Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

  Tate POV

  I could feel what they were up to, a goofy smile splitting onto my face knowing what they were doing. Though it was making my pants a little and tight and uncomfortable as we checked out the new location the scouts just cleared for any indication as to where they went.

  “Geez I knew you would be excited to see me Tate, didn’t think you would pitch a tent though” Ryker says walking into the cabin we discovered. I look down before adjusting myself.

  “Not for you, I can feel what Lana and Drake”-

  “Ah bro I will stop you right there, I don’t want to know what you and Drake do to my baby sister” He says pulling a face and shivering like he just got a mental image he didn’t want to see.

  Man why did I wear these goddamn shorts I thought, definitely should have worn underwear with them.

  I look around the rundown cabin. They cleaned it out pretty good, only a few scraps of torn up maps, some electrical cords and a busted camera. I drop the camera on the brown table. Ryker looks in the small bedroom off to the side when Reid walks in with Chase.

  “F**k Tate put it away man” Chase says and I roll my eyes.

  “Not my fault Chase” I growl, great just f*****g great walking around with a raging hard on, they would pay for this when I got home. Ryker walks out back into the main room.

  “F*****g empty” He says before stopping his father also looking up, they both lock eyes and Reid growls at his son before throwing a punch. He hits Ryker in the jaw, the size difference between them was amazing, Reid was by no means a small man and was actually bigger than me and Chase but next to Ryker he looked like a scraggly teenager. Ryker rubs his jaw but I could tell it had no effect on him whatsoever, he might as well have been hit by a small child for the damage it did to me. Pretty sure it would have knocked me out though if it was directed at me.

  “You done father, or do I need to break your arms again, this time I will shove up your a*s for mum to remove” Ryker says, stepping forward making his father look up at him. Ryker must be close to 7 feet tall now, how is it possible that he is still growing he is the same age as me. Or maybe it’s because he was Alpha of Alpha’s now. I step between them hoping they don’t start swinging at each other. Chase grabs Reids arm and he shakes him off before straightening his shorts and walking out. Ryker notices Chase and growls at him.

  “Got a bone to pick with you later” Ryker says, his eyes flicking black for a second and his aura rushing over me. My stomach turns filled with dread as a sickening feeling swirls in my stomach. Chase nods turning his neck in submission and Ryker smirks.

  “Come I want to check this rogue camp down by the stream,” Ryker says clapping his gigantic hand on my shoulder as he walks past.

  “Chase stay with Reid and check out the surrounding area” Chase nods walking out after me and going in the opposite direction looking for Reid.

  We walk through the trees toward the stream on the other side. “Why don’t you tell your father the reason you k****d her?” I ask him.

  “I shouldn’t have to explain myself. They want to think the worst of me let them believe it” He says and I nod. I could understand that, they jumped the gun and made assumptions.

  “He is lucky he is my father or I would feed him his intestines” Ryker growls. I feel my face pale.

  “You don’t want that on your conscience Ryker believe me, k*****g your own father no matter the reason never sits well”

  “You don’t honestly regret k*****g yours?” He asks and I could tell he was curious.

  “No, p***k deserved it, treated my mother and I like a punching bag, but still he was good sometimes that’s why it eats at you. Why it takes so long to get over, I know I did the right thing after he strangled her to d***h, but I still feel bad when I think or do something that reminds me of him in a goodway” I tell him. I wasn’t sure that even made sense coming out.

  “So you miss the good things about your father?” I nod he did understand.

  “Mine was good, he never touched us, he was a great father. We just clash, he never lets me explain nor do I care to” He says.

  “Alpha’s aren’t made to get along with other Alpha’s you know that, too territorial” I tell him. He nods in agreement, there’s a reason there is only one Alpha in a pack usually.

  “Wonder how Chase is coping with my father living with him” Ryker says chuckling.

  “From what I hear they clash constantly” I tell him also laughing. We came across the camp. The fire put out and litter spread across the grass next to the stream.

  “You smell that?” Asks Ryker sniffing the air.

  “What? the smell of rotting meat, bit hard to miss” I tell him only able to smell the rogue decaying scent. Ryker shakes his head.

  “No!” He sniffs the air, his eyes darkening turning black and I step back when he growls.

  “I know she is here somewhere,” He says, confusing me.


  “My mate,” He says, his eyes scanning his surroundings.

  “Isn’t she d**d?” I asked, confused.

  “This one isn’t” He says and it clicks , s**t his second chance mate. A white wolf stumbles out of the trees across the stream before freezing, she is completely white she stops one paw in the air as she sniffs the air. Her eyes went wide and Ryker was frozen in place staring at her before she tucked tail and bolted through the trees the way she came. Ryker chased after her rushing past me in a blur as he darted after her giving chase. I try to keep up following him, worried for the she-wolf but also curious because she was definitely a rogue and bordering on both mine and Chases territory.

  I stop nearly running into the back of Ryker, he sniffs the air we were around some caves on the side of the mountain, I couldn’t pick up her scent anywhere like she managed to shield herself making me wonder if she somehow went back toward the river to cloak her scent in it.

  “F**k” Ryker says looking around.

  “Where did she go?”

  “No idea but d**n she is fast I couldn’t catch her, not even get close”

  “Spose one thing rogues are good at doing is running” I tell him also scouring around.

  “Yeah and cloaking her scent” He says, his eyes scanning up the rocky mountain beside us.

  “Think she went into a cave?” I ask.

  “No this is bear territory not even a rogue wants to take on a bear” He says.

  “What do you want to do?”

  “Head back, she is long gone” He says and I could see the tremble in his hands as he clenched his fists. He runs his hands through his tousled hair pushing it back from his eyes.

  He chuckles lightly shaking his head.

  “What?” I ask.

