Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 53

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 53

  Lana POV

  Three Days later

  I have been on s*****e watch for three days now, Tate removed the door handles on every door in the house, I was also never left alone by myself. If I wasn’t joined at Tate’s hip, I was with Elias and joined him. Though I know now, I would never attempt that again. I had a reason to live now, the two moving babies growing in my womb. I realised how selfish it was for me to punish them along with me, punish Tate. So caught up in my own head that I didn’t see the impact it would have on everyone else. My family would have been devastated and it probably would have caused a war between our packs. Tate would have been destroyed and so would of our children. I wished I could take everything back, undo the harm I had done.

  Getting ready for bed, I hop in pulling the covers up. Tossing and turning as I try to get comfortable in this oversized empty bed when I hear movement outside my bedroom door. Getting up, I stick my head out the door to find Tate resting against the wall sitting on the floor. He jumps looking up at me not having realised I was there until I touched his shoulder.

  “Are you okay, why are you on the floor?” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

  “I was about to go to sleep actually” He says, his eyes darting to the wall across from him.

  “Where? on the floor in the hall?” I ask wondering if he had lost his mind, the floorboards definitely wouldn’t be my first choice of getting some sleep.

  “I have been sleeping here for three days now, Lana” He says.

  “I’m not going to do anything, Tate. You can sleep in your bed” I tell him and he shakes his head.

  “I’m fine Lana, I can’t sleep with you so far away, it makes Asher nervous” He says and I roll my eyes before stepping over him and walking toward his bedroom. I climb in his bed and I hear him get up, I chuck the extra cushions on the floor before moving my pillow.

  “I’m not letting you sleep on the floor outside my door, will you sleep in here now?”

  “I know you don’t want to be in here with me” He says.

  “I never said I didn’t want to be in here, I just assumed you didn’t want me in here” I tell him rolling on my side and getting comfortable. Tate walks over flicking the lamp off before climbing in behind me.

  “Because you went to Avalon?, I was angry, well more shocked actually. I expected that of Drake but not you” He says draping his arm over me and pulling me against him.

  “He isn’t coming back is he?” I ask Tate.

  “He will come back Lana, eventually”

  “And if he doesn’t?”

  “Then you have me, we can be happy without him, you can be happy without him” Tate says and I nod my head. I roll over facing him.

  “We can still be a family without him Lana, you me and our little ones” He says placing a hand on my non-existent bump.

  “Promise me something though?”

  “What?” I ask.

  “Never hurt yourself again, and don’t leave me” I nod placing my hand on his cheek. Tate kisses my palm, his stubble itching my palm.

  “We can do this together, he comes back, he comes back. If not we have an entire pack to help us, they will be our village, we can do this on our own”

  “Do you worry about him?” I ask. He nods before sitting up on one elbow looking down at me.

  “His decision to leave, he did that, that’s his loss. He knew what he was leaving behind, so yes I worry but nothing we can do about it. He will come back when he is ready or not at all. I can live with that” Tate says. I think over his words, he was right Drake left knowing I was carrying his children, so that is on him. He chose not to be a part of their lives so I won’t force him.

  “We need to start getting baby stuff soon” I tell him and his face lights up.

  “And pick names” He says,

  “I will pick one and you can pick the other” I tell him and he smiles down at me, his excitement infectious and I find myself smiling back at him.

  “Stop smiling like that you’re creeping me out” I tell him and he drops his face into the crook of my neck inhaling deeply.

  “You need to stop eating bugs bunny, I can smell it on you”

  “You offering?”

  “Always” he says, pulling back. I lean up kissing him, he freezes for a second before relaxing and kissing me back, he shifts his weight moving between my legs. I wrap mine around his waist, Tate’s hand going to my hip as he tugs me closer and I can feel his e******n.

  “I feel like I am being used for s*x” Tate mumbles against my lips and I chuckle.

  “Would be a bad thing if I was using you”

  “So you are then?”

  “No, that’s just a bonus of being your mate” I tell him, pulling his lips back to mine. I tug down the waistband of his boxer shorts before grabbing his shaft. He g****s as I run my hand up his hardened length before thrusting into my hand, his lips going to my neck as he n**s and s***s my skin. I pull my shirt off and he sits up removing my shorts before moving back between my legs and positioning himself. I wiggle my hips impatiently before feeling his hard length push inside me, filling and stretching me as I stretch around him. His mouth devours mine and I tug on his hip needing him to move when he pulls out before thrusting back in.

  I moved my hips as he slowly moved, making me annoyed. “Tate you won’t break me” I tell him.

  “I’m not worried about breaking you, I am worried about giving them a golf ball head,” He says.

  I flip him over me climbing on top of him before sinking down on him. Finding my rhythm as I feel his c**k hit that sweet spot. Friction building and I feel my skin start to flush, heat rising within me as arousal floods me. Tate pulls himself up so I arm straddling him while he leans on the headboard before biting down on my n****e making me gasp. Tate’s grip on my hips tightened as I continued to move, his c**k slipping in and out of me and I knew he was close as I chased my own release. Letting the feeling build up when Tate grips my hips slamming down on his hard length, my stomach tightening before I feel myself drop over the edge, my core pulsating and gripping his c**k as I feel his release spill into me, coating my insides as I drop onto his chest. His hands trailing up my spine while I catch my breath.

  “You didn’t feed on me” He says and I shake my head.

  “I will tomorrow I’m too tired now” I tell him before rolling off and laying beside him. Tate gets up chucking some pants on before tossing me my panties, I slip them on and Tate climbs back in bed snuggling into me as we both fall asleep, for once sleep comes easily nestled next to my mate.