His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 106

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 106

He glanced between us both, and Liam pulled on his lovely floral apron while I grabbed one of the rubber ones hanging up outside the freezer room door.

“Bring him out,” I called to Liam, who obeyed, rubbing his hands together excitedly.

Liam unties him, and the moment he does, he runs, bolting out the door, but nothing a punch to the windpipe couldn’t fix. My fist connected with his Adams apple. He gasped, clutching his throat; l gripped his hair and slammed his head into the steel table. He drops to my feet, and Liam comes out shaking his head, clicking his tongue before kicking him in the ribs, making him grunt.

“Now listen here, pork chop; I am old and tired and just made over 100 pancakes, so do me a favor and climb up on the steel bench. My back is aching,” Liam tells him while tying the back of his apron.

“There must be some mistake; I don’t even know what I did. You have the wrong guy!”

“Is your name Doyle?” I ask, and he nods.

“Do you know a girl named Abbie?” I ask him, and his eyes widen.

“So you do know Abbie?” I ask, and he looks between us but shakes his head.

“Well, now that’s a lie, isn’t it? Because Mrs. Daley told us about you, and how you paid her to rape the girl, stole her innocence and all that.” Liam says, tilting his head to the side observing the man.

“No, I never took that, I swear. Mrs. Daley lied. I never took the girl’s virginity; she is still pure, I swear. If Abbie said I did, she is a liar. I know better than to take her virginity. She isn’t as worth much if she is sold off,” he blurts out, and I look at Liam.

“What do you mean?” Liam asked, as confused as me. The King would not lie or send me on a wild goose chase.

“I am saying you didn’t buy ruined goods. I heard how the Lycan King took her in; she is still pure, I swear. If she is saying she isn’t, she is a liar. Tell the King she is still pure; I know better!” My eyebrows raise. He thought the King would buy a s*x slave? Does he not know the King could have any woman he wanted? Not that he wanted any other than Azalea.

“You know better?” I ask, and he nods, looking at me pleadingly. What the f**k is wrong with this man? lyrics thought I was f****d in the head, but he just took it to another level.

“I am a little confused. Are you Gannon? He is claiming to know better, but rape is apparently still acceptable?” Liam asks me.

“What? No, I paid for her. She is just some w***e,” he says, and my blood boils at his words. My claws slashed down his face, slicing through to the bone before I grabbed his throat, picking him up; I slammed him on the table.

“Please, please, she’s still pure. I only f****d her up. I left her virginity. Buyers value that,” the man begged. Liam’s claws sink into his t***h at his words.

“You seem to be very confused. We don’t care about her virginity status; we care if you hurt her. But keep talking; you are making your d***h more painful. Two things we hate, rapists and anyone that hurts children, and you did both those things. Now you will pay for your crimes in blood,” Liam growls before dragging his claws out of his leg. His screams echoed around us, shrill and loud as Liam pulled them out slowly, twisting his fingers as he did. His hands clutched my hand around his throat.

“Help me move him, flip him on his stomach,” I tell Liam, who walks off into the freezer. He returns, bringing back the ropes he had tied this scumbag with. We flip onto his stomach before binding his hands and feet to the legs of the table. He thrashed and screamed.

Liam starts whistling as he cuts the vile man’s pants off while he cries and begs. Walking into the freezer, lyrics look for a broom, finding one in the back corner by the grate and drain in the floor. Grabbing it, I walked back out, and Doyle was crying hysterically and begging Liam to free him.

His words cut off, and his head lifted, his mouth wide open on a silent scream as he gasped when I shoved the broom handle up his a*s. His entire body shook, his legs shaking. Blood trailed over the steel table.

“I swear you’re still pure. A**l doesn’t count, right?” I ask him while I walk around the table. I grip his hair, yanking his head back. He panted, eyes wide, and l smiled when Liam gave the broom a jiggle, and he made a pained groan. I drop his head, and Liam walks over to the wall and pulls down a bone saw, chucking it to me. He then unrolls his pouch of knives, selecting one.

“So slice and dice, or will we be more creative today?” Liam asks.

“Please, please, just let me go,” the man begs.

“Don’t cry, beefcakes. Gannon here will make sure we tenderize your rump before we make you eat it. We can stuff it some more,” Liam tells him, slapping his a*s. “If you want. I reckon you could take another, pretty loose back there” Liam adds. The man whimpers and sobs before pissing himself, urine cascading down the sides of the table along with his blood.

“What’s that?” Liam asks when Doyle mumbles something incoherently.

“Think he said he wanted the other broom,” I tell Liam, who smiles sadistically while the man screams and thrashes as much as possible.

Liam comes out with a mop, and I shrug.

“It’s alright, I will spit on it first,” Liam tells him before shoving it up alongside the other one. His screams were music to my ears and rang out loudly, making me shiver.

“Now, do you like your meat medium, raw, cooked all the way through? How should we serve it to you?” Liam says, cutting a chunk of his a*s cheek off with his knife. He screams, and I grab my saw before using a rag as a tourniquet. I know he will heal quickly, but the tourniquet will ensure he does before bleeding out. Wrapping it just above the knee, I pull it tight before grabbing my saw, and I start cutting into the back of his knee.