  “She thinks she can hide from me, she will be in for a shock when I find her, I don’t like having to chase what is mine” He says and a shiver runs up my spine at how cold his words were.

  “You wouldn’t hurt though?” I ask now petrified for the poor rogue he is determined to catch.

  “No, but she doesn’t know that?”

  “What are you going to do if she is one of them?” I ask. It was a little odd for a rogue to be lurking so close especially given she was in the vicinity where the rogues we were hunting are.

  He growls making my head snap toward him and I nearly trip over a fallen tree branch. He grips my arm before I faceplant. “Sorry” He says realising he startled me.

  “Are you going to answer?” I ask and he lets go.

  “She won’t want to be apart of them helping she may just meet the same fate the last one did”

  “What if she submits?”

  “We’ll see when I find her I guess. Oi and don’t be telling anyone” He says and I nod before looking at him.

  “You can tell Lana, I won’t have you keeping secrets from your mates, I just don’t want my parents knowing on the off chance I do have to k**l her” He says, his brows furrowing. So much for not going to hurt her, I think to myself.

  “Think the moon goddess grants third chance mates?” He asks and I could tell he was genuinely concerned now that he was going to have to k**l her too.

  “Be the first I heard of it, I thought you didn’t want a mate?”

  “I don’t but it is lonely being by yourself all the time” He says and I nod knowing that feeling all too well.

  “How is Lana?” He asks, changing the subject as we trudge through the trees.

  “Good, she is happy Drake is back I just hope he doesn’t leave again”

  “She’s still on her meds?” He asks.

  “No hasn’t been for a while” I tell him and he looks over at me.

  “I keep a good eye on her, don’t worry and even when I am not there I always have someone positioned near the house listening in” He nods.

  “I take it my sister doesn’t know that last part” He says.

  “No she would k**l me” I tell him and he laughs.

  We get back to the cabin and Reid has a rogue by the scruff of his neck, his fist connecting with its face.

  “Bout time you got here” He says as we walk over.

  “Where have you been?”

  “Near the stream we thought we picked up a scent” I told him. Ryker walks over grabbing the rogue by his throat and lifting him off the ground, Reid steps back and I feel his command rolls over him and I know he would be incapable of lying to him as not even one of us can lift our heads to look at him. I could see his d***y b**e feet swinging as he tried to breathe.

  “Where are they?” Ryker demands using his Alpha voice. The man whimpers but cannot speak with Rykers grip. Ryker lets go and he falls at our feet like a sack of potatoes. He scrambles away.

  “They’re d**d” He cowers next to me and I step back not wanting to get his disgusting scent on me.

  “How many?” Reid asks him. The rogue shakes his head.

  “I am all that’s left besides the girl and her parents, the humans fled, said they need to regroup and come up with something, that they would let me know when they recruit others to help” He says. Ryker claws slash down his face so fast the rogue didn’t even see it coming. He screams clutching his face before Ryker kneels before him. The rogue scrambles back and Ryker examines his claws that were covered in the man’s blood.

  He then grabs the rogue’s hair holding him steady before using his index finger and claw and jams it in his eye socket. His scream makes the bile rise in my throat as I watch as he scoops his finger around his eye before ripping it out. The rogue thrashing and clutching his eye.

  “Now I let you live you are going to let me know when they regroup and plan anything” The rogue nods his head. The man’s eye hangs by the nerves between Ryker’s fingers.

  He c***s his head to the side with a cruel smile playing on his lips and I knew before he even said it, what he was going to make him do.

  “Eat it” He says and the rogue shakes his head while Chase spews as the rogue is forced to eat his own eye.

  “Taste good?” Ryker asks and the man shakes his head, his face turning a shade of green.

  “Make sure you s*****w it” Ryker tells him and I watch as he forces it down, his entire body trembling in fear as his aura rolls over him.

  “Now you disobey me, even though I know you can’t but by some miracle manage to, I will feed you your b***s next then your other eye before slowing making you eat every limb until you are nothing but a head and torso got it” The man nods, and Ryker slaps his cheek a few times.

  “Good you know where I live obviously” The rogue nods.

  “Then scamper off, anything changes you come find me and I may let you live” The rogue runs off heading for the treeline.

  Chase chundering in the bushes at what Ryker just made him do.

  “P***y,” Ryker says, looking toward him.

  “My daughter has bigger b***s than you boy, pull yourself together” Reid tells him, shaking his head.

  “I was fine till he made him eat it” Chase stammers out catching his breath. I shake my head, Drake no doubt would have took pleasure in watching that, he was built for the nitty gritty stuff, but Chase was pretty sheltered compared to him and definitely wasn’t prepared for what comes with being Alpha, though considering he never had any intentions of running a pack he has adjusted quite well to the position.

  “What now?”

  “Head home, he will come running to me when they plan anything, And you and I, we are going to have a chat” Rykler says pointing to Chase. Chase pales at his words.

  “Which pack are you staying at?” I ask him.

  “I am going home, there is nothing here, they left a while ago. No scents, no one has picked up any trace of them so for now we wait” Ryker says and I nod. He was right no one had been caught beside this man and the she-wolf who eluded us, making me wonder if she was the girl the rogue spoke of.

  Reid leaves with Chase while I linger behind with Ryker.

  “What about her?” I ask.

  “I’ll find her she can’t hide forever especially now she has seen me, her heat will be terrible when it hits her” He says and he was right, even if he didn’t find her she may just come seeking him out to relieve the agony she will no doubt go through being mated to an Alpha of Alpha’s and the Lycan king.

  “Make sure you stop in and see Lana and the kids before you leave please, she misses you” I tell him.

  “As if i would leave without seeing my favourite niece and nephew” He says.

  “They are your only niece and nephew” I deadpan.

  “Therefore my favourites” He says as we walk back to the pack borders.