Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 8

Read Fight Between Alphas by Jessica Hall Chapter 8

  Lana POV

  Over Two years later

  I haven’t seen them in two and half years, I managed to stretch out more time, telling them I wasn’t ready. But today was the day. Drake refused to wait any longer, saying I was weakening his wolf, weakening his pack. Tate was willing to wait till I came on my own and managed to convince Drake to wait. I had plans that didn’t involve being mated to two Alpha’s. I wanted to go to university, wanted to travel but not even my mother could delay them anymore. She believed I had made them wait long enough, tried to convince me this was a good thing, that once I had been marked that I would understand fully what it was like to be fated to someone and to feel the effects of the mate bond in full force. That scared me, I didn’t like having my future chosen for me. It seemed old and barbaric, an arranged marriage in a way.

  I just finished packing and flopped on the bed beside my sister. She wraps her arms around me pulling me close. I was going to miss her; she has always been by my side since day dot. Now I was being forced to leave her behind. Arial still hadn’t found her mate, but I was hoping she would find the happiness she craved when she left for university, she was going on her own adventure leaving the pack to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. I had the same dream but that went out the window the day I met them; my future altered to fit them.

  “We could always just run away, travel the world, be free” Arial whispered and I could hear the sadness in her voice. She didn’t want me to go either.

  “No point, they will just keep looking until they find me” I tell her, and I feel her nod against my shoulder.

  This had been my home all my life and now I was leaving it behind because the Moon Goddess thought it was a good idea to mate me with two people who hated each other. I spoke to them every Thursday on the phone but always refused to see them even when they travelled down. I managed to evade them. My mother was forced to deal with them, but they didn’t want to push their luck too much, knowing she could banish them from entering the pack.

  I felt nausea build up when I heard a car coming down the long driveway. Hear it’s tyres on the dirt getting closer. Two and half years and now I had to face them, I was not ready. I wasn’t ready for what was expected of me. I may be nearly 19 but that didn’t mean I would want to start a family. I felt even though I was the same age as my mother that it was still too young. Most people my age were looking at university, partying with their friends, not getting ready to settle down.

  The last two years I have had to watch everything I do. My mother drummed in my head that it would make matters worse if I dated or did things normal people my age did. So, in the end I broke up with Nolan. The worst part being I had to explain why he looked crushed. Humans didn’t really understand much about the mate bond’s of werewolves, h**l I didn’t even understand myself being a Hybrid, but my father even Ryker said it would be a betrayal on them if I let another man in so instead, I steered clear of them. It was hard watching Arial get to do normal things wolves our age did, party, date. She even lost her virginity last year, she said s*x was overrated.

  Yet even If I wanted to, I couldn’t because Dad said even though I wasn’t marked they would feel it because the mate bond was in effect for them. The longer I went without them, the more I forgot about them. I barely even remembered what they looked like. It had been that long, now I was expected to go with them willingly. Seemed absurd that I was just being handed over to them and now my future seems uncertain.

  Hearing footsteps on the stairs, I am pulled from my thoughts when Drake walks in my room. He looks down at me sitting on the bed. His eyes sparkling with excitement, while I felt nothing beside the normal attraction of seeing a good-looking man in front of me. Drake was gorgeous and I wondered how I forgot, he had packed on more muscle since I saw him last, filled out more which I didn’t think was possible, his dark hair had grown a little longer and he looked good with his five o’clock shadow and by god did he smell good. My mouth watering at the sight of him. He steps closer before grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet, his strong arms wrapping around me as he crushed me against his chest, my arms idly by my side, not knowing how to react to his sudden affection.

  “Can’t run from me now, love” He says into the crook on my neck before kissing the skin below my ear, my body’s reaction to him startling me, as a shiver runs through me and I lean into him. He pulls back a smirk on his face.

  “So, you do feel something?” He says a knowing look on his face. Stupid traitorous body and foreign feelings f*****g with my head.

  “You look good” He says, holding me at arm’s length, his eyes roaming over me. I had filled out since they last saw me, was curvier, more womanly, not some gangly looking teenager any more, my sister was sometimes jealous of my womanly figure while she got smaller b*****s and less curves. Although I was jealous of her figure, she was more toned than I was and slimmer. Then again, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t find faults in their own appearance, though looking at Drake I doubt he felt that way. The man looked like a god, with his chiselled manly looks and size.

  “Thanks. You don’t look bad yourself” I tell him. I mentally facepalm myself; this is so awkward with him just standing there staring openly at me. A man walks in I don’t recognise, he was tall with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes and very tan like he spent a lot of time outdoors.

  “This is Elias, he is Tate’s Beta” Drake says introducing him. I hold out my hand and he shakes it.

  “Luna” He says before giving it a soft squeeze. Elias grabs my suitcase before walking back out.

  “Tate is here?’ I ask as Drake grabs my hand entwining our fingers.

  “No, I will explain when we get you back” He says, confusing me. Arial comes over tears in her eyes and I have to fight my own when she wraps her arms around me hugging me close. I hated seeing her cry; it always made the waterworks start with me.

  “Don’t cry you will make me cry” I tell her, and she laughs, squishing me against her harder.

  “Once we are settled your family can visit you, it isn’t goodbye forever” Drake tells me when she lets me go. His hand brushes my cheek, but I turn away from him. He sighs but tugs my hand. I don’t move, not wanting to leave my family, not wanting to leave my sister.

  “We have given you two and half years Lana, if I have to, I will throw you over my shoulder and drag you out kicking and screaming” And there is the d**k I remember. I roll my eyes but follow not wanting him to make good on his threat.

  He didn’t let go of my hand, like he was afraid I was going to make a run for it. But I knew it would be pointless, he would just drag me back. Heading downstairs, I see my mother and father and my little brothers who were now thirteen and h**l raisers. My mother really had her hands full with them two. Ace starts making kissy faces as we walk down the stairs, so I smack him up the back of the head making him grunt before cursing me. My mother spins on her heel glaring at him.

  “You aren’t too old for me to wash your mouth out with soap” She warns him.

  “She hit me” He whines.

  ‘You deserved it” despite how much they annoy me, I was going to miss those little s***s, although I wouldn’t miss their horrid pranks like the time they cling wrapped the toilet bowl or peed in my shampoo bottles. I wanted to k**l them that day. Or the time they crushed up laxatives and put it in mine and Lana’s 18th birthday cake and everyone was running around trying to find a toilet. I shake my head at the memories, they are funny now but weren’t when it happened.

  My mother gives me a hug and so does my father before he pats Drake on the back. “Where’s Ryker?” I ask, wondering why he wasn’t here. My father shakes his head. Ryker still hadn’t found his mate and had thrown himself right into his work and the family business, he often slept at work although he says he is fine. I can sometimes see the desperation in his eyes to find his other half, he always seemed lonely, despite the many women I have caught sneaking in and out of his room.

  Heading to the car Elias put my things in the trunk. I walk over to the back door about to hop in when Drake points to the front seat on the passenger side. I ignore him hopping in the back and sliding across the seat to the middle. Elias opens the back door and peers in at me, wondering why I wasn’t in the front. I look ahead out the windshield without saying anything and he sighs before shutting the door and hopping in the front and sitting next to Drake.