Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 56

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 56

  ***Lana POV***

  I mulee up the babies food before sitting down on a chair in front of them, feeding them their carrot and pumpkin puree. I could hear the shower running upstairs before Tate walked down and grabbed another chair and took one of the bowls from me and helped me feed them. Tate slices finger before dropping a few drops intp Ashley’s bowl. Like my sister and I she was full Hybrid, Titus however didn’t have the same craving for blood she did. Even without teeth she has tried to bite us, or should I say gum us. So Tate gives her a little blood each day in her food to stop her from trying to eat her brother.

  When we finish feeding them I clean up the dishes and the bench while Tate cleans their highchairs. Just as we finish Drake walks in his face shaven and with fresh clothes on.

  “Have you got any clippers?” He asks Tate. Tate shakes his head. “No Lana usually cuts my hair” He says.

  Drake nods before walking over and grabbing Ashley from her highchair just as Tate grabs Titus. “She drinks blood already?” Drake asks. He must be able to smell it on her. “She is a Hybrid Drake, why is that a problem?” I ask.

  “No of course not, just a little shocked” He says.

  I grab the scissors down out of the box on top of the fridge. Tate takes Ashley from him walking up stairs to change them.

  “Want me to cut your hair” I ask Drake.

  “Only if that’s all you plan on cutting?” he replies and I raise an eyebrow at him. He follows me to the dining table and I pull out a chair. His hair coming off and dropping to the floor as I cut it.

  “You’re not going to make me look like an idiot are you?” He asks.

  “Does Tate look like an idiot?” I ask and he shakes his head the scissors slicing his ear.He hisses slightly. “Sorry, you need to stay still they are sharp” I tell him holding my breath when his scent hits me. My gums tingle, I was used to Tates blood now, but smelling Drakes after so long made my mouth water. Moving to the front of his to cut the front, Drake sits silently letting me cut his hair. I was nearly done when I felt his hand touch my hip, sparks moving over my skin. I look down at his hand and he pulls it back dropping it in his lap. “Sorry” he mutters.

  “It’s fine” I tried to tell him, my words coming out distorted as my fangs slip out. His face snaps up to look at me. He goes to say something then stops and I step away from him. He runs his hand over his hair. “Thanks” I nod, putting the scissors away.

  “Have you eaten?” I ask him.

  “Yeah I had lunch with your brother” He says.

  “How is Ryker?” I ask him.

  “Good threatened to k**l me, I see he is Alpha of Alpha’s now” I nod.

  “Yeah he took over a couple weeks ago, him and dad got in a fight over it. Luckily mum listened to Arial warning from Avery” I tell him.

  I spent the afternoon doing housework and avoiding Drake. Drake and Tate watched the kids when suddenly Tate was called away by Elias with something going on with the borders or our pack and Arial’s.

  After dinner I bathed the kids in the kitchen sink and watched Drake struggle trying to put on their onesies.

  “You can pull their arms through you won’t hurt them” I tell him before showing him with Ashley. He does up Titus before scooping him up. He follows as we put them down to bed and I go downstairs to put Tate’s dinner in the fridge seeing as he still wasn’t back. It was awkward and after a few tense minutes of sitting in the living room watching TV I gave up and went to the linen cupboard and retrieved an extra pillow and blanket before setting the lounge up. I kind of felt bad I was making him sleep on the couch but the spare room was now a nursery, and I wasn’t comfortable sleeping in a bed with him.

  I felt Tate slip into bed in the early hours of the morning as he chucks an arm over me and pulls me closer. “Sorry didn’t mean to wake you” He mutters before falling asleep almost instantly. I could smell blood on him but left him deciding to ask when he wakes up. Just as I close my eyes to go back to sleep I hear one of the babies stir and get up. I walk out of the room and walk into their room only to find Titus asleep curled up on the floor next to their crib.

