His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 104

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 104

“Do you remember how to answer it?” I nod, unlocking the phone and climbing off him. The moment I did, it was like I was being pulled back to him, and I looked at the phone in my hand and at Kyson on the bed. It was like a war in my head between what the bond wanted and what I knew I needed, and that was to ensure Abbie was okay.

“Focus, think of Abbie.” I nodded. It was difficult to keep a coherent thought. However, I was glad Kyson ignored his instincts to let me mark him, knowing l would regret it if I missed Abbie’s call. The phone started ringing in my hand, and Kyson, seeing me struggle, moved quickly, answering it, and her face popped up on the screen, snapping me out of my inner battle.


“Hey, Kade said you wanted me to call; I dropped my phone in the sink. You know I am clumsy,” she chuckles.

My brows furrow Abbie wasn’t clumsy? “Have you got makeup on?” I ask her, staring at her face that looked different. The urges coursing through me instantly stifled as I looked at her and took in her appearance.

Abbie was far from girly, so I thought the makeup was strange.

“Yep, do you like it? Cassandra helped me,” she says, turning the phone, and I see a woman that looked like she just stepped out of some magazine. Her face was made up so perfectly. The woman smiled and waved enthusiastically before Abbie turned the phone back to herself.

“How have you been?” she asks, and I don’t miss how her eyes moved to someone past the phone. Kyson walked into the bathroom, and I moved to the couch.

“Cassandra, that is-” I ask.

“Kade’s wife, they have three kids” Abbie says, cutting me off and smiling, yet something didn’t feel right; her eyes didn’t light up the way they usually did.

“And you’re okay with that?” I asked her.

“Well, I can’t punish him for marrying before he found me,” she said. My brows furrowed, and Abbie then changed the topic of conversation and turned the attention away from her, and asked me questions. I asked about the packhouse, and she gave me vague answers. Kyson comes up behind me and into the camera’s view.

“Hi Abbie, you look nice,” Kyson says, sending her a wave. She smiled and waved, saying hello. Yet something felt off with her; she was bubbly like normal, nothing that would suspect anything was wrong, and Kade said a quick hello, talking to Kyson over her shoulder.

“Well, my King and Queen Abbie and Cassandra are about to go shopping,” I nod, and he moves away from the camera’s view, and I could hear him talking to someone but not quite make out what he was saying.

Kyson had turned his attention to the tablet I was using last night, checking my writing.

“Well, I will try to ring you again soon,” Abbie says.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to come up on the weekend?” I ask her, and I see Kyson look at me out of the corner of my eye.

“That would be awesome; I have missed you.” Abbie says her eyes lighting up.

“Not this weekend, Abbie. A driver won’t be available,” I hear Kade say somewhere off the side.

“It’s fine. I will send Dustin to come to get her and your wife, be a girl’s weekend,” I tell him. Not that I wanted to see his wife, but I knew it would look sus if I didn’t invite her to.

“Kids have a soccer match, Abbie’s first one. She doesn’t want to miss it,” Kade said, and Abbie nodded before rubbing behind her ear.

“Yes, I promised the kids I would go; I forgot maybe the one after,” she smiles, yet my focus was on her hand rubbing behind her left ear. My neck itches, and l instinctively rub the scar on the back of my neck where my hairline is as I nod. Something in the pit of my stomach told me something was amiss.

“Sounds great,” I tell them, plastering a fake smile on my face. Abbie’s smile waivers slightly.

“Well, I will let you go. Ring me tomorrow night,” I tell her, and Kade pops back into view.

“I will make sure she does,” he says, kissing her cheek in a show of affection. Abbie blows me some kisses. “I love you,” she says.

“More than my life,” I reply.

“Yep, you know that,” she says, smiling, and my heart hammers in my chest. I pressed my lips in a line as she rubbed the spot behind her ear. She didn’t say it back. She always says it back!

“I love you; I will speak with you tomorrow,” I tell her. She nods, and we both hang up.

“She seems good. Hopefully, Gannon will get off my back now,” Kyson says.

“She didn’t say it back,” I tell him, looking at the blacked-out screen.

“Pardon?” Kyson asked.

“She always says it back!” I tell him. Kyson’s brows furrow.

“She looked fine, she said so herself,”

“They are making her say that, Kyson. She didn’t say it back!” I tell him, becoming angry.

“I know you miss her, but,”

“She didn’t say it back. She always says it back. We are leaving now; we are bringing her home,” I tell him.

Kyson growls and shakes his head. “Kade will bring her up the following weekend. She seemed fine, looked great, and seemed to get along with Cassandra,” Kyson said.

Was he thick? Did he not hear what I said? Anger coursed through me, the raging lust burning out. lyrics knew Abbie. I explained about her touching the scar behind her ear, and Kyson looked at me like he thought I was insane, but I know Abbie. She is my best friend.

Kyson reaches out for me, but I pull away. “We need to go get Abbie, now!”

“I can’t do that, Azalea. She wanted to stay, she told me herself when I asked,”

“I don’t care what she told you. I am telling you, it was an act that was not Abbie, not my Abbie!” I yell at him.

Kyson reaches for my hand and I j**k it away from him. “Don’t f*****g touch me. We need to get Abbie,” I snapped, and he growls at me.

“You are being ridiculous. She is fine,” he retorts, stepping closer, but I take a step back.


“We need to go get Abbie!” I snarled.