them before walking to my room.

  I don’t bother packing there isn’t much point with what I plan to do, instead I message Tate. Letting him know I am leaving. My phone instantly starts ringing but I switch it off before walking to the hall out back. I sat on the podium watching as the room began to fill with every pack member, I could tell they had no idea what was going on and the whispers amongst them also didn’t go unheard. When everyone was seated I motioned for Chase to get up on stage. He hesitates before walking on stage.

  The chatter amongst the crowd d***g down.

  “Some of you seem to have a problem with me being Alpha because of Arial Chases mate” A few nod but they remain quiet.

  “I called you here to tell you I am stepping down from the position, Chase stepped forward” A few gasps could be heard but Chase stepped forward, everyone falling silent.

  “You don’t need to do this,” He whispers.

  “I have already decided Chase this is how it needs to be” I tell him before slicing his hand and my own. People talking in hushed whispers as they watch what is going on.

  “I Alpha Drake Verlix of the red river Pack forfeit my title and hand it down to Chase Verlix your new Alpha of the Red River Pack and hereby declare myself rogue” Chases head snaps toward me looking at me horrified relising I wasn’t moving to Tate’s Pack but becoming rogue.

  “What are you doing?” He says pulling his hand away before we could seal it. I grip his arm reefing him forward and grabbing his hand.

  “What needs to be done” I tell him, our blood mingling and I feel my tether to my pack dissolve, my title going with it as I am filled with nothing but silence, no Pack thoughts, the only thoughts in my head are mine and that of Titus who howled loudly before going silent. He agreed, we couldn’t keep doing this, without a title we were no better than rogue so with that we shifted and I left. My clothes shredded before we took off only stopping at the border. Titus stops looking back, his voice sad.

  “Where not coming back are we?”

  “No Titus, we don’t deserve them” I tell him and he nods his head before we take off, not looking back.