  I step over his sleeping form and grab Titus out who was trying to reach through the bars and stroke his fathers fur. Titus lifts his head as I wake him and he stands looking up at me before sniffing baby Titus’s foot.

  “You sleep in here?” I ask him and he whines before I hush him pointing to the crib he presses his head against it watching Ashley sleep. Sitting down on the floor I let Titus meet his father’s wolf. He grabs fistfuls of his fur and Titus rubs his face on him.

  “Drake with you?” I ask him and he shakes his head letting me know Drake wasn’t forward with him. Titus standing he l***s the side of my face and I wipe it giving him a grossed out look. While he has a big wolfy grin on his face. I kiss his forehead.

  “That was gross” I tell him before ruffling his fur and standing up. Titus lays back down next to the crib while I take Titus downstairs to make him a bottle. He always woke earlier than Ashley. I turn the kettle on Titus placed on my hip while I prepare his bottle walking into the living room. I find Drake’s clothes neatly folded on the couch, so I knew then that Titus didn’t take control. Drake gave it to him, which kind of worried me.

  “You don’t need to worry, I have gotten used to sleeping in that form” Drake says behind me before reaching around me to grab his shorts. I keep my back to him.

  “Hey little man” He says kissing Titus’ head before grabbing him and I know he is dressed. Titus squeals clapping his hands excitedly as his father takes him.

  I follow them into the kitchen turning the kettle on.

  ”Can I ask where you have been all this time?” I ask him.

  Drake looks over at me before looking down at Titus again and I hand him his bottle.

  ”Mostly in rogue camps” he says and I shake my head annoyed that he would rather live with rogues than be with his mates.

  ”Just say it Lana stop holding back, I know you want to say something just say it”

  ” I am not holding back Drake, I don’t feel the need to yell at you” I tell him.

  ”You don’t?”

  ”Why would I? You made your decision to leave and that’s on you not me. I don’t care if you’re in my life or not. The only thing I care about is making sure you don’t f**k up theirs” I tell him looking at Titus in his arms.

  ” I won’t leave again” he says and I don’t know who he was trying to convince me or himself.

  ” Yeah well we’ll see” I mutter.

  ” I mean it Lana, I want to stay. I want to be with you all”

  ”Well you have an odd way of showing it, you were gone for six months and then just show up and everything’s meant to be good?” I make the coffee before sliding his cup over to him.

  ”You said you were with Ryker, Is he the reason you’re here or did you show up here yourself”

  ”I’m not here because Ryker told me Lana”

  ”But he did say something then?”

  ” Yes but that’s not why I am here”

  ”So you just decided to come home?” I ask but he presses his lips in a line.

  ”Titus brought me back okay, I wasn’t going to come back. I didn’t think I would stay”

  ”So you don’t intend on staying then?”

  ” No, it’s not… wait” he sighs frustrated.

  ”I want to stay, I didn’t intend to until I saw you all and..” He looked down at Titus and I knew it wasn’t us being his mates that made him want to stay but our kids.

  ”I’m staying Lana, Titus won’t let me walk away and I no longer want to,” he says.

  ”Right, if they weren’t yours would you have done back?” I ask and he drops his head.

  ”What do you expect Lana? Seriously I have nothing, no pack no title, no home nothing”

  ”You had all that here you were just too selfish to see it” I spit back at him now angered.

  ”And that would be enough for you huh, a lycan princess has a mate with nothing to offer”

  ”If that’s really what you think of me, it truly shows you know nothing about me. I never had to come back with you, I chose to because the Moon goddess paired us all together. I don’t care about titles f**k I revoked mine the moment I marked Tate” I tell him before walking out of the room. I can’t believe he would think so low of me to think he had nothing to offer when all I wanted was them, his words pissed me off. I wasn’t just pissed at him but pissed at myself for letting him get under my skin.

  ”Lana wait”

  ” No I waited long enough and Tate definitely has, get your s**t together Drake or just leave we don’t need you here if you have no Intention of being with us”